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Best local price for Veuve Clicquot?

Total Wine (Brea) has it for just under $41. Costco (YL) for just under $44. Wine Exchange (Orange) also just under $44.

By the way, Wine Exchange has an excellent wine selection with very good prices. Check them out yourself at They also sell my favorite fresh roasted coffee beans - LAMILL Black Velvet Coffee.

Jan 02, 2014
brewkowski in Los Angeles Area

locally caught fish

Sep 08, 2012
brewkowski in Los Angeles Area

Top 10 Chain/Fast Food Items

hmmm... this is a tough one since there are sooo many good junk out there.

in n out double-double with grilled onions
in n out fries
in n out shakes
mcdonald's filet o fish
mcdonald's fries
mcdonald's chicken mcnuggets
mcdonald's fried apple pie
taco bell taco light
taco bell enchirito
popeye's fried chicken - before i bit into the crispy spicy shell and encountered green putrid meat
kfc fried chicken - regular and extra crispy
a&w root beer float
dq blizzard
naugles egg and beef burrito
boston market mashed potatos and gravy
krispy kreme glazed - mmm so light and yummy
diedrichs java mocha shake
h. salt fried fish
alberto's carne asada burrito with guac
del taco soft chicken taco
del taco spicy jack chicken quesadilla
jack in the box curly fries
jack in the box tacos
jack in the box ultimate cheeseburger

ok... i'll stop there. that's my top 10... err my top 10s

Jan 02, 2011
brewkowski in Chains