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Sumac berries

I bought an herb called zataar at Richter's Herbs this summer; it's like oregano. I only know what I've read about it. Apparently the name also applies to a blend of the herb with sesame seeds as well as sumac.

Is there somewhere in Toronto where I can buy sumac?

Are the berries which grow on sumac trees around here the same stuff? When should they be harvested? How are they processed? (My Moroccan neighbor says the sumac he has seen used was in a powder form).

Sep 18, 2011
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Creme Fraiche

Highland Farms (Dufferin s. of Steeles) has two varieties of creme fraiche.

Where to purchase Creme Anglaise in Toronto

Today I found creme anglais (made in England), and two different brands of creme fraiche (one 35% mf and the other 40%) from PQ, all next to each other at Highland Farms (Dufferin s.of Steeles).

Whitby/Durham restaurants that don't suck

Zack's friendly energy fills this small sandwich shop. The garlic chicken is scrumptious!

Zack's Sandwiches
13 King St W, Oshawa, ON L1H1A1, CA

Quick Mojito

Cuban mint differs from common North American mints. In Canada you can buy it from Richter's Herbs in Goodwood, Ontario.

I haven't tried it; has anyone done so? Was it better?

Dec 31, 2010
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