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Bangalore a few reviews

Hey there!

Yes, Chez Marriannick and Umerkot are both still in business. I'd also recommend you try some of the newer spots: Portland Steak House (Brunton Rd), MonkeyBar and Cafe Mangii (in UB city) are the first to come to mind. Do not hesitate to ping while you're here :) maybe we could catch up for a meal.

Feb 07, 2013
chappamom in India & South Asia

One week in Boston

I'm back, and thought I would check in with my fellow hounds to let you know how it went. In brief:

Craigie's: tops my list for great food, but better still, HEARTFELT and unpretentious service. We each ordered the prix fixe, and had a couple drinks each. Would go back in a heartbeat.

O Ya: Fabulous food, check. Good service, check. Wayyyy over the top expensive. In a last minute ultra-splurge decision, we opted for the 17-course omakase. Of those, five courses were outstandingly brilliant, eight were very good, one was decent, and three were totally meh. At that kind of price, I expect the majority of courses to be outstanding, and NONE to be meh. I also thought that the service was somewhat condescending, with an overdone, fake friendliness that I am not fond of at all.

To my mind, the difference between Craigie and O Ya goes beyond their respective cuisines; to me, O Ya is about the chef and his capabilities, whereas Craigie is about the customer and his experience.

We loved Modern in the North End, so worth waiting in line for that napoleon!

Union Oyster was great too. May I make a confession though? I am not very impressed with the idea of clam chowder. I don't know what I expected, but clams in a cream sauce wasn't it.

I <3 Lobsta Love. We gorged on lobster rolls and on a cold, pre-sandy day, the bisque was spot on.

In Brookline, we thought that The Abbey was very, very good. As was Jimmy's (especially their calamari) and the Irish Publick House. The Fireplace was so-so and a bit overpriced in terms of food and service.

Emack and Bolio was my favorite chocolate store :)

Thank you people for all of your help and recommendations!

PS: We did order in from Rod Dee on the day Sandy hit land. In one word: BLEUUUUUGHHHHH!!!!

Nov 19, 2012
chappamom in Greater Boston Area

One week in Boston

Thanks people!

We will be on Garrison Road. Lineage sounds very nice - especially the $1 specials.

Are there any Boston food bloggers on here? I'd love to meet up with a fellow blogger for food and fellowship!

Oct 08, 2012
chappamom in Greater Boston Area

One week in Boston

OK so we have booked an airbnb apartment in Brookline, next to the Tappan station.

Oct 05, 2012
chappamom in Greater Boston Area

One week in Boston

TF - my billing address is in India, and Priceline doesn't accept that :(

Oct 05, 2012
chappamom in Greater Boston Area

One week in Boston

Thank you for the "early fall" alert. Provincetown by ferry might be a nice daytrip, notwithstanding the cold.

The north end sounds like a must do. I'm going to try and look at accommodation there.

Oct 05, 2012
chappamom in Greater Boston Area

One week in Boston

Hmmm. Thank you people.

The only fancy, splurgy one I want to do is Craigies, unless there is something else you guys think is really worth it. Am happy to book ahead - you suggest I book right away?

I will dump the sushi idea :)

@nickls, ok then... we're coming to you for dinner when you boil us that lobster :)

Oct 03, 2012
chappamom in Greater Boston Area

One week in Boston

Thank you for your response! And should you ever wish to visit this neck o' the woods let me know. This may be a dumb question - but what are considered "off hours"??

And what's a reasonable amount to expect to spend per head on lunches and dinners (am going by dc-area standards with the 20 and 30 buck thing - I used to live there and it's my only benchmark.)

Any food truck reccos?

Oct 03, 2012
chappamom in Greater Boston Area

One week in Boston

Hey there

I'm a 42 year old food blogger from Bangalore, India, and am going to be visiting Boston between the 28th Oct and the 3rd Nov with my husband. We are flying in and will not have our own transportation. I'm interested in food experiences that are either "typically Boston/new England" or those that are unavailable here at home. Having done curated culinary tours in Italy I am not so interested in Italian food (but am interested in the evolution of Italian to American-Italian). The food things that are on my "wish list":

- a raw oyster bar (was thinking Neptune) but my husband is allergic so there needs to be something for him too.
- lobster rolls (was thinking from a food truck?)
- clam chowder (of course)!!
- craigie on main (what are prices like?)
- sowa market
- food trucks (I think most are in back bay?)
- meet a local chef
- eat fresh sushi

We are not party people and we both have joint issues so endless walking is out of the question. It'll have to be a combination of the T and cabs. In terms of budget we'd like to keep it to $20 per head for lunch and about $30 per head for dinner.

These are the other things I thought would be interesting. I'd be so grateful for any advice from Boston hounds who could help me weave the food into the other stuff.

- whale watch
- provincetown
- tidepool(s)
- harvard square
- beacon hill
- arboretum
- north end
- a quiet island/beach

I have seen opinionatedchef's post about localities and restaurants, Btw.


Oct 03, 2012
chappamom in Greater Boston Area

Bangalore a few reviews

hey vanderb

Welcome to my city! I'm a Bangalore-based food writer.

I notice you've been eating in what we call "fine dining establishments". I've a couple of cheap but yum options for you to try:
1. a tiny little place called The Secret Garden Cafe off Queens Road
2. Kanua off Sarjapur Rd for its specialty Konkani cuisine
3. Tunday Kababi in Koramangala for galoutis you will never forget
4. Daddy's Deli in Indiranagar for Parsi food

Actually, look up my profile and check out my blog for other suggestions of where to - and more importantly where not to - eat. Or PM me :)

Dec 31, 2010
chappamom in India & South Asia

Recommendations for a whirlwind tour of Cremona, Spoleto, and Parma

Hail fellow chow-hounds!

I'm quite excited - I've been invited to visit Italy for a week as part of a program called European Art of Taste. I have zero control over the schedule, as this is a sponsored, food-focused trip. However, there are a few opportunities for independent exploration. I have two free afternoon/evenings each in Spoleto and Cremona, and an hour or two during the late afternoon in Parma.

I'd like recommendations for:
What foods to buy in each place (return flight is 8 hours, so any perishables need to be able to survive that)
What local specialties to try in each place and where to try them
What local liquor to bring home
What one sight of historical interest to see in Spoleto and Cremona

Also, if I want to bring home truffle oil and dried mushrooms... can anyone recommend a good brand?

Ditto for foie gras - what brand, and what form would be best for travel?

Thanks much!

Dec 31, 2010
chappamom in Italy