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Best Eggnog

I have been a professional egg nog drinker for 60 years, and have never made a recipe quite this bad! My friends, an eclectic mix of egg nog critics, connasoors, and enthusiasts, walked into the room and promptly exclaimed "Greg, is that egg nog, or did the cat vomit into a mixing bowl? I would have rather bought STORE BRAND egg nog. Not that I ever would, though." They then made me run naked laps around my house, and threw egg nog at me the whole time. Truly my lowest moment. I will probably never have the courage to attempt another egg nog. OH well, I guess I'll have to listen to Cathy brag about how good her egg nog is this year, the dummy! She probably is at home right now dipping her hands in it and rubbing it all over her petty body. The white, creamy, eggy mixture is probably running all over her right now as she looks in the mirror and thinks about how great she is. THAT COULD HAVE BEEN ME, CHOW.COM ... THAT COULD HAVE BEEN ME!!!!!

Dec 30, 2010