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split top buns for lobstah rolls or hot dogs

Cut off the sides of an ordinary hot dog bun :)
Seriously, this is what I do since moving to the west coast

Jul 07, 2014
2004rs in San Francisco Bay Area

Crack Pie Recipe

seconded for Michael's in the Bay Area

Feb 06, 2012
2004rs in Home Cooking

oven smoker bag source in bay area?

I have been wanting to try the Fatty 'Cue spare ribs recipe
But I do not have access to an outdoor smoker and have no ventilation for a stove top smoker. I was wondering if anyone has found oven smoker bags in the bay area? I have seen the SAVU brand on-line, but shipping is quite expensive. Thanks!

Dec 30, 2010
2004rs in San Francisco Bay Area