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Looking for a restaurant with an exceptional cheese plate.

Can anyone recommend a restaurant in the Bay Area (preferably South bay or SF) that has a particularly good cheese plate? Looking for somewhere special to take my wife, for whom the cheese plate is the best part of any meal. The ideal cheese plate would come from a large selection with good variety and some unusual cheeses that we may not have had before. I thought Gary Danko's cheese cart was good, but we were just there, so looking for something new to try. Thanks!

Gary Danko
800 N Point St, San Francisco, CA 94109

Bland diet recipes/tips

My husband has severe acid reflex and he's been ordered to eat a bland diet. He's a foodie so the idea of a bland diet is distressing to him. I'm trying to put together a cache of simple but yummy recipes to get us through this.

Here's a link to things he can and cannot eat:


Dec 29, 2010
Mcnachman in Special Diets