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Iberica Ham

Any ideas on where I can find Iberica ham in Calgary?

Sansho Powder

Any guess on where to find sansho powder in YYC?

Disappointing experience at Community Natural Foods Chinook Station Market (YYC)

Last time I shopped here it had the feel of a discount warehouse. The staff all appeared completely disinterested and almost angry. Since I'm clean shaven, wash my hair and have no tatoos, I clearly didn't belong. I gave up. The staff don't like customers and they don't want to be there.

Foie Gras in YYC

Thanks gang - this is a great forum for info.

Foie Gras in YYC

Any ideas on where to get some? Planning a stunning beef wellington at Christmas.

Salt Cod in YYC?

I need to try a few recipes using salt cod - where's the best place to get salt cod (dried?) in Calgary?

Sorrel - the mystery herb

Where do I find this in YYC? Not at Farmers market and can't find it at Crossroads. Ideas?

Where to get lamb in YYC

Looking to get some lamb chops tomorrow - any ideas for some tasty lamb? Save-On was not a good experience

Sorrel in YYC

Does anyone know where we can buy sorrel in Calgary?

Camellia Beans and other Cajun ingredients in yyc

Check out MIssissippi Queen - they ship a lot of cajun stuff although a lot of it is premixed.

Tahini, where to buy in Calgary?

I would check Basha Foods or T & T - that place has the strangest stuff for pretty good prices.

Where to buy duck confit in Calgary?

Second to None meats in Willow Park carries Brome - also available in some basic grocery stores in the SE area. Doing it yourself is a ton of work - and costly!

Best Calgary restaurants?

Yeah, the Highwood is great. Prices are super cheap but service is somewhat interesting as the students are learning. What I;m saying is, don't book a meeting after your dinner because you'll be late but the food is great. It's always great to see people learning the service industry the right way! Most of these kids belong in 5 star places...

Best Calgary restaurants?

We've had excellent meals at Avec - killer wine list and Darnell is an incredible chef. Another vote for vin room and you should also check out Yellow Door Bistro. If you have time - we love the Post Hotel in Lake Louise - silly expensive but outstanding service and a crazy huge wine list.

Involtini in Calgary - anyone tried it yet?

We were there a couple of years ago and enjoyed a nice meal, solid and good but not outstanding. Calamari was excellent but I forget the rest of the meal....

Descaling an espresso machine in edmonton

I usually order from espressotec - based in Vancouver. They have some great descaling products and will ship to your door.

Cassoulet in YYC?

Are there any restaurants in Calgary serving cassoulet? Having an intense craving for the magical dish.

Sour dough starter

Looking for the same thing!

Great restaurants near Copley Square?

Anybody tried Island Creek oyster bar? We're headed to Boston and coincidentally staying at Copley Square as well.

"Live" sauerkraut in Calgary?

Speaking of kimchee, where do I find this? Never tried but having an urge to taste...

Wine Fridge Recco?

Did you go with the cavavin? Just looking myself at the dual zone

Jul 22, 2013
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Sushi Kitchen info? (Quarry Park Calgary)

Just tried Sushi Kitchan in Quarry Park today and had a horrific experience. Crappy timing, tempura sent back because it was undercooked and slimy, gyoza's that tasted weird, and rolls the size of a small car that completely fell apart.

We won't go back - truly a bad bad dining experience. 45 minutes for slimy tempura, kitchen chaos, disintegrating rolls, poor service and no sense of wanting the diner to enjoy it. I hope this place makes it, but if this is happening to others diners (and by the looks of others - it is), this place will be lucky to last 6 months. They really should close down for a few days, get their act together, do a soft opening for friends and family, get their kitchen working and try again. Severely disappointed and ripped off and will be warning others.