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Pirosmani for Georgian?

I was intrigued by the NYMag review of Mtskheta Cafe a couple months ago, and wanted to make a family trek out for wintery night Georgian feasting. Someone on another thread said it wasn't so great, and the review was way overblown. I was looking into Pirosmani as an alternative, but some reviews on Yelp said something about a $35 per person minimum, and having to pay for music (even if you don't request anything?), and major delays in service. Does that match up to your experience? The food sounds great, but cohorts can be picky about service...

Mtskheta Cafe
2568 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11214

Dec 23, 2011
yella in Outer Boroughs

contacting food writers

i'm going to be traveling for 4 months, and am looking for recommendations. i know people used to write to rw apple at the times (at least, my mom did) and get international food info and suggestions. i was hoping to do the same, especially because the times has had a lot of article about morocco lately (where i'll be), but i can't seem to find any contact information specific to the dining & wine/travel sections. i'm also looking at saveur, but that seems a little less likely.



Jan 08, 2011
yella in Food Media & News

eating in morocco for 4 months

i'm studying abroad in morocco for 4 months (with a quick trip to spain) and am looking for recommendations. i'll be spending a lot of time in rabat, but hopefully a bunch in tangiers as well.

cheap is always best, street food of course, seafood, lamb, local stuff—anything to suggest?


Jan 08, 2011
yella in Middle East & Africa