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Downtown / SXSW Report, 3/12-3/18 (Qui, La Condesa, Lambert’s, El Naranjo, Moonshine, Bonneville, Parkside, Hightower, food trucks, coffee)

You're awesome, kathryn! SXSW official schedule website doesn't link anywhere to soundcloud.

Found a couple of panels I wanted to listen to here:


Was able to find a lot of these panels in the above link:


about 23 hours ago
deepfry7 in Austin

Downtown / SXSW Report, 3/12-3/18 (Qui, La Condesa, Lambert’s, El Naranjo, Moonshine, Bonneville, Parkside, Hightower, food trucks, coffee)

Hey kathryn - fantastic write-up about Austin. Going there later this spring most likely so this is a great resource (I saw your follow up on another CH thread about qui's tasting room).

Side question - I had heard/read about some cool sessions about food. Do you know if any of them were recorded and available as a podcast or recording to the public? Like on Twitter, I wanted to hear more about this:


>> Drama! @hels and @thejgold are duking it out over @qualityrye's review of Per Se at #SXSW.

1 day ago
deepfry7 in Austin

Qui Tasting Room

Thanks for the feedback.

Mar 25, 2015
deepfry7 in Austin

Qui Tasting Room

Looking to go in May or June for the ticketed version of Qui. Has anyone been since they opened up the "tasting room" last Sept?


Mar 24, 2015
deepfry7 in Austin

yet another review of Per Se

Thanks for the detailed review.

Interestingly enough, there are quite a few tables for 2 this upcoming week for Per Se on OpenTable, including both a 7 and 8pm spot this Tuesday. But looks like they're booked out in April.

4-tops available all the time.

Mar 22, 2015
deepfry7 in Manhattan

Noreetuh - East Village New "Hawaiian" Restaurant

Thanks for the early feedback, gwh and foodwhisperer. There's also Onomea out in Williamsburg, but this new(er) restaurant looks more "complex".

Also, looks like it's been in the works for awhile. A google search brought it its Twitter account which has its first post from May 2013... almost TWO years ago! That's business in NYC for you.


Mar 18, 2015
deepfry7 in Manhattan

Blue Hill's wastED

Bump. I saw one Yelp review on Blue Hill's page.

>> The menu is huge and has a ton of different items, and we didn't get to try nearly everything. Standouts were the pasta "trimmings" with a fish head foam and crispy fish offal pieces and "dog food" meatloaf made from dairy cow meat. The bread was also superb.

Those were also dishes that interested me.

Mar 17, 2015
deepfry7 in Manhattan

Blue Hill's wastED

Has anyone been yet? If so, any recommended dishes? At first I think they were going to be a tasting, but I'm glad they switched it to a la carte for $15/dish.

Might try and stop by after 9pm one day when they do walk-ins.

Mar 15, 2015
deepfry7 in Manhattan

Noresore (baby eel) at Kyo Ya!

May I ask how much was the baby eel dish?

Mar 12, 2015
deepfry7 in Manhattan

Eneko Atxa at the Mandarin Oriental (Feb 2015)

Yes, I forgot about Elkano. Thanks for the reminder!

Feb 27, 2015
deepfry7 in Manhattan

Eneko Atxa at the Mandarin Oriental (Feb 2015)

Thanks for the report. Not sure when my next Spain trip is, but if I ever make it towards Bilbao/San Sebastian area, Azurmendi is at the top of my list, as well as a repeat visit to Asador Etxebarri. I went to some of the modernist restaurants in SS, but don't feel the need to revisit. I rather do more pintxos in Parte Vieja.

Feb 26, 2015
deepfry7 in Manhattan

Eneko Atxa at the Mandarin Oriental (Feb 2015)

Did anyone go? I was just curious what people thought of it.


I thought about trying to go, but decided I'll eventually try to go in (nearby) Bilbao since the restaurant looks so darn impressive.


Feb 26, 2015
deepfry7 in Manhattan

Any restaurants similar to New South Wind?

Thanks, norabelle.

I miss their steamed dumplings as well. Also enjoyed the tofu with beef meatball (with oyster sauce).

Feb 24, 2015
deepfry7 in Manhattan

Any restaurants similar to New South Wind?

It's Chinese New Year and I'm terribly missing the cheung fun w/ dried shrimp and scallions at South Wind.

Anybody know of any places that might make something close to 75% as good?

EDIT: Forgot that there was a similar post a couple of years ago. Still haven't had a good resolution.


Feb 23, 2015
deepfry7 in Manhattan

Serious Eats: Where to Eat Chinese in NYC

>> how he calls Noodletown "one of the only places to find Singapore chow fun" when there are literally over 500 restaurants coming up on menupages for that dish

FYI, your menupages search wasn't an exact string search and is giving you mostly false positives. I've eaten in Manhattan Chinatown often all my life and it's not a common dish that would actually be on the menu. And Noodletown is a place that would know what you exactly wanted if you ordered in English (as opposed to Cantonese). Almost all Cantonese restaurants can easily make it since they almost always serve Singapore chow mei fun and also have haw fun noodles as well. Even a place by my work in midtown makes it for me during the slow dinner time when I can properly explain it (it's crazy packed during lunch and haven't bothered to ask).

Feb 18, 2015
deepfry7 in Manhattan

Lightner leaving Atera on March 28th

I believe Atera started out in spring 2012 with $150 for their tasting.

Chef Frederic Duca of Racine's (Tribeca as well) earned a Michelin star in Paris. If he came in with a $150 tasting menu, not sure if I'd be rushing to go.

Feb 18, 2015
deepfry7 in Manhattan

Lightner leaving Atera on March 28th

Ha, yea it stinks for us but you want the business to do well. I know many of us feel bad when you have a semi-empty dining room at great spots like Jung Sik.

Was looking to go as well before he leaves. If you're interested in a dining companion, I wouldn't mind company. You can reach me at deepfry81 at gmail. I believe you're my "neighbor" in downtown Manhattan as well.

Feb 18, 2015
deepfry7 in Manhattan

Lightner leaving Atera on March 28th

Yea that's pretty crazy that they're keeping the same price point. Not sure who'd be willing to spend $280 on food alone for a chef only a few NYC food enthusiasts know. It's not like if Sean Gray left Momofuku Ko and Chang named a replacement.

I too am intrigued by the new chef but definitely will wait for others to weigh in first.


For that price point, I'm heading over to Shuko first... if I can get in after yesterday's NYT review :)

Feb 17, 2015
deepfry7 in Manhattan

Lightner leaving Atera on March 28th

Wow, no responses to apparently one of the best restaurants in NY (or even the country)? CHers were saying it was a candidate for 3 Michelin stars last fall.

I haven't been able to go (yet), but this was pretty brutal write up by Steve Plotnicki.


Feb 17, 2015
deepfry7 in Manhattan

Take Root

Awesome to hear. Thanks for the feedback.

Jan 31, 2015
deepfry7 in Outer Boroughs

Are Next "Trio" tickets going to surpass $200pp?!

Chicago hounds... I'm from NYC but always enjoy reading about other major city's restaurant happenings.

Can someone explain to me why the Tribune critic, Phil Vettel, keeps on reviewing all of Next's menus? 4 stars for "Bistro" - no surprise there.


Trio menu: http://www.chicagotribune.com/enterta...

Modern Chinese: http://www.chicagotribune.com/enterta...

So if Next does 3 menus per year, that means Vettel is "wasting" 3 reviews per year that he could do on other restaurants. I'm torn - if there were a restaurant like Next in NYC, I don't know if I'd want to read 3 yearly NYT reviews on it versus an opinion on 3 new restaurants or re-reviews. We get the gist by now - it's a very good restaurant and whatever they put on their menu is going to be top-notch (4-star-ish level).

Perhaps it's just about readership/page views? By the time Vettel gets his review out, all the tickets for that particular menu have probably been sold. So it's not like people will read his review and then decide they can get into Next for that menu. Perhaps people just like reading about what the new menu is about and getting clicks?

So I know Chef Achatz and crew get upset at Michelin hasn't given it a star ever. I believe Michelin has said that Next is like a new restaurant every time it changes its menu, plus previously they had a difficult time getting in (you can't review if you haven't eaten there). So by their logic, you can't give it a star because the next year will have completely different menus/concept. But then Vittel is treating Next like a new restaurant every time too which is validating Michelin's concerns.

I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too, as the saying goes.

Jan 27, 2015
deepfry7 in Chicago Area

Cioppino (fish stew) to try for comparison

Unfortunately I haven't had it that much in NYC. I know you're a frequent poster on CH and may already know this, but there is a food item search on Menupages. Perhaps cross reference that with Yelp restaurant review search (where you're on a Yelp restaurant page and you search within the reviews for that restaurant) to get some feedback. As much as we all give crap about Yelp, there is SOME useful information if you dig in.


Jan 22, 2015
deepfry7 in Manhattan

No pork bun at Momofuku???

I can't find the interview/source, but I read recently that he believes we should really cut down on pork belly. So he was trying to limit the # of orders at his restaurants. And I think he took it off his menu because of that, but it should be available upon request (unless you go late and it's sold out).

Jan 22, 2015
deepfry7 in Manhattan

Intimate NYC Wedding Dinner Locations?

This search on OpenTable might give you some venue ideas. For some reason, the page doesn't work well with the filters and takes awhile to load.


Found this link as well.


Sounds like you're looking for $200/person ($4800 plus tax and tip get to ~$6K).

Best of luck!

Jan 19, 2015
deepfry7 in Manhattan

Most expensive chicken in NYC?

I think the black truffle chicken variants are a little "unfair" - you're adding a luxury ingredient. The Momofuku fried chicken is 2 birds for $125.

Non-black truffled:
Rotisserie Georgette with seard foie gras - 72 ($36/person)
Marc Forgione - 62

Probably some dish at Nello too, but I don't want to even bother to look.

Jan 14, 2015
deepfry7 in Manhattan

Roof Top Bar with Great View? ANy suggestions?

Maybe The Roof at the Viceroy Hotel, or Salon De Ning (The Peninsula)? Both are midtown (center) and would have a nice view of Central Park to the north.

Also, there's Press Lounge (Ink48 hotel) on the west side with views of the Hudson.

I think they all have indoor space during the winter. But I'd call and double-check.

Jan 11, 2015
deepfry7 in Manhattan

Gran Morsi - Tribeca Italian

Hey foodwhisperer - thanks for the intel on a new spot in the neighborhood.

I'm probably your neighbor in Tribeca. We've conversed a few times on other Chowhound threads. And I just saw your new post about 2015 best dishes, my favorite thread to read.

If you need a dining partner on some nights, let me know. I dine solo some times and it's better when you can order and try more things. I can be reached at deepfry81 at gmail dotcom.

Jan 09, 2015
deepfry7 in Manhattan

Take Root

Couldn't really find any previous feedback in my CH search on this board.

Has anyone been recently? Looking to possibly go this spring or summer. Getting a good amount of positive feedback. Named last year by Ozersky as top 10 new restaurants in Esquire Magazine.

Then Eater had a round-up of top meals of the year and Helen Rosner wrote this:


>> I didn't think anything could top the casual brilliance of my first dinner at Take Root back in June. But I've been back twice since, and each meal was successively better. I don't know how to even put into words how much I love that restaurant: It's the anti-tasting-menu tasting menu. There's no rigmarole. There's no ostentatious, high-concept showmanship. There's no bullshit. There's just a gorgeous series of flawlessly prepared, totally exciting dishes, all beautifully plated and deeply delicious. I'd eat there every week if I could. Every day.

Eater also had an interview with Paul Liebrandt and he had this to say about what restaurants/chefs in NY he admires:


"What I see here are a lot more places that are smaller, where it's really only about the food, like Take Root."

"It's big. I loved it, great energy, great passion. And it's about the food. So that's really what is opening in New York. It's great to see people with personality really think on the plate."

Thanks CHers.

Jan 04, 2015
deepfry7 in Outer Boroughs

Matsutake Mushrooms Late in Season

Thanks for the reply, but I think you might have confused maitake ("Hen of the Woods") and matsutake. Most likely only a Japanese restaurant is going to serve the matsutake.

Nov 28, 2014
deepfry7 in Manhattan

Chef Christian Delouvrier at La Mangeoire

He's leaving at the end of the year to do consulting.


Nov 27, 2014
deepfry7 in Manhattan