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Caponata Bruschetta

Eggplant cooked for only 4 minutes would be rubbery. The correct way to make any bruschetta is to grill the bread and THEN top with good quality olive oil. Brushing with oil before grilling is a mistake.

Sep 04, 2011
NeilR in Recipes

Best vs. Worst cuts for Braising? Anyone have a list?

What do you think about braising a bone-in leg of lamb? I have successfully braised lamb shoulder, lamb shanks, pork shoulder, beef chuck, short ribs, etc, but I have only ever roasted a leg of lamb. Since the leg is a well exercised muscle, I would think it would be a decent candidate for braising. Also, what is a lamb shank but the lower part of leg? Are shanks only from the front legs? If shanks are such a classic for braising, then why not whole legs? Any opinions?

Dec 26, 2010
NeilR in Home Cooking