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Help with Prime rib roast

Thank you WTG2RETIRE. That WAS the recipe I was looking for. Unfortunately, I have already made our Christmas dinner, so I kind of winged it. It turned out OK, but this time, I'm printing out the other recipe so that for Easter I can do it right. Thank you very much! Merry Christmas! Sheri

Dec 25, 2010
sherip in Home Cooking

Help with Prime rib roast


Last year, I found a recipe for the most UNBELIEVABLE prime rib either I, nor anyone I made it for had ever tasted, and my brother is even a chef, and he said that mine was better than any of his ever were, on this website. I made it for Easter also, and I thought I was saving the recipe on my computer,, but when I went to look up the recipe today so I can make it tomorrow, all I got was the message boards. OH NO!!! Maybe if I explain it well enough, someone can help me. It was from a man who had apparently owned a restaurant, and he would pack the roast in seasoned flour, cook it at a very high heat for a certain amount of time so that it gets a very nice crust, and then you lower the degrees on it, and it is just out of this world, and unfortunately out of my computer. Can someone PLEASE help me?

Dec 24, 2010
sherip in Home Cooking