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MKE: buying fresh ginseng

Can anyone provide any guidance as to buy ginseng in Milwaukee area over the weekend? I called Pacific Produce and they were a negative.

We usually buy at HMart in Niles but would like to save the trip this time. It's about $12 for a package of two roots that originate from Canada.

Feb 08, 2014
ginkonut in Great Lakes

Fresh turkeys in Milwaukee area

Can anyone suggest a place to source fresh turkey for the holidays? We have asked our neighbours and the consensus seems to be Whole Foods?
Thank-you in advance.

Nov 08, 2013
ginkonut in Great Lakes

MKE: Squeaky Cheese question

Being a newcomer here, I was delighted to see squeaky cheese in the grocery today!

Are there any places around Milwaukee that serve poutine ? Are there any other local dishes that incorporate squeaky cheese?

This might be a stretch but wondering if the popularity of cheese curds here has anything to do with early French-Canadian settlers to the state.

Mar 31, 2013
ginkonut in Great Lakes

Kimchee for Novices

At home my mom would give it to us on top of fries and cheese. Must cut the cabbage into very small pieces and then fry to make it a little sweet. But my personal favorite: eat it late night with rice and hot water.

Mar 07, 2013
ginkonut in Home Cooking

Goteborg /Guthenburg, Sweden

This is a bit late- but thank you for your post! I will be in Goteborg later this summer for a month and am starting to plan our dining plan.

Mar 05, 2013
ginkonut in Europe

Any places left in MKE for inexpensive kitchen gadgets?

$10 Vitamix? That is really a score! My husband has no idea how much ours cost so i won't get into it...

Not sure how competitive the pricing is at Boelters on Port Washington- but looks like they have a nice selection.

Feb 20, 2013
ginkonut in Great Lakes

Since MKE discussions have been slow, how about your shopping recs?

Thank you! I will try Bunzel for bulgogi/kalbi special order this weekend.

Might be hard to take a day trip - we usual go for the weekend and stay at our parents bc of the newborns.

We just came back yesterday and the Korean pears are very good right now!!

Jan 28, 2013
ginkonut in Great Lakes

Since MKE discussions have been slow, how about your shopping recs?

Great post! I second Cermak for produce - just discovered this place recently. Was wondering where people went. The only grocery in our neighborhood is a small Pick N Save which very much underwhelms.

We also do a monthly run to the H-Mart for Korean /asian groceries.

Any suggestions for good butcher and bakery? we would like to find a butcher who will do custom Korean meat cuts.

Jan 25, 2013
ginkonut in Great Lakes

Higher-end /business recommendations- Milwaukee

Thank you to all for your suggestions! We went to Lake Park Bistro (only bc it was walkable from my house ). The next day we went to Mader's for dinner and wow! Very good food and thoughtful service. I usually avoid German/Polish foods since I find it very heavy but the dinner totally hit the spot. So much so I also forced my husband to take me out to Polonez (also very good but prefer Mader's).

Sep 03, 2012
ginkonut in Great Lakes

Milwaukee: good Vietnamese restaurants or your fave ethnic places

Can anyone recommend any good Vietnamese restaurants in the Milwaukee area?

Looking to eat bun Bo, pho and cha ca (realize that it might be hard as it is more of a North Vietnam dish).

Alternatively what are your favorite Asian/Ethnic restaurants?
My SO and I just went to an excellent Indian/Pakistani place called Mirchi Masala and we were pleasantly surprised by the the quality and diversity of the dishes. Any others that you guys can recommend ???

Aug 31, 2012
ginkonut in Great Lakes

So Chen Chow in "Buhminghahm",'s the food?

The restaurant is known more for it's scene (the front of the restaurant is a lounge - nice atmosphere to ppl watch) than the food. Serves pan-Asian share plates and full plates.

We went on a Friday night and had dinner in the back booths - food was fine not outstanding. The standout dish from our group was miso glazed cod which was nice. Sushi was ok, chicken was ok. we then had drinks in the front lounge which was fun. Nice music with a mixed older crowd dancing.

Aug 22, 2012
ginkonut in Great Lakes

Higher-end /business recommendations- Milwaukee

Oh-- forgot about those two.thanks a lot!!

Aug 22, 2012
ginkonut in Great Lakes

Higher-end /business recommendations- Milwaukee

We're entertaining some Hollywood media types for a lunch next month. Anyone have any recs for a business lunch (excellent food, larger budget ).

Ive checked all my usual places and none seem to be open for lunch (hinterland, Sanford and Bacchus). Would like to avoid roots, lake park bistro and smyth.

Any suggestions- we are open to driving within 30 min of downtown.
Many thanks!

Aug 22, 2012
ginkonut in Great Lakes

Milwaukee: cola flavoured slushees (pls indulge me)

Thanks everyone! I've decided to make my own At home... Not exactly the same thing but good enough for now!

Well now onto my newest craving-- hotdogs!

Jul 24, 2012
ginkonut in Great Lakes

Win Cool Kitchen Swag on CHOW’s "The Talk" Gadget Giveaway!

Good luck to everyone- ESP moi :)

Jul 23, 2012
ginkonut in Features

Help with Birthday Dinner in Milwaukee

A very cool place could be the bar / patio in the ironhorse hotel. I recall the menu (pizza burgers etc) being family priced within your stated range. Nice atmosphere.

Another place is a Mexican place on Brady- the name escapes me but maybe you could try a google search. Great food nd I've seen large groups there as well.

Jul 16, 2012
ginkonut in Great Lakes

Milwaukee: cola flavoured slushees (pls indulge me)

Please indulge a very pregnant woman :) and a newbie to Milwaukee.

Wondering if there are cola flavoured slushees available here? My very patient husband drove me around today and all we could find was red (cherry) and blue (which I'm assuming is blueberry)... Is cola just a Canadian thing?

Apologies for the random question! Hope to be more helpful next time !

Jul 15, 2012
ginkonut in Great Lakes

Cermak has opened by Miller park (mke)

Thanks for the posting!

Jul 13, 2012
ginkonut in Great Lakes

Suggestions for fantastic, scenic wedding venues outside of Toronto with great food

Once place that we looked into last year was the Terracotta farmhouse owned by the same ppl who run Fiera Mosca

We didn't make it out to see the actual grounds but I have heard good things.

Joanne Kates is leaving the Globe!

Gosh Haggisdragon- you were right ! Nuttal-Smith is taking over G&M restaurant column

Wedding Venue Help - Chinese

The food and service were terrific. The wedding planner for the hotel is quite good and we had no problems with her at all. They also threw in the penthouse suite for the night which was great.

We were unlucky that the air conditioning broke down at the beggining of our ceremony (on a v. hot day) so a lot of our guests were sweating. So we took a larger hit on the drinks. A couple of tables has also mentioned that the portions of the food were a bit on the small side.

What Food Trend are You So Sick Of?

Anything "deconstructed".

Last night I had a poached apple slice, a few bits of crumble and vanilla ice cream in a teaspoon.

Nov 28, 2011
ginkonut in General Topics

Wedding Venue Help - Chinese

We had our wedding at the Metropolitan Hotel catered by LWH. The food and service was excellent. If you are seriously entertaining this place - send me a message I can give you the full details. The pricing came under what we expected and

Another place that made our final five (our group was under 100ppl) was the Burroughes Bldg (Queen and Bathurst). Exposed brick open space- you can bring in your own caterer.

We looked at every single one of your places mentioned above- really funny actually- our final five were Canoe, St Lawrence Hall, Burroughes and Rosehill.

Metropolitan Hotel
108 Chestnut St, Toronto, ON M5G, CA

Chicken Wing Prices - RIDICULOUS!!!

This article is a bit old but it actually speaks to the pricing drivers of wings... I thought it was weird that all these QSRs are coming out with 'boneless wings' until I read this article.

Milwaukee fine dining

I once suprised my sister and took her to the finest restaurant in Toronto for absolutely no occasion. We had the best night because of the spontaneity. The best reason is no reason :)

Thanks to everyone on this list- Im moving there in a few months so it is good to get a bunch of places to try!

Sep 15, 2011
ginkonut in Great Lakes

Milwaukee fine dining

Well hoping for a fine dining experience. But above atmosphere I think we'd appreciate delicious well-executed food.

I think that we just might try Sanford (as another couple suggested it as well) and try Carnevor for my birthday :)

Thank you!

724 N Milwaukee St, Milwaukee, WI 53202

Sep 09, 2011
ginkonut in Great Lakes

Milwaukee fine dining

As a surprise for our three month wedding anniversary (woo hoo a full quarter !) i want to surprise my husband with a great dinner somewhere in Milwaukee.

Anyone with some standout recommendations? We are not picky and will eat everything. Would be happy to spend up to $300.


Sep 08, 2011
ginkonut in Great Lakes

Where to eat around St. Clair & Bathurst

Places that we walk to (we live at St Clair and Spadina too):
Bathurst-St Clair:
El Fogon, El Plebeyo, Stockyards, Vannis (when they are open- theres been quite a few management changes- so check ahead), the Roti place - the name escapes me - on Vaughn and St Clair,

Forest Hill Village:
- What a bagel, mashu mashu is ok, Hope Street (under renovations)- sister rest. South Side isnt as good imo, banfi

If you will walk a bit further north to Eglinton there are a bunch of nice places to explore too. I have a partic fondness for Jerusalem- it was my first dining alone experience. I felt like such a grown-up.

All the other posters have the best St Clair to Christie restaurants listed :)

El Plebeyo
1453 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5R3J2, CA

Hope Street Cafe
324 Lonsdale Rd, Toronto, ON M4V1X4, CA

El Fogon
543 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C1A3, CA

St Clair Restaurant
69 St Clair St, Chatham, ON N7L3H8, CA

Best Cupcakes in Toronto?

Second that! We had our wedding cake tasting there a couple of months ago.. they had us try every flavour in a cupcake... Moist and fluffy, light frosting on top. Too bad they don't deliver, I could go for a couple right now....

Wedding on a budget - NEED DESPARATE HELP!

You should try and do a search on the Frugal Bride (babbling bride forum). At $75pp (including tax and tip)... it might be hard to find a place downtown but def do-able with some research.

I went to a beautiful reception at the Japanese Cultural Centre a few years back. They brought their own caterers in. The venue is North Toronto but the space was beautiful.