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great iced coffee

Iced coffee season is coming up. Anyone have a delicious version I can try?

Apr 30, 2011
onehandcook in Home Cooking

Dirty Rice Recipe

Can someone give me a recipe for dirty rice made with chicken livers? Never had it; want to try it.

Feb 27, 2011
onehandcook in Home Cooking

Veal Breast

I grew up eating stuffed, braised veal breast at least once a week and love it. My problem is that I recently moved to Portland, Oregon after a lifetime in New York, and veal, except for the occasional ground veal and the scallops for schnitzel-type dishes are considered bad form here. To complicate matters, I am disabled and shop in my scooter at a very iocal Trader Joe's or at New Seasons Market where home grown products are the norm. Neither of these stores sells veal at all. It's like a policy not to eat veal. I don't really want to kill baby calves, but sure would like to occasionally eat this forbidden food. My friends here tell me I'm evil. Can I get veal somewhere, or is it hopeless? Any advice would be appreciated.

Jan 16, 2011
onehandcook in Metro Portland

Help! I,m new here.

I tried to post a question but don.t know if it worked. I want it to say "New" before the post, so people would perhaps notice it, but no luck. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks guys.

Dec 24, 2010
onehandcook in Site Talk

Crab Bisque Recipe?

I'm new here and am looking for a crab bisque recipe (no canned soup ingredients, please!). If anyone can help I'll be grateful. By the way , I love this Chowhound site. Terrific.

Dec 24, 2010
onehandcook in Home Cooking