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My Polish Market

KRAKUS DELI on Fleet Street has wonderful homemade smoked sausages made several times a week but on the weekend- starting Friday- it seems they have the most and the most variety of them. They have the fresh baked goods and bread delivered by Friday morning for the weekend. You need to get them fresh or they do dry out. We make a special run on the weekend when we get a hankering for the foods we grew up with and have never been disappointed.

Dry Curd Cottage Cheese?

There is strip mall that is an international market/grocery on Reisterstown Road just east of Seven Mile Lane (south side of Reisterstown Rd.) that has the dry curd cottage cheese. It is primarily Russian but does have a good measure of other Easter European food. I finally found the dry cottage cheese in Baltimore here after 25 years of searching. I was raised in Berwyn/Cicero by Polish/Bohemian parents. Anything else doesn't taste the same in baking.

Grass-fed beef/pork etc

Laurel Meat Market, 347 Main St. Laurel, MD 301-725-5855. Market is a hidden gem for anyone looking for GRASS FED, NO antibiotic, NO hormone meat of all kinds: chicken, beef, pork, lamb, turkey, sausages ground & made there and a bonus-- homemade pies everyday! He is an old-time butcher that cuts on premises and grinds his own beef so there is no chance of mad cow in his meat. He will be in business 41 years 2011 and his aim is to please.
He won't sell anything he would not put in his own mouth.