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Cocktail Culture in Portsmouth?

We're moving back East from the SF bay area and wondering if Portsmouth,NH has any good cocktail bars/restaurants.

I know its a beer town, but any chance of finding a decent cocktail?

As someone in the business of making cocktails, I am trying to find out where I should be dropping off my resume- or at least, stopping in to imbibe.

May 31, 2012
Charl3S1 in Northern New England

Honeymoon Dinner in Carmel, suggestions?

Looking for the best romantic restaurant in Carmel (or within 15 min drive from Carmel Highlands) for our first dinner together after our wedding.

We are total "foodies" who enjoy the best of everything, including wine and/or cocktails. Romantic ambiance may actually be the most important element here though, and being open Sunday night.

We really appreciate any suggestions!

Jun 22, 2011
Charl3S1 in California

Boulevardier Cocktail

The actual name for this cocktail is "Boulevardier", even though it is essentially a "Whiskey Negroni"

Jun 06, 2011
Charl3S1 in Recipes

Bourbon Sour

Better to "mime shake" non-booze ingredients before adding ice. When using an egg in drink, shake ingredients for five seconds before adding the ice and liquor to better incorporate the egg, then add ice and bourbon and shake it silly for at least 20 seconds (I go 30) to achieve proper "ropiness".

May 11, 2011
Charl3S1 in Recipes