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3 days in Miami

So - this will be broad....I am traveling to Miami for the first time on business. We have 2.5 days to relax....I land tomorrow at 11am....and leave on Friday at 6pm.
What are the recommendations for 30-something-business-types that are coming in from Minneapolis. A quick search pulled up Joes Stone Crab (maybe for lunch)....but, honestly have no clue what is worth our time....what are a handful of recommended restaurants for visitors. There's not enough time for Bouley-style fine-dining, but looking for more casual-can't-miss places.
We land at MIA, are staying at the Westin Hollywood and have a car to get around.Thanks!

Redwood Shores

We are heading to Redwood Shores for the first time next week (Tues-Thurs).....we understand that its about a 30 minute drive to SF from RWS.....To paint a quick picture - we are travelling from Minneapols (so we miss good seafood)....and moved to MPLS from NYC.

What is recommended in RWS?
If we made the drive to SF, are there any hot spots in SF that might be easier to get into mid-week?

(Asian flavors, fine dining ...we just need a starting point) (and I'll scour Chow for old posts)


K Wok now Baldy's BBQ?

went by baldy's bbq for the first time this afternoon as I was heading to class....picked up a pulled pork sandwich - offered 3 sauces (spicy, sweet...and something else) the spicy sauce - which comes on the side.... and a side of slaw. Can't say it was the best bbq I've had - but it was good. Definitely better than, say a Market BBQ. The meat was braised well & flavorful. I'll check it out employee said they've been open about one month with good lunch business but nearly zero dinner biz.

Piccolo Restaurant, Minneapolis

Maybe I was missing a thread, but I wanted to mention Piccolo. We were able to hit Piccolo on Saturday night. Fantastic – they said that the menu changed just a few days prior…and it was really impressive!!! I think there may have been was some overlap from the previous menu…..

(sorry for lack of description):

Sliced octopus (my favorite)
Scrambled egg/pigs feet
Smoked sturgeon
Sea bream (dynamite)
Duck (really good seared breast/braised leg)
Chocolate terrine
Bergamot cheesecake/pear ice cream (it was silly how good this was!!!)

I was surprised how small the space really was – but it was perfect…..we had great service….although the timing between a few courses was LONG….but the server & hostess kept our drinks filled….so it wasn’t too bad! (sat down just after 6pm….left by 8:15ish….)

As for portions size and cost – NO COMPLAINTS at all… wife and I split all of the above….and we were stuffed when we left (and I was hungry walking-in). We were directed that 2-3 plates are the norm....but 5 is do-able.....we did 4.5 each...Throw in 2 coffees, 4 drinks and a 20% tip: $158. I don’t think that is bad at all….add in the fact that we were able to walk in really early (we had 8pm reservations…but plans changed) – and the hostess was very accommodating and squeezed us in a 2-top.

I’d go back in a heartbeat…..I hope that people continue to visit this place!!!

Anyone been to D'Amico Kitchen at Chambers yet? [MSP]

Has anyone been by D'Amico Kitchen recently? We are heading there this evening.....and we have never been there...(and never went to Cucina). Looks like the Lobster gnocchi & shortribs are winners....any other recommendations/experiences?

No Mas - Jfood gives up on Chinese in MSP

best that i can recommend is Cheng's Chinese Garden (Nicollet/Lake St. Officemax shopping center)....again - it may not be what you're looking for....but after 2 years in NYC Hells Kitchen area, we were addicted to a very similar restaurant.....I've usually got tunnel vision with the pork lo mein, gen tso's, dumplings, i haven't really tested the waters. But I haven't been dissapointed yet.....
And your feet will definitely stick to the floor.....(had a good laugh from that comment - thx puddin head...)

Quality Portland Restaurant Options

yep.....definitely quiet out there.

Quality Portland Restaurant Options

So my sister-in-law (25 years old) just moved to Portland, OR and she was curious about restaurants in the area.....what are some of the more popular destinations? (broad question, i know).....I'm pretty sure that she lives right downtown with her boyfriend.....casual/bistro probably works best...but a nice list of places would be ideal....Thanks!

MPLS - United Noodle

Thanks for the heads up....looks like they change up the menu often because this time they offered three braised pork dishes (belly, shank, feet)....the lady serving the food was really helpful (you nailed it -- they were all really accomodating). All of the dishes seemed to use the same braising liquid flavored with....cardamom (i'm guessing?)....she recommended the belly for the fattyness, the shank for the meat, and the feet for more of the crispy skin. I went with the pork belly & shank and was not addition they offered fourth dish of pork and greens which was relatively spicy (from a guy that digs spicy food).....a nice pile of steamed rice too (fried was offered as well)....overall, I was very happy with food. For $4.50 I don't think you can ask for much more.....the few tables that were there were packed with customers and there was a line to wait in.....but well worth it.

MPLS - United Noodle

Very broad question: Is it worth grabbing a bite to eat at United Noodle? If so, any recommendations?

MSP - quick meal tonight for 2

Any recommendations for a quick meal tonight? We've got our 11 month old son that'll be joining us.....we normally hit 112, Barbette, Figlios and (dare I say it)....Famous Dave's....

We really like Alma, Porter & Frye, LBV, among others....but those seem to be out with a child to entertain.......and if I remember from one of my last posts....Brasa is an ok spot for kids.....right?

what else???

Chambers Minneapolis - half off deal going on right now

Thanks for the heads up! Its now down to 12 gift cards.....

for karykat....its a nice spot for dinner & drinks. we've been twice for a meal, a handful of times just for drinks, and once just to hang out with friends.....I'd say its worth the money - one of the better meals we've had came from Chambers....but don't expect to get your socks blown off....good food/worth the price of admission.....

MSP - Burger Jones opens today

Ha - those comments were some of the funniest things I've heard today.....I was curious to try Burger Jones....but it looks like Five Guys will hold me over for now . Anyone tried Smashburger before....when does that open up? or is it open??

Temecula this Thursday/Friday

Its my parents 40th anniversary and we are taking them from DC to LA & Temecula. We are staying at the Inn at Churon Winery....I was curious to see if you had any recommendations for dinner on Thursday (more casual is ideal since we are all flying in to LA and then immediately driving to Temecula).......then lunch on Friday.......and then I was curious to see how the Inn's 5 course dinner for $65 bucks was.....? Has anyone had dinner there???? Is there somewhere else that is better for a more formal (but price sensitive too)????

Let me know if you need any more info.....

May 19, 2009
nymoving2004 in California

Memorial Day Planning

Here's a bit more info to help:

We're staying at a hotel on the Sunset Strip:
7051 Sunset Blvd , Hollywood, CA, US, 90028

My wife and I are in our late twenties (we have a 7 month old....he'll be 10 months on the trip (and getting more active which may limit our choices of things to do).
My two brothers are in their mid-30's......parents are in their mid 60's......we are all originally from DC, my wife and I were in NYC before moving to the Twin Cities. I think my brother lives a short distance from our hotel.

We will probably moving around a lot -- so as much as I'd love a 4-star dining experience, I don't think we'll have time. Maybe enough time for one nice meal and the rest will be more casual places where we will not need reservations...... I was looking at a place called Hatfields....(thoughts???)......but we are very open to recommendations.

Mar 15, 2009
nymoving2004 in Los Angeles Area

Memorial Day Planning

So my family is planning a reunion in LA for my parents 40th anniversary.....we'll spend some time in Temecula (2 days/nights) and then 3 days.nights in LA. Are there any recommendations? (yes, this is very broad question -- I was hoping for a couple choices in a few categories: 1) fine dining 2) bistro/cafe 3)hole-in-the-wall (burger , steak n' cheese, etc) 4) random late-night eats.


Mar 13, 2009
nymoving2004 in Los Angeles Area

MSP - Dinner Recommendation; Saturday

Great - then we'll take our son to Brasa some other time.....I got that vibe from the website/menu presentation....but for this Saturday I've narrowed it down to Levain (which I haven't been to since they closed/reopened), Strip Club (which is booked, but has room at the bar on a first come-first serve basis)....and then Craftsman similar to Alma (food, atmosphere, etc)????
Any chance we'd be able to get a bar seat at Strip Club....or is it a smaller bar area similar to 112's main bar area on the ground level????

MSP - Dinner Recommendation; Saturday

My wife and I are looking at a dinner on Saturday and wanted a few recommendations.....our last meal was at Porter & Frye. Alma is closed for a private we were looking at Meritage, Fugaise, Heidi's, Brasa.........We've eaten at Fugaise....but not the other 3. Is there anything else you'd recommend for a last minute 2-top that has the night away from their 6-month old??

Porter & Frye (MPLS)

I haven't got into writing about my dining experiences before - but I wanted to say that P&F was outstanding!! One of the best meals that we've had in a long time....the food was very impressive and when you take into account the ambiance, service, wife and I compared it to similar experiences like Bouley (NYC), Blue Hill (NYC), La Belle Vie, and Maestro (DC). We went with the 7 course tasting menu for $95....the restaurant itself was a bit slow, (as in only about 5 other tables) so our server explained that "the kitchen was planning on having a bit of fun with us and try a few different items." And I honestly can't say that I was remotely disappointed with anything.....lets see if I can remember everything that we had:
1. Apple Ravioli (apple within an apple gelee "wrapper")
2. Duck w/ cabbage puree
3. Foie Gras Torchon with maple & thyme (much more in depth than I describe)
3. Tagliatelle w/ Black truffle
4. Croque Monsieur w/ truffled honey & berry jam
5. Lobster with Veal tongue
6. Rabbit
7. Cod w/ truffle (i believe that they said this was on the menu)
8. Mint-chocolate Sorbet
9. 7-layer chocolate cake w/ salted caramel ice cream

....and yep, sure enough - i'm forgetting two.....If I can think of them or have a bit more time to update my very lame descriptions, I will. But I wanted to say thanks for the advice on the tasting menu......we had an absolute blast enjoying the food & wine, meeting the crew, and -- just having a great night out. I dont' think that I can recommend Porter & Frye enough!!! Go there ASAP!!!

Porter & Frye (MPLS)

Any recommendations for P&F??? This will be our first trip........someone in my last posting urged me to get the tasting menu (which we'll probably do), but I was curious to see what people had to say. Thanks in advance!

MSP- Dinner off of 394?

Any recommendations for 4 people (and a 3 month old) near the 394/494 area.....?

Anniversary Dinner - MSP

no worries...i usually put 'mpls' on it, but i keep forgetting that we are posting messages that compete with cities bordering the Gulf of Mexico up to Canada.....i'm leaning towards La Belle Vie.Well executed food is the priority.......but we always like to try new places. That is why i was curious about P&F and Max. We just had our first child 6 weeks ago, so this will be the first time that we've had time alone -- so a romantic/elegant spot will be preferable. I'll look at Alma....but keep the recommendations coming. I've got 8 days to line something up.

Anniversary Dinner - MSP

yep. mpls

Anniversary Dinner - MSP

Any recommendations on an anniversary dinner with my wife....we've been to La Belle Vie (love it) & Chambers (like it enough to go back) and I was curious on top menus these days. So, with that said - where should we go?
La Belle Vie
Restaurant Max (never been)
Porter & Frye (never been)
....these are just ideas....i'm not set on any of these.

Quick reservation for 4 top - (MSP)?

Any recommendations for a 4-top this Friday....we usually hit 112 Eatery and would like something Duplex worth a try?
Anything else open up over the past 6 months?? (we've been out of the food scene as we get ready for our first child's arrival)

1st time in Chicago....

We ended up going to AD and it was great.....I should say -- very good food....GREAT service. The apps & dessert were great (grilled octopus & pinto beans, tempura crab (not the best, but good), and oxtail ravioili.....the entrees were very good - but not memorable....(lamb tasting...& sea bass w/ asparagus & sushi rice) Overall -- I'd definitely go back.....thanks for the info -- we'll hit Blackbird on our next trip.

Apr 21, 2008
nymoving2004 in Chicago Area

1st time in Chicago....

Alright -- my wife and I are spending her 28th birthday in Chicago.....we made reservations to Aigre Doux (spelling????) but have heard a lot of great things about Blackbird. Is Blackbird far and away much so that we should try to get into Blackbird instead???

Apr 17, 2008
nymoving2004 in Chicago Area

Best Sushi/Sashimi in Minneapolis/St. Paul?

It has been a good 2-3 months since I've been to Aenomni -- so I was surprised to read that they got a new chef.......I'm a bit nervous to go back, but will definitely check it used to be fantastic. OK - no Aenomni -- Origami it is......

MSP-La Belle Vie or Chambers Kitchen?

I'd have to agree with RedPepper.....I personally would give the slight edge to La Belle Vie. Chambers is a really great looking spot with really good food. But I was never blown away by any dishes at Chambers -- but they're very well executed. If you're looking for a more relaxed, visually stunning experience to hang out with friends....go to Chambers. If you're looking for a more formal restaurant for a date or anniversary....hit La Belle Vie.

end of the year survey: What were your best 5 meals in MSP in 2007?

Here is my top 5 dishes in no particular order:

yellow tail with serano chili & cilantro (Anemoni Sushi)
chicken with poblano mole (Masa)
trout (Lucia's for brunch) - best trout dish that I've EVER had
crab salad (112 Eatery) - friggin' spot-on every time...
Butter-poached lobster (Chambers) - cooked absolutely perfectly

....kind of sad, but I just realized that we haven't eaten out nearly as much as we should have in 2007....I'll be using this list -- thanks guys!