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Narrowing Down Boston Restaurant List

I would skip Union Oyster House and the Parker Restaurant and substitute Alden and Harlow.

Best tea for ICE tea

I use equal amounts of Tazo Earl Grey and Awake English Breakfast.

Aug 25, 2015
veggielover in Home Cooking

Fresh pita bread - where to get in Somerville / Cambridge?

The best pita that I have bought in Boston comes from The Butcherie in Brookline. They sell Israeli whole wheat and white pita in the freezer department.

Best Year EVAR for MA Melons and Peaches

I bought a poor tasting cantaloupe and a fabulous tasting watermelon at Verrill Farms at the end of last week. The nectarines were among the best I have ever tasted, but the last batch of peaches have not been as excellent as in earlier weeks.

Restaurant Week

We went to TW Foods tonight. Great choices and a treasure of a restaurant any time of the year. It was a shame that it was not full of diners. We had a great meal!

First course of salad with mixed greens, perfect tomato, fried eggplant and sliced cucumber. DH had chicken liver mousse with pickled strawberries and other small items. Each excellent!

Main courses of deconstructed lasagna with bolognese sauce and duck confit with panzanella salad. Again both dishes were perfect.

Desserts were a dark and not sweet chocolate budina and corn pana cotta. Again each dessert was delicious. Dinner was a bargain at $38 for such top notch dishes. There were at least 4 choices for each course.

Does It Really Exist- Celery With Flavor?

I recently bought locally grown (Boston area) celery and it was much more flavorful than what I usually buy at the grocery store.

Aug 19, 2015
veggielover in General Topics

Best Year EVAR for MA Melons and Peaches

They were not beach plums, but a small round purple plum. I wish that I knew the name. It is now past season for them.

Favorite discontinued food items

I will have to look for it when I visit these cities.

Aug 18, 2015
veggielover in General Topics

Restaurant Week

We ate at Strip Strega on Sunday night and it was quite good and generous with decent choices. The worst course was the steak without much flavor.

Best Year EVAR for MA Melons and Peaches

The plums have also been amazing, though I cannot remember the names of the varieties that I have bought. The first were tiny plums, only a bit bigger than cherries and now the red fleshed plums. Simply the best in California.

Bar Harbor

There is currently very little activity about the Mount Desert Island restaurant scene on this site. We spent 4 days in Acadia at the end of July and I will be happy to report on our experience. We had not been there for 8 years, and there were surprisingly few changes. Our favorite restaurants for dinner were Burning Tree outside of Bar Harbor and Havana.

Burning Tree offers farm to table food in a somewhat rural, garden setting. The evening we were there, I ate fabulous seafood fritters for an appetizer and a very good vegetarian dish with roasted vegetables over a chickpea flour cake with Mediterranean flavors. My DH ate Indian inspired stuffed vegetables that were also tasty. You can walk in their gardens and see the vegetables that were included in your dinner. We have eaten at Burning Tree several times over the years and the restaurant was just as good as in the past.

We also have eaten dinner at Havana several times over the years. I was not too hungry the evening we ate there, but I ate a competently prepared steak salad and OK crab cakes. My DH had the chicken mole which he thoroughly enjoyed and considered on par with the best mole he has eaten. It is a festive restaurant with a pretty good bar program.

Havana now has a separate patio Parilla tapas restaurant contiguous to the main restaurant and we decided to eat there on the last night of our trip rather than drive out to Southwest Harbor. They serve great cocktails, beer and wine with Latin American inspired small plates. Though I don't remember what we ate, it was a lot of fun.

We had a mixed dinner experience at Mache Bistro. Though my DH's duck confit duck was wonderful, my scallops were strangely seasoned and difficult to finish.

We ate breakfasts at the two most popular breakfast restaurants in Bar Harbor, Cafe This Way and 2 Cats. We have previously loved 2 Cats, but found their food to be a little disappointing this time around except for their fabulous biscuits. Though people rave about Cafe This Way for breakfast, we found the pancakes to be ho hum and the potatoes under cooked in the hash browns.

Our favorite place for lunch or dinner was the Thurston Lobster Pound outside of Southwest Harbor. Best Lobster Roll of the trip with a beautiful view of the Harbor. It doesn't get better than this for a vacation meal!

Favorite discontinued food items


Aug 16, 2015
veggielover in General Topics

Fever Tree Bitter Lemon - availability in Boston area?

Either of the Whole Foods in Newton or the Wegman's in Chestnut Hill.

Acadia for 4 days

We were last at Acadia National Park 8 years ago and I am looking for some updates on good places to eat. We will be staying near Bar Harbor, but I expect that we would travel for good food. I have looked through posts about Bar Harbor, but not much has been written in the past few years. In the past, we have enjoyed breakfast at 2 Cats and dinners at the Havana and Burning Tree. I have read recent mixed reviews about Havana and Burning Tree.

Some other places to consider might be breakfast/dinner at Cafe This Way, a casual dinner at Blaze or more upscale dinners at Mache Bistro, Fatham, or Red Sky. Of course we will want to eat lobster at least once. Are there other restaurants or take out that have recently opened?

The best thing I ate on the 4th was.....

We also made a simple potato salad with vinegar, chives and a bit of olive oil just like Oma made. :)

Jul 06, 2015
veggielover in General Topics

Zagat's top 50

We just tried Byblos last week and three of us had very mediocre Middle Eastern food. My husband and I love Middle Eastern Food. Out of everything we tried, the humus was the dish.

We tried Chiara and Cafe Mangal once each a few years ago and we weren't impressed by either of them either, but I can't remember what we ate...nothing memorable.

Sour cherries?

I have never seen them there.

Sour cherries?


Best price on wild salmon?

If you are in the area, Legal Seafoods Chestnut Hill sells very fresh fish and sometimes the wild salmon is a good deal less than $30/pound. It depends on the day, but I have bought wild salmon for a lower price than at WFs or Wegman's.

The best thing I ate on the 4th was.....

homemade blueberry pie!

Where to buy Japanese whiskey in Boston?

I bought a bottle of Japanese whiskey for my son at Marty's in Newton.

Favorites from Watertown Markets?

The rose Harissa is expensive but delicious at Sofra's.

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

Jasper's, Peasant Stock, Michela's, Aujourdhui when they first opened, and Olives when they first opened

Vegan food

Thanks. I think that they close at 4:30, but I plan to try them for lunch some time

Vegan food

Looking for a restaurant with some vegan options in the Newton/Needham/Waltham/Watertown/Wellesley area, but not the Red Lentil or Walnut Grill as I really don't like the food.

CSA Guide?

We have enjoyed Siena Farm for the past two years. It is a 12 month/year CSA, but you can sign up by season. There is enough produce for two small families to share.

Just one meal... (Buffalo,NY)

We loved the Break'n Eggs Creperie on Main Street in Williamsville during our last visit to Buffalo in July and we will go back there again.

Best Place to Get an Eggplant Sub?

Though it isn't a sub, the best eggplant sandwich I have had in years was at Cutty's in Brookline- the Eggplant Spuckie with roasted eggplant, mozzarella cheese, and olive/carrot salad on a ciabatta roll.

Boston's best salads? A round up

Love the kale salad at Cook in Newton!

August 2014 Farmers' Markets, Farm Stands, CSA updates

They had a lot of them at Volante Farm in Needham