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Some places in Brixton Village market, London

Hello all! I'm a U.S. student studying in London this Spring Term, and Chowhound has been essential in all my planning. It has been great to read through the threads about London and map out what I want to try.

I dropped in Federation Coffee yesterday, and had the most excellent strawberry friand. Juicy strawberry bits were hidden all throughout the moist, cakey body. Yum! And that was just the precursor to the best latte I've ever had. Federation will definitely be one of my hotspots over the next couple months.

I tried Etta's Seafood Kitchen today for lunch. As a poor, studying abroad college student, I wasn't able to get all I wanted, but c'est la vie.

I ended up with the crab fitters (and that yummy sweet chilli sauce!). Just as everyone else has described them; great flavor and that crispy outside with a wonderful chewy inside. Somebody spoke about the ratio of crab to batter, and while I have to agree that there is not a whole lot of crab in each bite, the flavor permeates the dough regardless. Every bite was delicious.

I also got a ginger beer, and although ginger is not generally one of my favorites, it went perfectly with the fritters. It came a little earlier than the dish, and truth be told I was a little overwhelmed with my first sip. However, it really helped round out the flavors of the fritter.

Thanks everyone for the great suggestions and reviews on this thread. I've already emailed Cornercopia to make sure I have a spot when they get back. I think I'll make it my mission to visit a different restaurant within Brixton Village each week while I'm in London. That will give me a chance to hopefully hit everything (and go back to my favorites a couple of times!).

Feb 07, 2011
Emanluke in U.K./Ireland