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Eileen's Country Kitchen in Yonkers


Eileen's Country Kitchen in Yonkers

I've been meaning to try this place after hearing good reviews over the years. They don't have a website but there are some great pictures online:

and the menu if you have bionic vision:

Best BBQ in Westchester?

I'm a lower Westchester guy too so Larchmont is an acceptable distance (whereas for Wingdale I'd need the seaplane and a welcome from Mr. Rourke/Tattoo). I actually walked into Sherwoods one night a few years ago and it was packed with high school and college kids as well as families. As I understand it's more of a popular local hangout than an awesome food spot.

Best BBQ in Westchester?

It's in Croton. I don't visit the Hudson towns much these days, but I'll probably get there eventually and see for myself. Who do you think has good ribs?

Best BBQ in Westchester?

Yeah the 10 scale was just my impression after reading numerous reviews here. So the short answer is I agree with jhopp and Elisa. As for Ribs on the Run, first I heard they're not "really BBQ", then "they steam their ribs" now "everything comes out of the oven". Again, I'm not doubting anyone, but why don't they......................grill?

Best BBQ in Westchester?

Mahopac is near Yorktown, which I visit once in a blue moon. It is certainly closer than Wingdale--near 22 in Dutchess or something. In fact during the old days I'd take 684 up by Katonah and go west to Yorktown, then further west to Croton. A long, scenic drive. I'm from the lower part of the county but you're right, it's not that big.

Best BBQ in Westchester?

I've never been to any of the Dinosaurs but hear plenty of praise about them. Q is not bad, yes a little expensive for what you get (the sink with the pedal in the dining room is a nice touch though if it's still there). I actually prefer the mega-sauced american ribs, even after consuming numerous chinese spareribs as a kid.

Best BBQ in Westchester?

So Vinous, for those without jet transport to Wingdale and Mahopac, whats the best Westchester spot for ribs (not necessarily brisket or pulled pork)? Umami is well liked here and they have ribs on their menu, qualifying to be my next destination. I've already been to plenty of places in the county and Manhattan that most Chowhounds hold in moderate to low esteem (Ribs on the Run, Q, Roaring Rooster (Now Chickens Gone Wild), Chirping Chicken, Brother Jimmy's) as well as the highly regarded Tom's Place in Florida. Memphis Mae's seems to be a 6 on a 10 scale from what I've read so far, Dinosaur is probably an 8. Didn't get to try Jimmie Lee or Southbound BBQ before they closed, nor the Tony Roma's in Cross County.

Best Value Grocery Shopping in Westchester?

Right by New Rochelle train station, on Main Street/US-1 and next to Trinity St Paul Episcopal Church. They have their own parking lot.

Best Value Grocery Shopping in Westchester?

Yes, the built from scratch superstores of the late-90s through today are usually more appealing than the former Finast/Edwards/Grand Union that eventually were labeled Stop and Shop by Ahold. The latter category is more prevalent I believe.

Best Value Grocery Shopping in Westchester?

Cheese and cream: Elisa is right, go to Stew. Trader Joe's is known for cheeses, but I'm unfamiliar with their comparative quality and prices.

Apples: Viva Grande, I like their Macintoshes.

Dressings: Trader Joe's has great olive oil at a fraction what you'd pay for Colavita, Bertolli, and even some X-brands. Same with their balsamic vinegar and dijon mustard. Something like honey or sugar you can probably get away with just buying store brand.

Herbs and lettuce: Viva Grande has a large array. They have all kinds of leafy vegetables.

Nuts: Trader Joe's is known for their selection and prices.

Water: Get a filter for your tap if possible, otherwise Trader Joe's, unless their superior prices of gallon jugs when I bought them a few years ago are no more.

Juices: Hopefully some of the others will contribute their knowledge, I haven't bought pasteurized or from-concentrate orange juice in a while.

Best Value Grocery Shopping in Westchester?

I've bought plenty of good citrus, tropical, and summer fruits at Viva Grande for very low prices. They have a meat counter too which I've never tried.

I don't know why so many people here dislike Stop and Shop (unless they mean the bought as opposed to built stores), they offer good prices on filet mignon, veal chops, lobster, london broil, liver, salmon..... Shop Rite too, there's one about to open in the old Burlington Coat outlet on Central Ave by Ardsley road that will surely have promotional discounts. Costco's annual fee and family sizes may not suit you, but they have great buys not only on packaged items (their specialty) but seafood. Also check out Apple Farm near the County Center if you haven't already. Trader Joe's customers are pretty budget conscious, and lots of them are wealthy.

Tell us what foods you're especially looking to save on and we'll give you more tips.

Baked Goods In Westchester

They do indeed.

Bar Taco is OPEN in Port Chester

I think the owners are German hence the chicken livers. Los Gemelos has tongue though. If the shrimp is just ok it would be nice to see some snapper or other seafood offerings, but your good review might persuade me to try BT.

Bar Taco is OPEN in Port Chester

They didn't by chance have a lobster taco?

Alvin and Friends [moved from Manhattan]

Their website is just a splash right now, but westchester magazine said this:

"serving such dishes as curry chicken roti, jumbo lump crab cakes, smothered double-cut pork chop, and Southern fried chicken.............Main dishes cost between $17 and $25"

Best burger in white plains?

The only burger I've had in White Plains is at City Limits across from the County Center, at the northern gateway to Central Ave. Pretty decent. Others seem to like Porter House (not sure if that's the meat they use also) and the Lazy Boy Saloon.

Best Seafood Restaurant(s) in Westchester

That's the old Chart House spot, right? I've driven in the parking lot but haven't gone inside yet. I did go to the Chart House in St. Thomas USVI years ago before it too closed, and as I recall the view was splendid. Their real estate scouts should be commended.

Best Seafood Restaurant(s) in Westchester

People often like to see the water, especially while eating fish (which is usually caught far far away). That's why plenty of coastal and inland restaurants/diners decorate with nautical themes and fish tanks. It can be gimmicky though.

Best Seafood Restaurant(s) in Westchester

Is Artuso's bakery coming to Mamaroneck?

I guess the Asian Fusion craze wouldn't be complete without Little Italy. Most of the Westchester bakeries' specialties seem to be cremes, which are good, but I wish more focused on fruit pies.

Best Seafood Restaurant(s) in Westchester

Ok, ok. I'm too easy to please. It's not the old Chart House style view that folks here liked, I was there on an overcast Sunday noon and admired the parking lot (now they'll give me hell).

Golden Wok Too in Ardsley

It's good, lots of the modest old time cantonese american dishes that seem to be vanishing in favor of spicier szechuan and "fusion". At least for a sit down restaurant, the infinite takeout spots still do roast pork, shrimp with lobster sauce, egg foo young, etc.

Anyone Heard Anything About Morgan's in Rye?

I gor a nicoise salad to go from there about a year ago. Not bad, and the bread and side of fresh tomato sauce was a nice touch. They were very crowded too and the decor was nice and new looking.

Best of Westchester Magazine 2010

Wait till you try the soup in a bag

Encore Bistro Franc ais

I haven't been to this place in years, but the sweetbreads, veal kidneys, and filet of sole were all good. Along with the profteroles. Perhaps I'll go back and try the nicoise and croque monsieur.

Is Artuso's bakery coming to Mamaroneck?

Artuso's is ok, but what's wrong with Boiano?

Best Seafood Restaurant(s) in Westchester

Day Boat has good food and nice staff. I also like the bright decor and Hudson views.

Eastchester Fish Gourmet

Got fish and chips to go from there a few years ago, not bad, a little pricey, but no cole slaw