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Fine Dining in Montclair

Culinariane over Blu any day. It's the only real fine dining experience in Montclair. If by fine dining you think that a dropped ceiling is fine dining, well then, you might still be into Blu, but seriously. You'd be better off trying Fascino if Culinariane is full, although Fascino (like Blu), is a bit too Jersey for my tastes (read… misses some beats).

We've given up going to Blu. If you're not 100% into fish, it's not going to serve you well. We have eaten there half a dozen times before giving up. The meals are simply not memorable.

Two other restaurants worth mentioning. Pig & Prince is flawed (loud, boisterous, service not so good), but it will appeal to fans of big, loud restaurants. The setting in the old train station is spectacular.

Upstairs is a bar with a restaurant attached and thus isn't really fine dining, but it's always a good bet and unlike Culinariane you are likely to get a table there on the same night you want to go.

Dec 22, 2013
intermediatic in New Jersey

Life After Tomo

We used to love Tomo Sushi in Signac/Little Falls. We have been living in Montclair for 5 years, after a decade in LA (nothing like Izayoi) so coming to the greater NYC area has been tough for us, Sushi wise. I mean Blue Ribbon sushi? Please. Dry, old, and dull fish. Aozora? I find it really hard to believe that the fish we ate there, beautifully presented though it was, was what it claimed to be. Toro that has an entirely different taste and texture? No. Fake sushi is not good sushi. Sushi Nobu with "creative" sushi? No. Sushi is not creative. Why would you ever put a habanero pepper on sushi? It makes me cringe just to think about it.

But we found decent sushi at Tomo and we went there a few times a year. Moreover, we modified our own family Christmas eve dinner tradition (I'm raised Catholic) of seven plus cold fish dishes by going out to Tomo. The kids loved it! Now sushi's no longer what it once was in our lives after we've learned that toro is going extinct during this decade, but we did want to have our Christmas eve tradition. We recently tried to get in touch with Tomo and found out it's closed! NO!!! Stuck in a land of fraudulent sushi.

What to do? We're in trouble here. I think I've made our tastes pretty clear.
Basically if it's full of Japanese people, especially if they leave their sake bottles behind (as at Tomo), and has weird Japanese dishes that scare white folks, then it's probably a good bet.

Toros Restaurant
1083 Main St, Paterson, NJ 07503

Blue Ribbon
510 Summit Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306

Dec 22, 2010
intermediatic in New Jersey