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How to measure wine temperature?

I'm a wine newbie, I have some questions regarding wine temperature. I store my wine in a rack in my kitchen because I dont have a cellar or wine fridge yet. I keep it as far away from heat sources and window as possible. I've been reading charts that suggest what temperatures different wines should be served at and I understand that, however I have no clue how to guess the temperature of the wine and whether it needs to be chilled or warmed up further. Are there any tips you have?

Dec 22, 2010
bk00 in Wine

Help with wine pairing for prix fixe meal

I am going to a BYOB fondue restaurant that has a prix fixe menu, which I pasted below.
I am not sure what my date or I are going to choose, so I am trying to figure out what wine to bring that will taste decent with any of the choices. Any suggestions?

1st course:

Comes with Green Salad & House-Baked Soft Crouton
Choice of:
Soprano (18 Months Old Parmesan and White American)
Devil’s Whiff (Pepperoncino and Cheddar/ Red Wine)
Pyrenees (Swiss , White Wine and Nutmeg Classical light)
2nd course:
4 Homemade Dipping Sauces
Oil : Canola or Veggie Broth
Choice of Marinated Meat:
Chicken Breast
Hanger Steak
Pork Tenderloin
3rd course:
Fruit Tray
Dark or Milk Chocolate

If anybody is interested, this is the link the restaurant:

Dec 21, 2010
bk00 in Wine