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Best New Restaurant in the Triangle 2009

Definitely not Revolution. Their service is horrible, the food is just okay, and the overall hassle is just annoying.

Valentine's Day - Chapel Hill/Durham

I LOOOVE Papas Grille on Hillandale. Please, tell us how your visit is.

L.A. 'Hound loose in Triangle - Updates and Recs?

Hope Valley Bottle Shop in Durham is the best wine shop in the Triangle. They have a tasting machine and a knowledgable staff to help you out.

Valentine's Day - Chapel Hill/Durham

What about in Raleigh?

Modesto in Asheville closing?

My worst meal to date:
If I had to rec this resto, I would say you have to do the small plates. The espresso pork is unbeatable, the dolmas are ripe...
But I ordered the vege pasta. The menu said pumpkin gnocchi with broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes, a mix of wild mushrooms, carrots, etc. What you gave me was green gnocchi (basil?), two sliced crimini mushrooms, a shitoad of overripe summer squash and no other vege. The service was impeccable, but the food lacked. I will forever tell people to stay away from Modesto due to this experience. It made me question myself as a resto-goer.
Why did they try to cheat me?

Need Reccos for downtown Columbia SC next weekend

has the service gotten better at Motor Supply? I seem to remember it being exceptionally lacking, but the food was phenomenal.


Like most Giorgio restaurants, you get what you pay for. Sometimes, not even that. I had the pizza at Vita (served by an extremely inattentive and vacant server) and, although I liked the dough, was unimpressed with the sauce and the cheese. Like you, I hated the place, but I was unsure if it was because I have come to expect to hate all restaurants in the "Giorgio Empire."

Best places to eat in South Carolina?

For a killer experience, stop in at the Mennonite restaurant for lunch near Blackville. It is a typical meat and three joint, but how many times are you able to have a nice meatloaf and sides under the watchful eye of a Mennonite family? In the adjoining store, they sell their fresh bread that is made on-site daily. When I'm in the area, I like to stock up on that stuff (it keeps in the freezer). Just up the road (north about 5 miles -- ask at any gas station) is a historical marker marking "Healing Springs", or "God's Little Acre." This is natural spring water that is rumored to have curative powers and people flock from all over SC to fill up water bottles there. It makes for an awesome afternoon.

Apr 02, 2008
hungryphillip in Southeast

Need Delicious Mac N' Cheese in DFW

I second this one. Had it last night and it was AMAZING. Cute place, too.

Mar 25, 2008
hungryphillip in Texas

Dallas Wine Bars

What about Cru in West Village? Nice food, nice atmosphere (outside), and nice selection of vino. The only problem you really would face is being surrounded by the kind of people who go to West Village.

Mar 25, 2008
hungryphillip in Texas

Best Irish Pub/Restaurant in the Triangle

As far as food goes: Tir Na Nog in Raleigh is the best. However, it is crippled by the same facet that murders most places around here: horrible service. True Irish are very service-oriented, and this betrays their style. But Tir Na Nog sells the stuff that the "more affluent" of Dublin eat: boxty, etc. For good colcannon, boxty, etc., I'd eat there. The Joyce sells a decent fish and chips, has a good pint, and what-all. But Tir Na Nog has the good food.

Cafe Klaser in Heber Springs, AR

a bit overrated. i need some more cajun flavor to appreciate my visit. the oyster po'boy was a bit sparse and the remoulade was a bit dry. they can do better.

North Carolina BBQ

Grab some aluminum foil, some hickory chips and a boston butt and go to town! salt, pepper and some glad wrap are all you need. invite me please

Dianne's On Devine in Cola, South Carolina

I prefer Hennessey's to Dianne's. Dianne's is way overrated. The service at Motor Supply is gross, but the food is phenomenal. I'd say hedge your bets, take apps at Motor Supply, dinner at Gervais and Vine, and desserts at Nonnah's. that's how I'd do it.

South American - Durham

Xiloa is closed. Offers are being made on the joint as we speak.

South American - Durham

Try El Cuscatleco on Garrett Road off the 15-501. It's a converted convenience store (I think) that serves authentic food from El Salvador (not SA I know, but still deserves a mention.) I recommend PLATO TIPICO, which is a sampler plate of killer foods and some fried plantains... I usually knock the Triangle's mexican foods (I'm from TX... a bit of a snob) but El Cuscatleco really, really has it down. I recommend it whole-heartedly.

Advice please -- Columbia, SC and Charleston

Poor service at Motor Supply, but the food can be phenomenal. Ignore the service, though.

Durham, North Carolina

AnotherThyme in Brightleaf Square is pretty good. The chef there focuses on foods that go great with seasonings and herbs. I had an awesome lamb tenderloin on parmesan polenta the other night. Lots of mint, thyme, etc. It's a really good dish. The wine list is serviceable and their hummus for a starter is a steal. Service is attentive, too.
Tex/Mex is lacking right now in this area. Taco trucks and the like are about it. I'd stick to conventional fare

Absolute best burger in Texas?

Best burger in Dallas is at the Angry Dog. Hands down.

Feb 11, 2008
hungryphillip in Texas

Columbia South Carolina graduation dinner

I strongly also recommend skipping Dianne's on Devine. Hampton Street or Gervais and Vine are really nice selections. Even Hennessey's is a nice alternative. I'd hate for you to fall into the same trap as I by selecting Dianne's due to it's price-point or "buzz factor" and then be sadly disappointed at the lack of care that goes into the food or the atmosphere. The service also needs some tweaking.
FWIW: The crab-stuffed filet there is the worst idea I've ever heard of. Stuffing canned crab meat into a thick filet and expecting either the beef or the crab to come out both cooked as desired is proposterous. This place is in need of a real chef.

Sunday dinner, Monday lunch in D.C./Baltimore

Where do I want to eat? It's my wife and I, and we are looking for some place that we absolutely CAN NOT miss while we are in the area. Thank you.

Watts Grocery in Durham, NC

I went for lunch yesterday. I had the turkey sandwich with chow-chow. I have to say, any restaurant that will serve chow-chow will get five stars from me. The sandwich was awesome, the chow-chow was fresh, and the hand-cut fries were great. I strongly recommend the onion rings because the sauce that accompanies them is out of this world.

What are you drinking right now?

Bodega Real Roda II Tempranillo from Spain. 2001.

Aug 29, 2007
hungryphillip in Wine