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Oenotri for kids?

Thanks all for the input. Went there last night and had a great dinner. The staff was very accommodating and there was actually a family with two kids, including a baby, there at the same time (took the pressure off!).

Oenotri for kids?

Thanks for the helpful suggestions. We'll definitely check out Oxbow Market.

Oenotri for kids?

My wife and I are spending a night in Napa with our 3-year-old daughter. We have reservations for Oenotri for 5:30 p.m. (their first seating). Is this restaurant kid-friendly? Our young one is well behaved and we're usually in and out pretty quickly.

1425 1st St, Napa, CA 94559

Benu reports? [San Francisco]

Am going there tonight...can anybody tell me what the attire is? Do I need to wear a coat and tie?


Went for dinner last night and it was good but not as good as all the buzz. The appetizers were good (braised chard, calamari, chicory with anchovy) but the pastas weren't as good as I'd expect. The linguine and clams suffered from gummy, oversalted pasta. The salmon was pretty good. My real complaint was the rushed service. I understand the place is popular, but at every step of the way we felt like they wanted to get us out of there to turn the table over. So overall, a mixed review. I'd like to go back and eat at the bar.

Babymoon New York culinary itinerary

My wife and I are visiting New York City from the San Francisco area for a weeklong vacation from Jan. 16-22 as a last hurrah before our baby is born. Here are the places where we've secured reservations.

*Dinner at Mesa Grill (1/16)
*Lunch at Per Se (1/18)
*Dinner at Gramercy Tavern (1/19)
*Lunch at Bouley (1/21)

Any suggestions for other places we should try? A couple of other places we've heard about: Clinton Street Bakery Company and Zabar's.

Dec 31, 2007
oaklandguy in Manhattan


A couple of great bakeries you shouldn't miss: Since you'll be in the East Bay, you've got to try Bakesale Betty in Oakland's hip Temescal District. I'd either go for a quick bite (Betty's scones are amazing). Her fried chicken sandwiches with jalapeno coleslaw are legendary. You'll know who Betty is -- she wears a blue wig and they're known for giving free bakery goods away, especially to new customers.

While you're in Yountville, don't miss Bouchon Bakery, owned by TFL's Thomas Keller. This is one great bakery -- there's also one in the Venetian in Las Vegas.

Bakesale Betty
5098 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

Restaurant near LAX

Thanks! I'll check out those topics (I'm new to

Oct 31, 2007
oaklandguy in Los Angeles Area

Restaurant near LAX

I'm meeting some friends for dinner near the L.A. airport. Any suggestions? Just needs to be nearby. Thanks!

Oct 30, 2007
oaklandguy in Los Angeles Area

Is Ici worth the wait?

I love Ici, but what truly makes it great are the homemade waffle cones that have a warm chocolate surprise at the base of the cone. Normally I wouldn't wait behind 20 people for an ice cream, but I would if it comes in of those cones.

What to get at Manresa?

I know this isn't the answer to your question, but my wife and I went to Manresa a few months ago and were completely underwhelmed. Maybe it was just an off night for the restaurant, but the food was not in the same league as, say, Gary Danko. It was good, but not great considering the prices. And the service was very rushed, the interior a bit drab. In fact, I can't even remember one dish -- which isn't a good sign.

Le Cheval in Walnut Creek?

Does anyone know if the "Le Cheval" that is opening in downtown Walnut Creek (on north Broadway) is affiliated with the Le Cheval in downtown Oakland? Coincidence?

Any recommends in Marin County?

Definitely love Pizzeria Picco and Buckeye Roadhouse. If you go to Picco, be sure to save room for soft serve vanilla ice cream with olive oil and sea salt (trust me, it's great!).

Vancouver 'Hound needing Tuesday downtown recommendation

I second the vote for Two...definitely a place for sharing and the bar is exceptional...great drinks. Awesome desserts. Here's a posting from a visit with my blogging friend who wrote about the dinner:

The spaghettini with sea urchin was amazing. And loved the cupcakes for dessert.

5 days in August: I've done my research, will you look over my itinerary?

You must go to Ella's for breakfast/brunch...but go on the weekends when the menu is a little more daring.

1,000 Pt. Restaurants in the East Bay

PRIMA is very good but a bit pricey. Venezia is good and a fun place for good, casual Italian. I wasn't wowed by Citron. And I'd avoid Bridges -- pretty average. I haven't tried the others.