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Pumpkin spice M&Ms, pumpkin spice Quaker oatmeal?

Abundant in the US this time of year but yet to see them anywhere. Best bet is WalMart Decarie or Target later in Oct/Nov, but I'm impatient :) I was just wondering if anyone has seen these coveted low brow foods of mine ;)

please help! 30th bday drinks/dinner recommendations?

Thanks so much. That is very helpful.

please help! 30th bday drinks/dinner recommendations?

Thank you!!!

please help! 30th bday drinks/dinner recommendations?

Hi, can you give me your recommendations for where a group of 8 girls can get together for drinks? Looking for a terasse in particular and somewhere I can make reservations. Bonus points if there's a restaurant menu. Something mid-price, mid-range for dress (ex: casual but not "a bunch of McGill freshman getting wasted" casual ;) . . . Thank you!

Montreal: Poutine and Shish Taouk and Couscous and....

Beijing in Chinatown

Chalet BBQ vs. Cote St Luc BBQ

Thank you all so much for replying, it's interesting for me to read what you have to say, so many nuances. I haven't had time yet to reply in depth but will do so... thanks

Chalet BBQ vs. Cote St Luc BBQ

I'm interested in hearing which one people prefer!

I have recently ordered in from both restaurants, and holy moly, I was blown away by the difference in quality. Chalet BBQ's food was superior in taste and was the delivery wait time, and the temperature of the food when it arrived.

Cote St. Luc BBQ's chicken was sweeter, which I prefer, however the skin and tenderness of the chicken from Chalet BBQ made up for that. I feel like CSL BBQ gave me "leftovers", whereas Chalet actually cooked a chicken.

Montreal Best Chow Mein?

i'd recommend Beijing :)

Biscoff/Speculoos spread

Yes, the crunchy one was the one I bought on Monkland ave. Funny because that grocery store is so limited in everything else.. It was truly a random find.

Arctic Zero

Has anyone seen this anywhere in Montreal?

Biscoff/Speculoos spread

It's very sweet and you have to like gingerbread... I wouldn't make a sandwich with it but just eat it plain off the spoon.

Biscoff/Speculoos spread

It's delicious and so addictive, but I ate too much in one sitting that I'm kind of turned off from it at the moment.
I have seen it at the Provigo on Monkland

Lime popsicles

I know summer's almost over, but does anyone know a grocery store that sells lime popsicles? They used to make these when I was a kid..

Bachelorette party dinner?

I'm looking for recommendations for something downtown or in Old Montreal... Approximately 10 people. Not overpriced but "in" these days?! I have no major restrictions on food type - sorry this is so vague, but I am trying to help someone plan an event and I have no idea where to start -- any suggestions very much welcome!

delivery food request: help a girl and her man out?

Thank you all for the responses. I didn't want to go with CSL BBQ because the last time i went there my friend ordered the club and she said it was terrible and such a let down. I went with B&M.

Sidenote, I'm from NY and I think delivery options in MTL need major improvements. :/

delivery food request: help a girl and her man out?

My boyfriend is home with an injury and all he wants is a club sandwich with not cheap/crap-o ingredients, and/or something with bacon in panini form. Any ideas of where to call in the Hampstead/CSL/NDG area? I wish Joe's Panini's delivered! Thanks guys :)

Mint Creme Holiday Oreos

Has anyone seen these at a store other than the Metro on Victoria and Sherbrooke ave. in Westmount?

low calorie supper

ditto this but in general steamed/baked/broiled lean poultry or fish with vegetables plus a fat

Dec 12, 2012
LoveGossipGirl in Home Cooking

Grocery store cookies

I love Dad's. The classic oatmeal, nothing chewy or with raisins/etc.

Grocery store cookies

See my above recommended chewy cookies found in grocery stores' baked goods section!!

Grocery store cookies

You're right, that's the difference between them. I like Rainbow Chips Ahoy or Triple Chocolate Chips Ahoy better than PC. But the regular chips ahoy are blah

Grocery store cookies

Good oatmeal cookies can be found in the grocery store's baked goods section (ie "Fresh")... Metro usually. Sometimes IGA and provigo. I also like Provigo's own baked "hermit cookies" and "icebox cookies" (shortbread with walnuts and dried fruit)

What's the word on Wings N Things? Are they reopening and who is behind it?

i remember that when i was a kid i loved their potato skins. in hindsight i can imagine the crap quality they must have been, but at age 8...

I just looked at the menu on their fb page. So unhealthy and am I just blind or do they not even have potato skin even more?!??!

Baby friendly cafes?

i was just going to mention Melons et Clementines. Great place.

fish & chips?

I think they're really good at Ye Old Orchard Pub on Monkland. ESPECIALLY the fish. Not too greasy, homemade beer batter recipe for frying.

Grocery store cookies

Are you from the UK? ;) I've never seen McVitties digestives here, where do you buy them?

Grocery store cookies

I think I know what you're talking about! Grew up with them too...

Gibby's or Moishes for Steak in Montreal

I concur with everyone about Moishes, for the many reasons listed.

pekin garden/jardin pekin on Queen Mary


Grocery store cookies

Stole the idea from the "Grocery store ice cream favorites!!" thread...

Am just curious to know what your favorite flavours and brands are.

Always looking to try something new!