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Cevapi - Where can I get some?

I am having a craving for some cevapi, either raw, or cooked.
Any suggestions in the Baltimore/DC area?

Thoughts on Ranazul?

I have been there three times, in the last three months, for lunch and have had nothing but a great time.

Some dishes that especially stood out were the Croquettas de Pescado, Camaron al Tequila and the Fritto Mixto

How was the Mardi Gras Dinner?

I think Darker than Blue deserves a ton of credit. They are a new business, small, and, probably have never had a party that takes up the whole house.

To have one sitting, rather than the two or three they would normally have, would slam any commercial kitchen.

I do agree that the meal took too long, primarily because of the wait time between courses, but I believe this was because the menu was too large. It oculd have easily have been three or four courses and been very good. There was just too much food.

I feel strongly that people should return, on a regular night, and see how their experience is. I have a gut feeling this could be, once they get their legs, a great hidden jem.

Miami and/or Beach recommendation needed

I was hoping someone could recommend a venue that serves great food and good drinks. The idea being grab some lunch and stay for a fun Friday Happy Hour. Any cuisine is fine. We just want to have some food in our stomachs before the drinks hit.

Option Two would be if there are two seperate places (one for lunch, one for drinks) relatively close to each other.

I will report back on our final selections

Oct 17, 2007
BaltFoodie in Florida

Miami & Beach rec's needed for weekend chow

Hi there,

We are coming down to Miami for a long weekend, a weekend of good eating and football. I know a couple of chefs in the area and they have made some recommendations, but I would like the local Chowhound view on some things too.

We will be down from Friday, Oct 19, through Monday, Oct 22. Our hotel is in SoBe.
Our set plans include:
Friday: Probably happy hour or early drinks at Club Deuce
Saturday: Dinner at Michy’s, might try Clarke’s in the afternoon
Sunday:Tailgating and Dolphins/Pats game

We NEED suggestions for:
Lunch/drinks Friday: Miami or Miami beach. We will have a car, so we open to any suugestions between the airport and SoBe. We get in early morning and checkin is not until the afternoon.

Of course prefer seafood, or Latin/Cuban/Salvadorian, something along those lines. If there is a happening place for food AND drinks. We are very open to that.

We are still undecided about dinner Friday. Have been leaning toward Michael’s, but not sure.

Saturday: Will need rec’s for breakfast and drinks and food again needed in the afternoon. Nothing too heavy, as Chef said they will be setting us with a special tasting menu at Michy’s.

Sunday: We would prefer not to eat at the hotel and will be tailgating. So is there a good breakfast place within walking distance of the National in SoBe?

Sorry for the long post. Feel free to make rec’s for some or all of it.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Oct 06, 2007
BaltFoodie in Florida

any news on abercrombrie in balt?

Chef Mike actually left a couple of days ago. The circumstances regarding his leaving are vague at best, but the fact remains that he left and the new owners have closed during their search for a new exec. I was there last night and there is no remodeling going on. Regarding the cuisine, I am presuming that will be in the hands of the new chef.

Highly regarded Baltimore Restaurants?

You might want to try the following:
Kali's Court/Mezze - The exec left a couple of weeks ago and the sous stepped up so they have some openings.
VIN - They are pretty well staffed but the chef is always looking for good talent
The Charleston Group, no matter what you hear, is the top independent group here and Chef and Tony will always look at someone with a strong background.

By the end of the year, there will be a major opening at the Ritz Carlton residences with a restaurant that will certainly be "up to NYC standards".


You can try Frank's Seafood down in Jessup, or at the fish monger in the Broadway Market. I have purchased them at both locations, albeit infrequently.

cucumber wrapped sushi

Minato, on North Charles St in Baltimore, will do it as a special request.

Abacrombie still worth it?

I was a big fan of Chef Sonny's also, and do miss him. Per Sonny, he basically stopped during the holidays and Mike was doing all of the work, Sonny was there, but was busy packing.

I was nervous about possible drop off in quality so I gave Mike some time to get settled. I have eaten there twice now, Mid-April and just a week ago. Both times my experience was excellent. Soups were as good as ever. A heavier emphasis on fish dishes and desserts were great.

Some staff has changed. The female bartender was planning on leaving and continuing her school work, even before Sonny left. I visited Mike in the kitchen and almost all of the cook staff is the same.

I have no reservations whatsoever in highly recommending Abacrombie to anyone. I still believe this is the best value and experience in Baltimore.

Looking for a restaurant that begins with the letter X

For another Baltimore recommendation, you could try Xanadu at 10 S. Calvert. Very nice tapas menu, great drinks and very cool interior

Looking for Good Restaurant for a 12-person dinner

You might also want to consider Palettes at The Madison Hotel.

Vespa Replacement?

Actually three guys will be reopening Vespa in that same space. One is one of the original owners, the other is Chef Mike, from Vespa and the third I am not familiar with

Pad Thai in B'more

You have to try Tharish on N. Charles St in Mt. Vernon. I think it is incredible and is the only pad thai I get in the area.

Near the Willard

Just up the street, 14th that is, at K St, is a great place called LIMA.
Chef Raynald does a great job and the place is a also a lot of fun.

Abacrombie, Timothy Dean's, or Trattoria Alberto?

I have to chime in with just the opposite opinion.
I think for overall experience Abacrombie offers th ebest experience in town. This includes food, service, etc.
Next on my list would be Trattoria.
Lastly, anytime someone suggests TD, I suggest another venue. Food is solid, but service and general attitude of staff from owner down is something I'd rather avoid.

Great Taste Food Show - Anybody go?

I was unable to attend and was wondering if anyone attended and if so, what restaurants were there and how was the show.
There were also some "special chef dinners" at Blue Sea and Charleston. I was wondering if anyone made these?

Where to go in the Reisterstown area?

Another vote for Mari Luna here - Absolutely great food and BYO

Fish 'n Chips in Baltimore ?

Best Fish & Chips in Baltimore - Mick O'Shea's.
The only place in Baltimore I will get it

Abacrombie still worth it?

Go to Abacrombie. I HIGHLY recommend it. I believe it is currently the BEST dining experience in Baltimore.

Baltimore is doing a Restaurant Week, hon

Baltimore's "Official" Restaurant week is in late July 2007 (I believe the last week), run in connection with Downtown Partnership.

Portugese and/or Spanish in Baltimore

Been to Nasu Blanca - Had an INCREDIBLE expreience. Not quite as good as SALT, but very high on the list.

Have only done Tio Pepe for lunch, but was underwhelmed.

Question: So there are no small Spanish/Portuguese (Not Latin/SOuth American) venues in the Upper Fells Point/Eatern Avenue area that I have missed?

OZ the chophouse

Question: How can you judge a place just because it charges $14 for a drink in Laurel? There are many great places to eat outside of major cities. oZ deserves the benefit of a review based upon someone's having dined there.

Portugese and/or Spanish in Baltimore

I am looking for recommendations for good Portugese and/or Spanish restaurants in Baltimore City.


Country French - Lower Manhattan

Three food fans coming to Manhattan and need recommendations for French in South Manhattan.
We are attending a food show at the Jacob Javits Center on Tuesday the 14th and are looking for a dinner locale in that part of town.
Prefer a small, (less than 50 seats), casual, very good to excellent food, the ambience is not important, nor is the pricing. If it is a new venue or an owner/chef operation, that's perfect.

Nov 10, 2006
BaltFoodie in Manhattan

Best sushi place in baltimore

As far as I am concerned, there's only one choice, Minato in Mt. Vernon

new restaurant every month for a year.....

12 months of special dinners (Limited to independent city venues)

1. Abacrombie
2. Sotto Sopra
3. Petit Louis
4. Mezze
5. La Cazuela (casual)
6. Chef Ras Doobie (casual)
7. Salt
8. Minato
9. Birches
10. Tharish (very casual)
11. Tapas Teatro
12. Samos

Greystone Grill in Ellicott City?

I have eaten quite a bit at their Hunt Valley location and have never had a bad experience. Both locations share the same menu and do rotate chefs on occasion.

I can highly recommend the Backyard Burger and the Crispy Chicken Cobb salad. You might also want to try the Greystone Skewers, great stuff.

Their menus are available at their website

New Restaurant

It's called Nasu Blanca
It's Japanese/Spanish fusion
Very cool menu, nice space

Hunt Valley / Cockeysville - anything??

I highly recommend the Green Leaf in the Giant shopping center at Shawan & York road. Their sushi is excellent, entrees pretty good.