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Savory Egg Pudding

I can't believe there's only one other person who noticed that there is a missing ingredient. How do you complete 'One cup and a half'...?!

Apr 10, 2011
wingnuts in Recipes

Grass-Fed Beef

Anyone eating meat in America or Europe (or anywhere the factory farms operate) should read 'Eating Animals' by Jonathan Safran Foer. I'm 2/3 of the way through it, and although I was on the fence about eating meat (or rather, how I eat meat) this has completely changed my 'on the fence' perspective. He explores the obvious and not-so-obvious issues with meat production and although he is himself a vegetarian, he does not try to push his choice on others. He also asks more questions than answers, and I believe has provided the facts as clearly as possible. Warning: this is not a book for the faint-hearted. He goes into detail some of the practices associated with raising animals for meat production and the slaughter methods. Even if you are a bit squeamish, I would highly recommend you get through the book so you can make your own decision about how you want to continue being a consumer in the world of animal protein.

Dec 17, 2010
wingnuts in Features