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Best low-key date restaurants in San Francisco?

I like Le Charm's prix fixe.

Where to get the best Chinese Steamed Fish?

Just curious as to which restaurant people think has the best Chinese Steamed Fish? I'm in the South Bay, so closer to there would be the preference, but I could venture out if it's amazing enough.

Is a 6 qt mixer too large for small jobs?

I have a Kitchenaid 6 qt mixer and was trying to make some macaroons. Recipe called for 2 egg whites beaten very stiff. Put it in the mixer with the whisk attachment to let it get to work, but I don't think it ever got to a point where I got super stiff peaks. Is it because my mixer is too large for the small amount I'm working with?

I hear that these mixers are awesome - but it just doesn't seem to be that effective for me - is this just because it's impossible to do such a small amount in a larger mixer like this, or do I need to realign things (tried this and I think I have it lowered as close to the bowl as I can without scratching). Any thoughts, or should I swap this one for a smaller (4.5qt?) mixer?

I haven't used it that much yet, but on a similar thread, tried to make a small batch of cookies and it just didn't seem to mix effectively either. Seems the flat beater doesn't get everything -- once again I'm thinking because the mixer is just too big for the amount that I'm working with.

Nov 21, 2012
uclagee in Cookware

Any farmers markets/foodie events Jan 15-17

I am going to be in town for the weekend Sat-Mon. Last time I was there, I went to the PSU farmer's market and thought it was really great. I looked it up and was sad to see they close for the winter. I did find references to Hillsdale for the winter, but saw that I had bad timing and the 16th is one of their skip weekends. Anything I might have missed that locals may know of or any other events worth checking out? I've already exhausted the search function for restaurants/carts and stuff to go to so I have a huge list of places to try. Unfortunately saw a lot of them are closed on Sunday's... but was more interested in event type things like Farmer's markets, etc.

Jan 09, 2011
uclagee in Metro Portland

Where to buy a Japanese or Chinese knife for under $100

Mac Knife MSK-65 6.5" Santoku is held in high regard by many. ~$110 USD I think is the going rate. So it doesn't fit your criteria perfectly, but thought it might be worth a mention. While not a mainstream brand (I don't think you'll find this at a Williams & Sonoma), they are pretty serious -- the choice of many top chefs (Thomas Keller to name one).

Dec 20, 2010
uclagee in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Urbani truffle products?

packaged in just a small plastic container, maybe like 4 pcs in each I didn't really look that carefully. just was really surprised that costco was selling them, and the fact that they were just sitting in an open chiller (refrigerated, not frozen)... you would think they'd have this under lock and key at this price!

Urbani truffle products?

i was just at the mountain view costco today, and was surprised to see urbani white truffles - $1799.99/lb. seemed a bit out of place. they were portioned in the ~$300 range, so 2-3 ozs.