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Grow Your Own Sprouts

I sprouted brocoli seeds for the first time last week. They were completely delicious. Far surpassed my expectations of what boring old sprouts taste like.

I'm lucky that I live in Cambridge, MA, near a coop that sells all sorts of bulk, including sprouting seeds.

Dec 16, 2010
SamFen in Features

Easy Pancetta

Does anyone know how to make flat-cured pancetta, like you find in Italy?

The rolled kind is all I can find in the stores here in the States. It's... ok. Kind of bacon-y, kind of pancetta-y. But I grew up with Italian pancetta that is flat and so stiff you can't bend it at all. It feels kind of like a tight leather saddle. Its much, much darker in color too, a dark scarlet.

Point is, I find it tastes much better than the soft rolled kind too.

So does anyone know how to maker that?

Dec 16, 2010
SamFen in Recipes