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Best Roti?

I did too follow them for 3 decades and I get cravings once in a while for the unique veggie roti.

flavoured coffee beans in Toronto?

Do you have a recipe for making amaretto cofee? That's without adding the please.

Roti and/or Jerk Chicken

Just ate there today. Good food. I had the taste of Jerk chicken and oxtail combo, veggie roti and the goat roti. (Don't comment about how much food I eat :)) I enjoy Caribbean food and tried to check out as many places as possible. The oxtail stew was a bit sweet but it was very good with the rice which came on the side. Goat was very well prepared and there was hardly any gaminess to it. The veggie roti had nice combination of vegetables and I liked the crunchiness of the cabbage. It also had unique subtle curry taste which was very pleasant. If you like hot, hot sauce, their home made hot sauce has a BIG kick. They sell it in a small jar for $8.95 but it will go a long way. Although their dishes are a bit pricey but the portions are good.
I personally like saucier roti so I commented to the owner. She responded that she would serve the roti with sauce on top or at your request; she’ll put more sauce in the roti.
The best part was that the owner was very friendly and the service was great….that’s half the reason for going back to the same place.

Worst in Toronto 2010/2011

I tried to celebrate Valentine's day at Plaza Flemingo on College St. one year. Out of scale of 1 - 10 ( ten being the best), their food was 3 and the service was 1. Furthermore, after making a reservation, we stood by the cold door for 45 minutes for a table. Their Latin dancing was boring and so called interactive dancing lesson was a total waste of time.
A letter to the management wasn't even acknowledged. They are too good for the paying customers.
I REALLY wished I could get my Valentine's day back.

Best Sushi in Richmond hill / Thornhill? (close to dufferin/hwy 7)

There's a place called Sushi Bento on Yonge St. just north of Major Mackenzie on the west side. Apparently they have been in business only for about six months. We had a sushi boat. It came with five different fish sushi with same array of fish as sashimi along with some shrimp. Octopus and squid.

Fish was fresh but the pieces were rather small. Usually, when we order a sushi boat of this size, two of us walk away feeling full. Not this place though. The miso soup was extra.

It appears that the manager/owner was a Chinese man. He was boating about how he imports key ingredients from Japan to make tasty sushi yet he recommended the Kung-Pao chicken more...I thought it was a sushi restaurant.

Brix (Richmond Hill)

My guest and I had 12 oz Strip loin and Salmon. Sweet potato fried as an appetizer and the Peanut butter parfait as dessert.
We were there around 5:30pm and the restaurant was not very busy. The service was slow and was not as attentive as I would have liked . The manager looked very rough and unfriendly.
Yes, definitely the price was a little pricy...$34.95 for a 12 oz steak at a sports bar/restaurant was a bit over priced. There was very small side dish of steamed veggies. The salmon for $17.95 would be a few bucks more than usual places but the taste was worth it.
Sweet potato fries came with a Mediterranean style sauce. That was great.
Over all I'd say I would go back.

Best burrito in the city...

There is a Big Fat Burrito on Augusta Ave just north of Mexican Salsa I mentioned earlier as well. I like that place. The Burritos are filling and very tastie.

Big Fat Burrito
285 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T2M1, CA

Best burrito in the city...

I just realized that I forgot to mention the name of the's called Mexican Salsa.

Best burrito in the city...

It's on Augusta Ave. in Kensington Market.

Best burrito in the city...

I am not sure if I was eating the authentic Mexican food or not but it felt like I did. I had carnitas burrito and the tripe soup. The burrito was delicious but the soup was very oily. The coating of the oil in my mouth prevented me from tasting the true flavors of the soup. I tried the hottest sauce for my burrito and it was just warm enough to satisfy me.
This restaurant is small and VERY BUSY. The line ups are long partially due to the food being served slowly.
There were three men preparing the food behind the counter and one at the casher's desk. All of them combined together could not process the customers fast enough. Be prepared to wait for your food.

Shawarmas in Toronto

I must lucked out with fresh lettuce and lots of fillings. I had no issues with the pita bread either. I will go back one more time and share my experience again.

Shawarmas in Toronto

I want to add one more to your list, if I may.
Shawarma Max on Yonge St. north of Sheppard Ave.
The service is not that great but the food is.

Shawarma Max
4969 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M2N5N6, CA

Suggestions for a good Indian buffet?

Recently I visited the Tandoori House located on Yonge St. north of Sheppard Ave.
Fried foods like the Samosa and the mixed veggie fritter were over fried to a point the filling of the Samosa was completely dried and inedible. The only properly fried food was the tempura style Basa, which was rather tasty. They could have done with out the paper napkins which got stuck to the fish as you tried to pick them up.
Many of the dishes in the sauces tasted the same. Tandoori Chicken was so overcooked that it should have been called Chicken Jerky. As was the Naan… charred on one side but still served to the customers. A little tacky, I thought.
Goat Curry was one dish I should complement. It was nicely balanced between the curry sauce and the gamey taste of the goat. Keema Matter was also well seasoned to balance the Lamb gaminess. The mango ice cream was heavy with evaporated/condensed milk taste and very rich but it cleansed the palate nicely.
The mediocre food may not have deterred me from visiting again but the owners were not very customer friendly. They spoke roughly, irritated and condescending. No staff ever cracked a smile once. That put me off from returning again.

Suggestions for a good Indian buffet?

Kama's food is adequately Indian. The location of this restaurant dictates the price, I suppose. It wasn't worth the money.