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Star of Canton, iSquare, TST - Great View, Good Dim Sum but Lousy Service!

Hmm, good point on the 8 Flavours. It's ages since I have had this dish and I agree with Charles that when done well its magical - the contrast between the soft texture in the middle and the crispness of the outside is what makes it for me.
Is animal themed dim sum a current HK trend? We had pig-shaped pork dim sum (can't remember exact description) at the new Kin's Kitchen in W Square yesterday.

Short stopover in Hong Kong on 12-31 -- help?

If there is one place in HK I would avoid like the plague on NY eve it is Lan Kwai Fong. From early evening the crowd barriers will be in place & a strict one way system for pedestrians will be in enforced (enter only from the top IIRC). Think saturation policing, public address announcements etc. There was a crush / stampede there on NY eve several years ago, ever since there has been overkill policing to avoid a repeat. This doesn't deter hundreds (thousands?) of kids descending on the area to wear silly hats & swig booze from 7-Eleven. If thats your idea of fun go for it, otherwise don't even think about it.

Hong Kong-Lung King Heen, Man Wah, yè shanghai, UnderBridgeCrab, Ming Court, Caprice & Tin Lung Heen

My colleagues ate there yesterday (I missed out unfortunately) and came away with a very positive impression. I get the feeling that most of the renovations / refurbishments that take place here in the summer months are out of the way, however as Charles says, its worth checking.

Lord Stow’s at EXpresso 咖啡吧 – Delicious Portuguese Style Dan Tat (Chinese Egg Custard Tarts)

Anyone remotely interested in egg tarts, particularly the Lord Stow version, should take five minutes to watch this.