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Would you travel out of the U.S. for a great steak?

Anyone who likes beef should have real wagyu in Japan.
Not an easy trip, and super expensive, but what a treat!

Aug 24, 2015
AdamD in General Topics

Horse meat

Same. Had it in Japan and it was not bad. I would not necessarily seek it out, but it was fine.

Aug 14, 2015
AdamD in General Topics

A guy walks into the movie theater with his own sandwich...

Wedge? Are you in Westchester? Jacob Burns?
I could see how the smells and sounds from someone eating that type of food would be bothersome in a theater. Especially if I was hungry.

Jul 06, 2015
AdamD in Not About Food

A guy walks into the movie theater with his own sandwich...

Maybe a silly question, but what kind of sandwich and sides emit aromas that even come close to those of Chinese take out? I cant possibly think of a sandwich and sides that would bother me. Sardines, limburger and french fries maybe. Maybe a hot hero.

Offering alternative meals to children - yay or nay

Yep Japanese style fried chicken.

Jul 04, 2015
AdamD in Not About Food

Offering alternative meals to children - yay or nay

I have two kids boy 10 girl 7.
The boy is a dream eater. The girl not so much.
I am lucky my wife is Japanese and serves terrific nutritious balanced food to our children. Same food for everyone.
The only problem is the girl does not like to eat green vegetables.
She does not mind the taste as we have seen her eat a salad happily when very very hungry. It can be a real battle with her.
My wife serves small salad portions with every meal so it is not like we are asking her to eat a Cheesecake Factory salad.
The rule in our house is that the salad must be eaten first in no more than 15 minutes or no Kara Age for you!

Jul 03, 2015
AdamD in Not About Food

Possible Good News in Mt. Kisco - Mt, Kisco Farms

Bummer to hear about the lack of Asian products.
That was the main reason I went there.
I only bought the $15 asparagus because I was able to get the necessary ingredients to make summer rolls!

Surprisingly disappointed at Katz's

Not a good place for large groups. It is not really set up that way.
Go back by yourself order pastrami on rye, juicy, with mustard at the counter and tip the slicer a few dollars. That is the Katz's experience IMHO.

Special education teachers and parents, do you think doctors often get carried away with spefial diets for children with autism and adhd??

There is no one solution that works universally.

Each child is different and what may apply generally may not apply to your child.

The important thing IMHO is to keep track of what is being ingested-food, medicine, supplements-and to keep a record of behavior, emotional and sleeping patterns. Only then will you begin to understand the positive and negative impact.

IMHO doctors do not spend enough time with kids to know the whole picture. They can end up prescribing treatment that is generally successful but be completely ineffective for your child. It is up to the parent to be armed with good information about the child. Even then the doctor might not listen. Just my 2 cents.

Ramen in Westchester?

Please god make the thornwood location good.

Challenge: Sunday lunch for 6 within 10 blocks of Grand Central; inexpensive (long)

I like udon west on 46th when I need lunch near GCT
Reasonably priced and decent Japanese food. Nothing fancy.
They will let you linger if it is not crowded which it can be at times.

May 30, 2015
AdamD in Manhattan

Your most cherished food memories...

Yes, it was a very big deal as well when we went to the Polynesian places. We got to drink from a pineapple on our birthdays! I can still smell the fried foods and the sterno on the pu pu platters!

Mar 14, 2015
AdamD in General Topics

Your most cherished food memories...

Fantastic thread! What a joy to read about all these memories.
I grew up near Hartford, CT. A few of my memories:
Friendly's-the 99 cent kids meal consisting of a hot dog, fries and a junior fribble. I always got a coffee fribble. Still do when I take my kids there.
Making babka with bubbe.
Scholers-old school jewish place where the waiters wore tuxedos and they served pickles in a fancy silver bowl. Oddly enough the one thing I always ordered was baked stuffed shrimp. In my mind they are GIANT shrimps that filled the entire plate!
Goldstein's deli-eating blueberry and cheese blintzes after hockey practice after breakfast but before lunch.
The farm shop-I don't really remember the food, but I remember the rainbow sherbert and the giant lolly pops my mom would never let me have!
Chicken coop-I still dream about this place. The best fried chicken and onion rings. My mom would take my brother and I there before whalers games!
Kay's seafood-they had this killer dish called seafood gino. Clams, mussels, shrimp, lobster and scallops over pasta, topped with an insane amount of garlic, butter and cheese, and then quickly browned under the broiler. Insane!
Frank pepe's-In 1973 and 1974 the NY football giants played a bunch of games at the yale bowl in new haven. My dad took my brother and I to three of those games and we always went to Pepe's for pizza. Being from CT, I never thought it was strange that clams came on a pizza!
Flower drum song-I remember vividly the first time I had general tso's chicken. Like crack for an 11 year old!

Old colony beach in old lyme-the donut shop and the store that served broasted chicken-AMAZING.

Mom was good to my brother and I and always took us to the best places around. I was a lucky kid!

Premium prices at Ben's Deli in Scarsdale

No disagreement on the bad PR, for sure. I also forgot about volume. No doubt the Manhattan volume is much more than Scarsdale.

Not sure about spreading out costs, they make an investment in a location and look for a return. Tough to measure if all locations are cumulated.

As far as competition goes, there isn't much, agreed. That is why they can charge more. At least in Manhattan there is some kosher and kosher style competition.

Also, I looked at the regular menu for Ben's and a corned beef sandwich is $12.99. It is $11.99 at RRD.

The flyer stating that $16.99 is a deal is offensive when its $4 more than the usual price! Sides are $3-4 anyway. What a deal!

Premium prices at Ben's Deli in Scarsdale

That Manhattan location has been in business a long time. Maybe they own the building. Maybe they have a 99 year lease that is below market. Perhaps the overhead on the new place in Scarsdale is higher because of the construction and the delays. You cant know.

Restaurants in westchester seem to have higher than usual prices anyway. Supply, demand and competition.

Not everything in westchester is cheaper than in Manhattan.

Premium prices at Ben's Deli in Scarsdale

It is simple economics. When demand exceeds supply prices go up.
if the demand goes down, they will reduce the prices. Plus, there is more competition in Manhattan.

A few dollars more is nothing if it means getting a good deli sandwich without having to go to Manhattan. Not offended at all.

10 ways to 'fix' McDonald's (if it needs fixing, that is)

Throw out the microwaves and go back to cooking burgers on a flattop.

Do you use your stove for storage ?

Yes and no. I hate emptying it every time I need to use it.

Feb 28, 2015
AdamD in General Topics

Le Chateau in South Salem Closing

The restaurant in the village. Similar to Le Chateau in that it mostly survives due it being a great spot despite having mediocre food.

Le Chateau in South Salem Closing

I got married there.

That is sad. I always thought of it as the one if by land, two if by sea of westchester. Great spot, mediocre food.

Swan Oyster Depot --- do they locals actually like it or is it merely a sucks for bucks type of tourist trap ???? [San Francisco]

The urchin is amazing!

Feb 17, 2015
AdamD in San Francisco Bay Area

Swan Oyster Depot --- do they locals actually like it or is it merely a sucks for bucks type of tourist trap ???? [San Francisco]

I know this thread is a bit old, but since I recently visited I thought i would chime in.

I am a New Yorker and have enjoyed fresh seafood all over the world.

My brother has lived in SF for over 25 years and suggested we go to the Swan on a Friday for an early lunch. We got there around 11 and waited about 30 mins. I was worried that the swan would be another overpriced tourist trap.

It was fantastic. Old school joint with skilled servers.

Go here for the dungeness crab when in season. Crab cocktail or in the shell, it is really, really good. They also had these large sea urchins that were the sleeper hit of the meal. They were probably the best Ive ever had. Not cheap at $20 a pop.

Oddly the oysters were my least favorite part of the meal. I had much better oysters at the tomales bay oyster co. and other places around the city.

But I find myself craving the crab from the Swan!

Send me to the best cheese steak in the greater Hartford area

No 9 pocket
been eating those for many years

Feb 14, 2015
AdamD in Southern New England

Where can I get frozen raccoons?

Feb 14, 2015
AdamD in Los Angeles Area

San Francisco HELP

Personally, I would put the swan oyster depot on the list.

I was just there last week and it was fantastic.

Skip the salads and get the dungeness crab cocktail and the sea urchin. Amazing!

Tiny NYC KItchen- Would you forgo a microwave for a recirculating hood?

Over the range microwaves come with recirculation vent fans.

If your objective is to maximize the filtering/reduction of oils or cooking smells, than check the CFM rate and filtering ability of the hood versus an over the range microwave.

Some microwaves come with two air filters and a decent air flow rate. Unless you are going for a high end hood, you may be able to achieve the same airflow and filtering ability with a microwave.

Jan 08, 2015
AdamD in Cookware

need midtown suggestions for a last minute trip

Yes pricey and spotty service. But wonderful if you sit at one of the bars and stick to ordering oysters or the pan roasts.

Jan 04, 2015
AdamD in Manhattan

Help needed: Good gravy from red meats


Get a good demi.

Dec 28, 2014
AdamD in Home Cooking

Eating moldy foods?

Negative. First sight of mold and into the trash it goes.

The only exception I might make is for quality cheeses since I tend to buy them for the mold anyway. :)

Do some brands of charcoal burn better/hotter/longer than others?

If you need super high temps-lump is better. I like royal oak because it is easy to find and works well.