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Breakfast in Worcester tomorrow, recommendations please!?!

Hi All,
We are traveling to Worcester tomorrow am to have breakfast with friends who are in town over the holidays and are looking for breakfast spot recommendations? Our friends are staying near Lincoln plaza and we will both have an infant with us, but can drive wherever in the local area. Here are the Yelp top 5...

1. Gold Star Restaurant

2. Shaker's Cafe & Restaurant

3. Weagles Family Dining

4. Annie's Clark Brunch

5. Miss Worcester Diner

Any recommendations would be appreciated!!

Nov 23, 2012
Katep64 in Southern New England

Lunch in Chinatown for today, please help!

For various reasons, we ended up at Great Eastern today and were very happy with the choice! Ambience was nice, service was attentive and only a little pushy. Most of the crowd were Chinese families, always a good sign. We went late for lunch at 1pm and there was no wait. As far as the food, there were 5 adults and we all did Dim Sum and hot and sour soup. The hot and sour soup was a bit more vinegar-y than I'm used to, but still pretty good. For Dim Sum we ordered the soy tofu, shrimp cilantro rolls, steamed pork buns, pan fried pork buns, shanghai dumplings, green beans, leek/shrimp dumplings.
Quick review on each:
*steamed pork buns - delicious sauce and the buns were tender and not dried out. My favorite dish.
*green beans - crisp tender, good sauce
*shrimp/cilantro dumplings - excellent
*shanghai dumplings - delicious, moist pork filling
*soy tofu - tasty but served cold which I wasn't expecting
*leek/shrimp dumplings - just ok, shrimp tender but not as flavorful as shrimp/cilantro

Total bill was $62 which for 5 adults in my opinion is a steal. Definitely would return.
Thanks hounds for helping out with my last minute request!

Lunch in Chinatown for today, please help!

Thank you both! I would like to go somewhere with dim sum, otherwise just good Chinese at a reasonable price is our only requirement.

Lunch in Chinatown for today, please help!

Hi fellow chowhounders,
Wrapping up our trip to SF and we are looking for good food in Chinatown today. The boards seem to recommend places outside Chinatown and we really want to go somewhere in Chinatown itself. Any help would be appreciated!!!!

Restaurant recommendations for lunch - places you love for dinner but also do lunch?

We are staying in the Castro but are willing to go anywhere as we'll be touring around. We do have a car as well. Thanks for the recommendations so far!!

Need help with good food that doesn't require a reservation

Yes we are bringing the baby most nights but my parents may allow us a night or two free. But we won't be able to plan much in advance. So family friendly is a plus although I'm not looking for "kid friendly" places that serve chicken fingers, you know?
We will have a car but will also use the MUNI I'm sure.

Castro Street Fair and other SF food events Oct 5-12?

We are staying in the Castro starting this wknd and were happy to hear that the Castro Street Fair is Oct 6th!! What is the story with food? Good street food?? Info please....
Also, are there any other fun food events this week?

Restaurant recommendations for lunch - places you love for dinner but also do lunch?

Looking for a place or two for a nice lunch, cali-style cuisine is great but really we will eat anything. We are traveling with a 13 month old and may have better luck with lunch than dinner. I'm wondering about sit-down options, not take out. Any recommendations of your favorite dinner spots that also do lunch would be great!

Need help with good food that doesn't require a reservation

We are traveling to SF this weekend and haven't made many dinner reservations because we are bringing our 13 month old and I'm not sure how she'll do with the time change from the East Coast. So are plans are more fluid than usual and we haven't been able to book dinner resi's months out like back in our pre-baby days. Sigh...
Can anyone recommend places that have great food, reasonable price points that don't require reservations? We are staying in the Castro but can be anywhere in SF.

One day, Napa or Sonoma??

Thank you all, immensely helpful!
One last question if I may, any favorites in Sonoma for sparkling wines or rose? We visited the Cava region in Spain and fell in love with both. Thanks again!!

One day, Napa or Sonoma??

We are traveling to San Francisco in early October and want to take a day trip to wine country. We are wine lovers but are not experts by any means. We would like to taste some good wine that is not astronomically expensive and enjoy a day in gorgeous wine country. We are looking for your thoughts on whether we should do Napa or Sonoma and why. Please include any favorite lunch spots...
Additionally, we would love any recommendations for vineyards we should visit. We are a group of 7 adults but we will have a 13 month with us, so the vineyards will have to be somewhat laid back or family friendly. But we can also keep her occupied with grandma outside if necessary. :)
Thank you in advance fellow chowhounders!

For one day only, Sonoma or Napa?

We are traveling to San Francisco in October and are planning to spend one day in either Napa or Sonoma. I know it's not enough time to appreciate either but we are just looking to hit a few vineyards for a day as we have limited time free. Can anyone weigh in on which they would prefer and why?

Aug 17, 2012
Katep64 in Kosher

Driving from Boston to Bar Harbor - half way lunch spots?

Hi, we are driving from Boston to Bar Harbor next weekend with our 11 month old and will need to stop for lunch somewhere. Since we'll need to give her a break from the drive, want to go somewhere with good foor and/or ambiance/view, not a quick take out stop. Anything you can recommend that is somewhat on the way (off of rt 295) would be appreciated. Thanks!

Aug 17, 2012
Katep64 in Northern New England