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fredericksburg, va

Where to eat? Help

May 18, 2014
stevenpol in Mid-Atlantic

Best of Orlando - January 2013

hi sam, one meal in the orlando area for 4 guys in town to play golf. pig? cask n larder? pharm?

Jan 25, 2014
stevenpol in Florida

Good food shopping near/in Kissimmee area?

are there any great restaurants in kissimmee?

Jan 11, 2014
stevenpol in Florida

The Rebel House - Boca Raton

went to rebel house with an old, long time, friend, and our children and their friends. had a great time. the food was good, not great, but it was a fine evening and we were sitting outside. there are a lot of beers and it would be good if they explained them better. i had the fried chicken, son had a calamari, the girls had something and we all shared a bunch of appys. all in all i would go back if it was going to be 80 degrees and i wanted to see friends.

will be in bluffton sc for a week need good butcher + restaurants

erica, we live on hilton head and there are great restaurants on the island. on a sunday night you might go to the sunset grill, which is very close to the bridge, in the rv park. i love the shrimp and grits there, though everything is very good. if you need more places to go, just go a little further onto our island. michael anthonys, sage room , vine, old fort pub. you cannot go wrong at any of them. enjoy.

Nov 13, 2013
stevenpol in Southeast

will be in bluffton sc for a week need good butcher + restaurants

erica, we live on hilton head, and the best places to eat are on the island. go across the bridge and eat at the sunset grill on sunday night. a little tough to find (it's in the rv park) but worth it. if you go early you can watch the sunset, imagine that. but the food is great. venture a little further and go to michael anthony's for italian, sage room or vine for american. plenty of good restos here. enjoy.

Nov 13, 2013
stevenpol in Southeast

Galloway New Jersey

try luke palladinos in northfield. went last night to what use to be a great italian resto. it is now lp steak. the food was great. they said that the italian place was moving nearby, and would re-open soon. my suggestion is to go to the steak house, on route 9, and find out if the italian is open. if it is, go.

Oct 05, 2013
stevenpol in New Jersey

Returning to Key West after 40 years

i went to school in miami about 40 years ago, we would all go to key west and hole up in one motel room. went back last year and ate at satiago's bodega. very good food and a great evening. if it is nice try to eat outside. enjoy.

Nov 12, 2012
stevenpol in Florida

Marco Island, FL - Christmas

camillas looks good. we are going to be in marco island for a week this xmas season. any other reasonable priced, good eats close by?

Oct 28, 2012
stevenpol in Florida

Hilton Head Island

hi there, we live in hilton head and there is a lot of good food to be had. high end-michael anthony's, sage room (hard to find, but worth it), old fort pub. just below that is roastfish and cornbread (on marshland), wise guys, redfish. for a cool casual burger and beer, try to find off the hook, also on marshland, looking out at broad creek. enjoy

Sep 10, 2012
stevenpol in Southeast

Group of 10 Hungry Golfers in Scottsdale

i would say that indulge burgers in scottsdale would certainly fit the bill for you guys. great burgers, tv;s and a bar. not too expensive and great for a large group.

Aug 18, 2012
stevenpol in Phoenix

GOOD pizza on LBI??

try bay village pizza down in beach haven. the best pizza and fries on lbi. enjoy

Jul 29, 2012
stevenpol in New Jersey

patria restaurant and mixology, rahway

has anyone been to patria recently? good? what to order? thanks.

May 21, 2012
stevenpol in New Jersey

HILTON HEAD - ANY current recs?

we live in hilton head and there are surprisingly good restaurants here. casual dinners at boathouse are ok, up the creek is a good place for a beer and burger, but i find the upscale dining much better. michael anthony's, sage room and redfish are as good as any restos anywhere. sunrise cafe in palmetto bay marina is the best b'fast, imho. there is no place that requires dressing up on hilton head, slacks and a golf shirt work everywhere. enjoy your stay, and if it is nice, check out the sunset from the bridge on the cross-island.

Mar 10, 2012
stevenpol in Southeast

saporissimo in boca raton

just got back from boca and saporissimo is a different place. the food is still good, though i think not as good, but i may be coloring my thoughts because i loved the show that went on with the old owner. i was told that he went back to italy. the place was packed, packed. i recall being just about the only group in the place. new decor. nobody bringing out all of the food before it is cooked and telling me about it. let's face it, it is much more like a real restaurant now, rather than a great place to go, see old friends, and eat a great meal. again, the food was good, but i am sad.

Palm Coast Restaurants??

surfer e, we may be going to hammock beach for a few days, the same restaurants? any other help would be appreciated. thanks

Feb 21, 2012
stevenpol in Florida

Boca Raton-Del Ray Beach Restaurants?

my mom lives in boca and our favorite place to eat is saporissimo. it looks like a roadside stand, but it is outstanding. not cheap, but the food is great. 366 e palmetto park road. enjoy

Jan 28, 2012
stevenpol in Florida


my wife and i were fortunate to eat at fattoria terranova this past may, and it was a great meal and an even better experience. we were staying at the hotel bel air on the coast and the concierge made the reservation for us. he then asked me how i had heard of this place, as it was almost strictly for locals. he told us to be ready at 7pm, and a car would pick us up. there were four of us and we could have never found it on our own,
we arrived and entered the restaurant and the locals looked up and stared a little. but the owner came over and in halting english welcomed us. we put ourselves in his hands. appys aplenty, one or two pastas, steak and chicken. veggies and potatoes. plenty of house wine. more food than we could ever finish. all of it delicious. if you have a chance to go to this great place, run!! one of the great dinners i have had.
a little aside, they have an inn and cooking school and my wife would love to go back. me, just feed me.

Sep 27, 2011
stevenpol in Italy

Scottsdale Corridor...any restaurants there worth trying?

just got back from scottsdale yesterday, went with a bud for golf and car shows. pomo pizza on scottsdale road is very good, neapolitan pizza. our favorite place was posh on scottsdale road. it was a little tough to find, but the food was great. choose how many courses you would like, and they take care of the rest. josh the owner is a good guy, and all the waiters and waitresses were wonderful. i would definately return.

Jan 24, 2011
stevenpol in Phoenix

italian in charlotte

looking for some great italian food in charlotte

Dec 04, 2010
stevenpol in Southeast

Need Help For St. Petes Island

ate at mad fish last year, and thought it the best food in the area.

Sep 07, 2010
stevenpol in Florida

Plate and More - LBI Report

just ate at plate last week and everything was good. my friend from the hamptons loved it. we may not have the most discerning palates, but plate serves very good food and the people are very accomondating.

Jun 21, 2010
stevenpol in New Jersey

Seafood on LBI

second boulevard clams. we take out from there all summer long, whenever a different friend comes to visit.

Jun 21, 2010
stevenpol in New Jersey

West Creek Crab Shack - anyone been?

we live on lbi, and we like the crab shack quite a lot. i had fish and chips, wifey had oysters and fish, sonny boy had fish tacos. everything dissappeared. food was delish, servers harried but sweet, and unlike mud city, no wait. a good evening all around.

Jun 21, 2010
stevenpol in New Jersey

Long Beach Island, NJ?

we live on lbi for half of the year and yellowfin is our favorite place. last year blue closed, and plate opened. very good food, nice people, still finding it's way a little. those are the two best places on the north end of the island. i agree with mustache bill in barnegat light for breakfast, reliable. mud city is always a very long, painful wait. we prefer the crab shack a little farther from the island on route 9. good casual food. gables can be great and can be so-so, but that's my feeling. we always have gone to sweet vidalia, but haven't been this year so i do not know if it re-opened. lbi is a great place to summer with good eats all around.

Jun 21, 2010
stevenpol in New Jersey

Vero Beach Restarurant Reviews

spent a week in vero recently and had a few very good meals. first let me say that i have spent a lot of time in south florida and i have never been in vero beach and it's great. two restaurants that stood out were the tides near the beach which had very good, modern american food and felix's place cuban where everything was delicious, the people friendly, and the singers great. you have to go to felix's if you are in vero.

Apr 20, 2010
stevenpol in Florida

saporissimo in boca raton

going back to boca to see mom in april, guess where we are going to eat?

saporissimo in boca raton

ate there wednesday night with my mom. what a fine italian restaurant. the owner/chef greeted us like we were family and it kept getting better. we shared buratta, pasta with black truffles and bronzino. everything was fresh and delicious. the cheese was smooth and creamy, the pasta was homemade and redolent of truffle, and the fish was a simple preparation that was easy to eat. there are little sides that came with dinner, a little cheese sandwhich amuse, and veggies, potatoes and peppers with the meal. my mom, who has been in boca for 25 years was wondering how she had never heard of this place before. a great little italian slightly off the beaten path in boca raton. eat here!

felix place cuban restaurant

has anyone eaten at felix'splace in vero beach? i have read some great things. thanks

Mar 10, 2010
stevenpol in Florida

vero beach

any suggestions for vero beach? we are going to be spending some time there in april and are looking for restaurants. i have read about felix's place, but that's about it. thanks.

Feb 20, 2010
stevenpol in Florida