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I'm suprised everybody forgot about Schmeisser's Home Made Sausages (7649 N Milwaukee Ave, Niles, IL ). They make the best Metwurst I've ever had and they always have some available to taste

Schmeisser's Home Made Sausage
7649 N Milwaukee Ave, Niles, IL

Feb 16, 2011
podman in Chicago Area

Cebicheria Erizo In Tijuana

Thanks Gypsy and Street Gourmet. Much appreciated!

Jan 06, 2011
podman in Mexico

Specialty Food Store(s) In Tijuana

Are there any specialty food shops in Tijuana that sell olive oil and/or honey from the Baja region? If anyone could provide, I would really appreciate . . . . . Thanks!

Dec 27, 2010
podman in Mexico

Cebicheria Erizo In Tijuana

Going to Tijuana in a couple of weeks and saw Street Gourmet's post on this. Does anybody know if this place is only open for lunch or for dinner as well? Secondly, is this in walking distance once I cross the border or do I need to take a cab to get there? Lastly, is it open all days of the week? Thanks!

Dec 16, 2010
podman in Mexico