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Visiting Berkeley for the First Time - Need Critique's

My opinions only - run to Gather and forget Chez Panisse - it is so overrated - $18.00 for a non-meat pizza which was nothing special at all. I have eaten at Pizzaiolo once and would not go back - not that great. For a tast of Italy - think snack try PIQ. pretty near where you will be staying.

East Bay - Big group with a side of fries

How about Cafe Esin - Danville/Pleasanton area - also, great desserts

Good Eats

Well, if you go to North Beach - (across from Mama's) is the most delicious foccaccia known to Italy. It is a 100+ year establishment - family run - get the pizza foccaccia and you've died and gone to heaven - it is a tiny storefront on the corner across from Mama's. It is hauntingly delicious. No other place like it. Gary Danko - Benu have been highly-rated. if you like Greek - Kokkari on Jackson St. Ferry Plaza is slanted door - For amazing, expensive fish - Farallon near Union Square.

Starving for BBQ

Bo's in Lafayette - great ribs /sauce - sides are pretty limited .. . but good. worth a visit

Visiting for a long weekend - need recs for good raw food and Mexican!

Too bad you can't get over to Berkeley (doable by BART) - there is a great vegetarian rest. GATHER in Berkeley - near the campus. It has both non and veg food but people just rave about it.

Solo Diner looking for recs in Pleasnat Hill or Walnut Creek

For sure, Jack's. Great menu - serving B, L & D. Right near theatre and shopping! They have some greek items as well as american.

Please critique my 4-day SF itinerary (wife's first visit)

If you are in North Beach, AM preferably, stop by Liguria. It is on one corner of Washington Square - it is a random little storefront - but, you'll thought you've stopped in italy - get the Pizza Foccacia and you won't be disappointed. It is just a square of heaven - you have to get the Pizza though - tomato sauce and green onions! To die for. Farallon has not disappointed - right around the corner from there (next to Sak's) is La Scalla Bistro - SF feel for sure and pretty decent food. American Seafood fare. Roam Artisan Burgers in the Marina District is great. Prospect is another SF restaurant that has had rave reviews.

450 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

Roam Artisan Burgers
1785 Union St, San Francisco, CA 94123

Raisinets' Bold Move into Alternative Fruits

But, did you know, TJ's is a German company? And, they rarely disclose which food manufacturers are contracted to produce their products?

Jan 02, 2011
heartysoul in Features

Trader Joe's Cookie Kit Not for Losers

I could not believe what a bargain this kit was!!! Did not try one however but the value was there!

Dec 23, 2010
heartysoul in Features

When you order scrambled eggs ...

I just get nuts when I'm served a mindless plate of rubbery eggs. They just crank them out at the highest heat and serve them up. They are unedible to me. There is a Berkeley restaurant that serves them "soft scrambled" - I actually have to order them a little firmer otherwise they are runny to me. I love it when restaurants will ask and cook them accordingly. Hats off to Bette's Oceanview Diner for serving them the correct way!!!

Dec 14, 2010
heartysoul in General Topics