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Vertical Farming

I have been to Detroit several times over the last couple of years. Urban farms are thriving in Detroit and local activists are doing their part to "bring the country back into the city." Here's an example of an urban farm I visited.

Apr 12, 2010
cherrythug in Food Media & News

Where can I have a Korean 1 yr. old party (dol) in LA?

I'm looking for creative suggestions for restaurants (Korean or Korean-adjacent) to have my son's one year old birthday celebration (dol). I am looking for a place with good food, and not super expensive (Yongsusan just quoted me $33/person for a buffet). I would like to invite around 50 people, if possible. I'm not rich but I want to do something special for my kid (and our house is not big enough). Any ideas? This board was great when I was looking for rice cakes for his 100 day old party. Thanks in advance for your help!

Jul 26, 2008
cherrythug in Los Angeles Area

ISO Korean "Dduk" bakery for baby's 100 day party

Thanks for the reccs! I ended up going to Ye Dang and they did not disappoint. I was happy to support a smaller operation, too. The kul dduk (honey and sesame filled) was especially popular.

Jan 12, 2008
cherrythug in Los Angeles Area

ISO Korean "Dduk" bakery for baby's 100 day party

Can anyone recommend a good source for fresh tasty Korean "dduk," (rice cakes) preferably in Koreatown LA?

I need to order a large quantity for my baby's "baek-il" (100 day celebration) so if there is a place that is known to cater to this kind of event, even better. I know there are specific types of dduk to eat at this celebration.

Thanks for your help!

Dec 20, 2007
cherrythug in Los Angeles Area