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"Modernist Cuisine": Real Genius

As an American, I can sadly vouch for wahwahwah. On the other hand, I want this book SO BAD but am a college student. It isn't only a book about impossible recipes, but it really sounds like it lays down the law on why we cook the way we do, sort of like what is done at Serious Eats, only physicist postgrad study style.

Mar 26, 2011
DebonaireDeath in Features

I just got a juice machine! What should I do with it?

I'm a college senior who just really got into cooking this college year (several months ago I didn't even know how to sautee), and it was this Spring break that my parents ended up finding a juice machine in one of the cabinets of their kitchen! I'm very excited about trying it out, but I'm short on creative ideas.

I was hoping someone else out there would know what some of the best juices are to make that you can't get in a normal supermarket. Also, I'm guessing that there are some interesting cooking and baking recipes that could require exotic juices, I just don't know what they would be or how to find them.

I'm open for recommendations or creative ideas to get some interesting work in the kitchen happening!

Mar 18, 2011
DebonaireDeath in Home Cooking

Alcoholic dessert

I almost forgot alcoholic jello! You could probably take any no-cook jello pudding recipe and turn it alcoholic easily. I hope this helps you, or someone else 4 years later!

Feb 22, 2011
DebonaireDeath in Home Cooking

Alcoholic dessert

I know one dessert that has gotten me drunk-ish (had I eaten more I would have been drunk).

Take some chocolate chip waffles and douse them in either:
Bailey's whipped cream
Honey-bourbon maple syrup (add the bourbon after you've heated the syrup for maximum potency)
Or both!

I actually felt tipsy after eating two of these, and I am in college, if that says anything about my tolerance. The bourbon syrup is delicious if you like bourbon, and who doesn't love Baileys, or whipped cream?

Feb 22, 2011
DebonaireDeath in Home Cooking

Beer Biscuits

You make a wonderfully simple recipe and assume I have the money for a toaster oven. Oh, Chow, when were any of you last in college?

Jan 30, 2011
DebonaireDeath in Recipes