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Sustainably-Minded Caterer?

Anyone know of caterers that are focused on local, sustainable food. For an idea of what we're looking for check out this wedding:

We want thoughtful, intimate, seasonal food. We're not interested in corporate events, buffets, and passed canapes...

Does the DC area have such a caterer?

5 days in August: I've done my research, will you look over my itinerary?

I agree, Quince (skips the entrees and have xtra pasta courses) and Zuni (must order the chicken)!

Glad you've got Canteen and Bi-Rite Creamery. I also agree w/ the poster below who suggests you collect ingredients for breakfast/picnic...there are some really amazing items you can get just on their own (Acme bread, Bellweather Ricotta, Miette Macaron, etc.)

Mission Pie for Dinner... [San Francisco]

I've not yet been over to Mission Pie, I heard they do some savory options...can anyone report on this and what the inside/seating/vibe is like in the evening?

Where to go? Can we get in?


Where to go? Can we get in?

Are you saying that's your first pick for me, or just that they aren't on opentable/easy to get into...

Where to go? Can we get in?

Dinner next Friday night for four people...We're all in our mid to late 20's. One person is visiting SF for the first time, the others live here, and this may be the visitor's one major meal out, and yet we don't want to break the bank (entree's topping out around $20±). I want an emphasis on local, seasonal foods...A also think I prefer a place that takes reservations (ruling out Dosa, etc.)

Bar Tartine

Any thoughts?

Summer squash recipe ideas?

If you have a mandoline (or really sharp knife) slice the squash length wise into ribbons. Blanch for a few seconds, then dunk in ice water. Dry off and serve with a lemon vinagrette. Yum!

Alternative:asian vinagrette, black sesame seeds, tofu

minako organic japanese....

Anyone been here and have thoughts? Would this be a destination for a special dinner? What's the best dish?

July 16 - National Ice Cream Day

Three Twins Ice Cream! It's this amazing organic ice cream based on San Rafael. I had it at Terzo, but it's also at some farmer's markets and other restaurants....yummy.

Five Days Before Rome

I'm headed to Italy for 10 days. The last five are going to be spent in Rome, where I used to live. I'm meeting up with my foodie/chef brother who lives in France. Anyways, we are trying to decide what to do for the first half. I've already done: cinque terra, florence/tuscany, umbria, amalfi coast/capri, and sicily. I also don't want to spend time traveling too far north or south. So I think we looking at Lazio, Campania (other than the coast), or Abruzzo. Any ideas? And great off the beaten path tips? Should we road trip or stick to the train lines? Where is the best food? Anyone done the Abruzzo coast? Thanks!

Jul 17, 2006
endearinglyneurotic in Italy

Three Twins Ice Cream

Anyone tried Three Twins Organic Ice Cream? It's really superb. I have found it at the Berkeley Farmer's Market, at their store in San Rafael...and I think the guy said they are on the dessert menu at Olema Inn, Fish, Rosey's Cafe...anyways, anyone else tasted it and have thoughts? I say you can't beat local, organic ice cream made with Strauss milk. Yum.