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new BBQ discussion needed

The one almost in Rosslyn is the original one and I always went there by preference. It is true that patronage was way off the last few times I went, so I can't say I'm surprised they closed it. However, the closest-in one now is in Fairfax City right near the Courthouse. Too long a drive for that level of BBQ

The press release on the closing is here:

new BBQ discussion needed

Since Red Hot and Blue closed, I have been looking for a new best place. All of the discussions I can find here are from 2010 or 2012 - a lot of places have bitten the dust since then. Could we get a new discussion rolling on where to get good ribs?

Pete's Apizza and Tarbouche

They have directions somewhere or another that you never microwave it - put it in a skillet(!) on high heat and keep an eye on it for scorching. Never tried that myself.

Eventide is closed!

I just happened to be walking down that block of Wilson yesterday at 5 pm and the restaurant was dark with big signs on the windows saying "Don Tito Coming Soon". Anyone know any background?

Where can I find real county ham slices

The real stuff - chewy, dense, salty. We used to be able to get it at the Giant and some independent groceries, but no more. Any sightings lately?

Mediterranne after Chef Jacques

Jacques sold the restaurant last fall and I haven't seen any reviews sicne then. Has anyone been? Is it still good?

best lox in DC/NoVA

Building on the 'best bagels + lox' thread. No one really discussed lox. I want to get really good stuff for a buffet that is thinly sliced and ready to serve. NOT the sealed packets at the grocery stores. Whole Foods? Fish store?

did Lalibela II die or did it move?

We know it's not the best Ethiopian restaurant, but it was our local. We went there tonight and it is in the process of turning into a 'Central American fusion restaurant/nightclub'. Meazza (sp?) is not that far, but I'm just curious if Lalibela bit the dust or moved...

Lalibela Restaurant
1415 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005