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Recommendation for Dinner at The Rio?

Planning a working dinner meeting for 8 at The Rio, and would like to stay at the hotel if possible. We know there is endless amounts of good food in Vegas, but would prefer to stay at the hotel (or very near by).

Anything good at the Rio? Or within walking distance?

We would like to keep entrees in the $30 - $40 range.

Dec 16, 2010
weaver9 in Las Vegas

Moderately Priced Dinner Suggestion for Mixed Company of Foodies and Non-Foodies

Looking for a dinner recommendation on or near the strip for a work function. 6-8 folks, some like good food and some don't care.

On the work credit card, so suggestions with entree prices around $40 please.

Thanks everyone!

Dec 13, 2010
weaver9 in Las Vegas