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Boos Philly Cheesesteak

+1 on the white American cheese

Feb 08, 2012
CynAmyn in Los Angeles Area

I'd love some advice re: cookware gifts for my wife (Christmas).

If there is a Bed Bath and Beyond near you that would be a great place to view and compare quality cookware. They also usually offer a 20% off coupon in the Sunday paper this time of year.

Dec 13, 2011
CynAmyn in Cookware

Rookie Mistake

Well of course I rinsed and re-sauced! Everyone is happy to leave me alone while I'm grilling. Buried the rib in the pile. None the wiser.

Aug 14, 2011
CynAmyn in General Topics

Rookie Mistake

I'm the grillmaster at my house, even though I'm a girl. I'm also the one with the sports gene and missing the chocolate gene.
I've been grilling for years (thanks Dad!) and I will fire up the charcols for one burger if the mood hits. Well, tonight I pulled a rookie mistake and dropped a rib from the grill. Not just any rib but a large beef rib bone. THE SHAME!
Fess up experienced Cowhounds. What rookie moves have you pulled recently?

Aug 14, 2011
CynAmyn in General Topics

Now I am making Chicken Soup/stock and am a little confuzzled!

Remember that when you reduce your stock the flavors intensify, so you may want to add more water. I usually use whole peppercorns when making stock so that I can adjust seasoning in the final product.

Aug 11, 2011
CynAmyn in Home Cooking

grilled some veggies, now what to do?

I'm feeling a roasted veg quesadilla.

Jun 25, 2011
CynAmyn in Home Cooking

Toddler birthday party - healthy menu ideas

I freeze chopped strawberrys and mangoes (available in Trader Joe' freezer case, if there's one near you) then I buy fresh OJ and make the best smoothies. Throw them in a blender, no added sugar to worry about and very refreshing for a hot afternoon beverage.

Jun 25, 2011
CynAmyn in Home Cooking

Name this vegetable?

Jun 24, 2011
CynAmyn in General Topics

ISO Dry-ish cottage cheese.

Living in PA we used to get Farmer's or Pot Cheese from the Pennsylvania Dutch. It was a drier more flavorful version of cottage cheese.

Jun 18, 2011
CynAmyn in General Topics

Your Favorite Manufacturers' Recipes...

It's been changed, but some years ago I use to make Fettuccine Alfredo from the back of the Ronzoni fettuccine box. Boy was that good. It called for an egg yolk but it was the best ever. I was even using Kraft grated parm-in-the-box in those days. I think the recipe probably is still floating around somewhere.

Jun 10, 2011
CynAmyn in Home Cooking

Picnic packing 101

Veggies take on a whole new life on the grill. Pick up a BBQ grill pan and slice zuchinni onion and eggplant, grab some asparagus and even brussel sprots toss in olive oil S&P and grill for a fab grilled veg salad. You can also pre-grill the veg at home and take as a good side. They hold up at room temp with no mayo issues to worry about.

Jun 08, 2011
CynAmyn in Home Cooking

Singapore family with 2 kids to Los Angeles seeking advise.

Just an aside re: The Farmers Market. Try to avoid Chipoltle (any location) as an option for Mexican food. There are so many more choice that are worlds better.
It might help if others add restos that should probably be avoided.
For the time and expense it would be ashame to waste a meal and money on a turist trap.

Jun 08, 2011
CynAmyn in Los Angeles Area

Local and Sustainable: Cicada Ice Cream

Jun 07, 2011
CynAmyn in Food Media & News

Dining Solo in OC

Zov's Bistro is another option. Good modern mediterranean cusine.
Three locations available. Tustin, Irvine and Newport.
I know the Irvine location has an outdoor patio that's quite inviting.

Zov's Bistro
17440 E. 17th Street, Tustin, CA 92780

Jun 03, 2011
CynAmyn in Los Angeles Area

In-N-Out Burger

I hate these INO threads.
They start me craving double-doubles and a black and white.
The upside is my local INO is only about a mile away and lines aren't bad after lunch rush.
(mouth watering now)

Jun 01, 2011
CynAmyn in Dallas - Fort Worth

Textural aversions

OK that got me

May 13, 2011
CynAmyn in General Topics

Suggestion for easy, fast, and portable salad for a ladies luncheon, please

I haven't tried this yet but it looks delicious and like it might be a good choice. You can sub brown rice for the red in the recipe.

May 04, 2011
CynAmyn in Home Cooking

Name That Dish

I essentially made a Shepherds pie with chicken instead of lamb or beef. Is there a name for this already? The best I can come up with is "No Fly Pie"
Give me your suggestions or submitt your dish that needs a name.


Apr 10, 2011
CynAmyn in General Topics

Have you ever OD'd on a food? And if you did, did you ever recover?

Years ago when I moved into my own place and had my first decent job I vowed I would eat shrimp as often as possible. I was living in the Bay Area of SoCal so they were cheap and plentiful. The bloom came off that rose after about 2 years of eating the stuff several times a week. I got tired of it and didn't eat them for about 10 years. I eat them now, but, they are not my go-to seafood anymore... unless it's shrimp tempura. Even then it's 2 or three and done.

Apr 06, 2011
CynAmyn in General Topics

In-N-Out Burger sucks (moved from L.A. board)

I'm a native Easterner and really enjoy the product and value that INO offers. I just had a d-d two days ago and I am still having flavor flashbacks. If you find INO burgers flavorless you must have a tastebud blindspot. Flavorless? I don't get it. Far from it.

Mar 30, 2011
CynAmyn in Chains

The Price of: Green Bell Peppers

2 dollars for one bell pepper?
There were none available at the local farm stand and Trader Joes looked like there was an explosion of red bells with only "organic " green available at $1.50 each. They ended up being a bargain after seeing them at my major local supermarket at $1.99 each.
The red and yellow bells were $2.49 each...on sale!
What's going on?
Is this a seasonal thing? Is there everyday produce in your area that is excessively overpriced?

Mar 10, 2011
CynAmyn in General Topics

Here's something I wish I hadn't discovered

and your photos too!

Mar 10, 2011
CynAmyn in Home Cooking

Top Chef All-Stars - Ep. #12 - 03/02/11 (Spoilers)

I just watched a rerun and they totally edited the Blais PYKA... go to the Bahamas at JT. They now have a voice over of Padma saying "Richard, you are going to the Bahamas".
There must have been a lot of heat about how it was done originally.

Mar 03, 2011
CynAmyn in Food Media & News

Excellent pastrami and/or corned beef sandwich in OC?

What about Tommy Pastrami in Santa Ana on South Harbor? They also have an Irvine location near the Spectrum. Their meats are wonderful.

Mar 02, 2011
CynAmyn in Los Angeles Area

"Kids Say the Darndest Things" about Food, Cooking, etc.: Plse Add Your Funny Experiences!

It took me the longest to understand what that had to do with me not liking peas.

Feb 09, 2011
CynAmyn in Not About Food

"Kids Say the Darndest Things" about Food, Cooking, etc.: Plse Add Your Funny Experiences!

When I was about 5 I refused to eat something on my dinner plate (probably peas, my refusal to eat something at that age usually involved peas). My mother gave me the classic "there are children starving in Africa speech" and my reply?... "well why don't you send it to them?".
I have since overcome my pea aversion.

Feb 09, 2011
CynAmyn in Not About Food

your best deviled eggs please

My version starts with a traditional Southern recipe. These are the ones that remind me of the DE's that I would get at a picnic or BBQ. Mayo, sweet pickle relish and dijon mustard. Adding the ingredients gradually is key. Too much of any one and you're done. Start with the mayo and add relish and mustard sparingly. Make sure the consistency of the filling is very smooth (taking into account that the relish bits.will be visible). Where I differ is that I add abit of Sriracha. Just enough to add a little zip.

Jan 06, 2011
CynAmyn in Home Cooking

Palate cleansers ... for the cook?

I usually have a glass of white wine on hand. A sip of wine then water does it for me.

Dec 20, 2010
CynAmyn in Home Cooking