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Templeton Rye? Retail?

Love this Rye Whiskey. Used to only be able to get it in Iowa and Illinois. Really good stuff. Recently seen it at several local bars. Wondering if anyone has seen it at BevMo or elsewhere for sale in a retail environment?.

Apr 05, 2011
knoryb in San Francisco Bay Area

Good spot for celebratory dinner/large party

Yeah, sorry for not including price range. This is the least important aspect...that is not to say that money is no object, but price wouldn't stop us from going anyplace.
But, I do feel like very high end fine dining is best reserved for small groups that can enjoy and discuss the experience together as a cohesive unit.
Very excited to try Benu, and institutions like Chez Panisse and French Laundry but feel like I want to do that with a more intimate crowd.

I expect to spend $20-$40 for entrees...but like I said $$ isn't the major issue here. Got a reservation at Salt House. Looks great, but def still open to other suggestions. Range came up from a lot of people, look forward to trying it, but they said they couldn't accommodate more than eight(not sure if they meant for that night, or ever)...

Thanks for the recs Meredith...I have been to Dosa and Blue Plate before...really enjoyed them both, Blue Plate is awesome...I'll look forward to trying the rest...

The French Laundry
6640 Washington Street, Yountville, CA 94599

Chez Panisse
1517 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709

Blue Plate
3218 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Salt House
2 Shaw Aly, San Francisco, CA 94105

22 Hawthorne St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Dec 13, 2010
knoryb in San Francisco Bay Area

Good spot for celebratory dinner/large party

Just moved to SF. Been visiting the bay for a long time and have some favorite restaurants, but can't think of a good place for a large party. Meeting up with a group of friends(about ten) to celebrate my move here, we'll be eating on a Wednesday night. Looking for a comfortable space/good room(something that won't feel too crowded), and a versatile wine list with a good selection and some moderately priced bottles. As far as cuisine I don't necessarily have a preference. I want to stay away from "ethnic"(Asian/Latin American) food. New American is the buzz word I find myself attracted to, but I eat everything.

I am moving here from Chicago, some of my favorites there include Avec, Lula Cafe, Takashi, Merkat a la Plancha...Only one of these could be considered New American, so I am really open to anything.

Dec 12, 2010
knoryb in San Francisco Bay Area