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Can I freeze a Mayo based cheese spread

As bushwickgirl comments, it may be saved from a broken emulsion by blending. I want to add a secret trick that increases your odds of a decent result - what you do is separate some egg yolks (number depending on amount of thawed broken mix to fix), blend that alone first, and then.... And here is the KEY.... You SLOWwwwwwly add in a trickle of the broken mixture. Usually will allow reincorporation into an emulsion.

Aug 03, 2013
ghenry232 in Home Cooking

Potato-Turnip Latkes Fried in Duck Fat

This sounds awesome! I'm going to have to try this recipe; I've got some duck fat saved in the freezer. Love the idea of adding turnip in there... an under-appreciated grocery item, that's for sure. Love a good turnip cake (a la dim sum), and have made some stew before with turnips in that was magic.

I got my duck fat from buying a grocery store frozen duck, ... two step cook process; took a very large aluminum pot, boiled water in it... put bamboo skewers in an iris pattern, and rested the (defrosted) duck on them above the water, with a lid, so it steamed the duck awhile first... then into the oven with it. Got to save all the duck fat! And I have to imagine buying a jar of duck fat online is probably as expensive as just buying and cooking a duck, and saving the fat... might as well have all that lovely duck meat as well, say I.

Jul 01, 2012
ghenry232 in Recipes

Shrimp: to devein or not to devein

Lately I've been working on my method of cooking shrimp on the grill. I'm a big fan of eating all the parts, aside from the G.I. tract which I feel should be removed. Hell, I'll eat shrimp heads whole if they're fried up right! What I did last night was buy some medium head-on shrimp, leave 'em whole but cut up along the back using a very small pair of scissors I have, and use tweezers to grab out the majority of the vein. Then I gave them a quick rinse down the cut to flush any remaining vein-goo, mix some cajun spices up with oil, and marinade them for awhile (making sure to get spice mix inside the cuts). Soak bamboo skewers in water for half an hour, then skewer the shrimp on TWO skewers with a good amount of space between shrimp. Skewering with two skewers keeps all shrimp on a skewer from flipping over at random when you want to flip them in sync.

Made shrimp tacos with crema and some jamaican hot sauce (w/ papaya and scotch bonnets).

Programming note: Save your shrimp shells and heads! They make amazing broth.

Apr 16, 2012
ghenry232 in General Topics

Help w/Polish vodka

Hey there. I often go to to get a hint or two towards foreign words. Guess what the "google" translate option tells me what "wisniowa" means? CHERRIES. Wish I could have a shot for finding that out for you, but in the spirit of christmas, have one for me eh?

Dec 25, 2010
ghenry232 in Spirits

Whole Foods Makes Us Lazy Cooks

No need to knock the iPad, although it is a high-income item and possession might correlate with the 80% of customers I see exhibiting ignorant and selfish behavior at whole foods. Don't ignore the fact that pre-chopped vegetables were a major source of food poisoning at Taco Bell rather recently... is four minutes of your time worth four days of intestinal armageddon? Not saying whole foods doesn't have a good process, I don't know the details, just food for thought.

Plus, if you get paid $250 an hour, you make enough working eight hours that you ought to take some time for yourself. Like a dish? Look up a recipe. Don't waste your whole life at work or going out. Going out to eat is only good if the place is amazing and expands your awareness and enjoyment of food. Get to know your food and learn to recognize signs of good/bad produce. Notice how the food you eat makes you feel.

Pre-chopped vegetables don't fit into that equation. Look up what a mirapoix is, and tell me if you're building one to cook a dish, you can't add two minutes to the process and use good, "WHOLE" foods?

Kind of ironic, no? WHOLE Foods, selling chopped, non-integral, foods? *grin*

Dec 25, 2010
ghenry232 in Features