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The Area's Worst Food Towns

I nominate Nahant.

Restaurant wedding venues

I went to a wedding reception at Gaslight (they exchanged vows at a nearby chiuch, don't recall the name) and it was great.


Locke-Ober was one of the best.

Sweet story. I think it would have been Jordan Marsh or Filene's back then, right?

North End Italian

I too am a fan of L'Osteria. But think teens would like Giacomo's as well.

Why all the fuss? I just don't get it.

My meals at Rino's Place in East Boston were just not that good. Not horrible or anything, but not outstanding or memorable in any way. I've been there three times now (once for lunch, twice for dinner) and can't think of one reason to go back. There are much better Italian places minutes away that I've had better food/service at without the crowds.

And I tried Mike's City Diner on Washington Street and, again, didn't get why this place seems so busy and is always being gushed about. My waitress was beyond annoying (had the same one on both lunch visits) and the food was meh, at best.

What am I missing?

Oct 18, 2012
missfoodie in General Topics

Why all the fuss? I just don't get it.

Have you finally gotten around to trying a place that others seem to always recommend, even rave about, and walked away after the meal wondering what all that fuss was about?

Oct 18, 2012
missfoodie in General Topics

Italian Rum Cake - North End

Modern Pastry in the North End and Lolly's Bakery in East Boston were our staples for these cakes growing up. Haven't had Lolly's in such a long time, but I would have to say that I remember theirs were a tad better than Modern's.

chinese food north of Boston

I've never been disappointed with Out Of Asia (Route 1 North).

Zafferano's, East Boston

I loved this place as well and am sad that it is no longer there. I think that Caffe Italia (no longer there for a few years now either) and Carmen's Kitchen (also gone, now a butcher shop) were the more popular Italian spots in that area at the time. I remember the space being attractive -- must a good looking dentist office!

Carmen's Kitchen
1010 Bennington St, Boston, MA 02128

Caffe Italia
21 Water St, Wakefield, MA 01880

North End private dining for 25-30?

Did you want a private space? If so, I would suggest looking at Taranta. It has a nice top floor (with some views) that probably holds about 40 max. I've been to several private parties there and would reccomend it.

I don't particularly like the food at Lucca. Bricco has a loud, exciting bar scene if you are looking for that type of atmosphere.

Lucca Restaurant
226 Hanover St., Boston, MA 02113

241 Hanover St., Boston, MA 02113

Where to go on a Sunday night in Cambridge for a special occasion?

Agree that Rialto is the way to go -- have always had great meals/times there.

Where can i find BISCOFF spread??

I purchased it at Market Basket in Chelsea....and they sell the individually wrapped cookies by this brand as well -- yum!

Italian Restaurant in North End Boston - Any Suggestions

I'm a fan of Taranta (beginning of Hanover St.). I think their menu is a little more interesting than most of the Italian places there (they are Peruvian) and the atmosphere is very cozy.

What exactly is comfort food?

A simple question led a group of us (albeit some were a bit more intoxicated than others) into a heated 'debate' over what exactly comfort food is? Some of the items discussed were fried chicken....burgers....spaghetti and meatballs....meatloaf....chicken pot pie....pizza....pot roast.....dumplings.....curry.....submarine sandwiches. I thought it was interesting that nobody said soup (except me). Just wondering what some of your 'comfort foods' are?

Nov 22, 2010
missfoodie in General Topics

Let's open a can of worms!! Best North End?

Taranta and Rabbia's are both really good and don't think you'll be disappointed with either of those.

Restaurant you have to cut through a grocery store to get to?

Yes, it is Vinny's in Somerville for sure. Can't wait - Thanks All!

Restaurant you have to cut through a grocery store to get to?

Some old college friends will be visiting soon and one mentioned wanting to go the the restaurant in the grocery store/deli. If you know where it is, and more importantly, if it is any good, please let me know! And while on the topic (sorta), if you know of other 'hidden gems' I should consider adding to the mix, please do share (we'll have a car and can head out of Boston too, but not too far). Thanks in advance for your help!

North Shore rehersal dinner ideas?

Not sure if Italian is what you have in mind, but if you aren't looking for anything too fancy but still very nice, I've had/attended great events at the following North Shore places: Petrillo's in Peabody (they have a private room w/ a bar upstairs, great food), Donatello's on Rt1 North in Saugus (I recall this one was a bit more expensive than we expected it to be, the place is pretty large so I imagine they could accomodate you easily) and Alia in Winthrop (they are BYOB so that was extra nice on the wallet - food was fantastic and they made us a few Moroccan appetizers as well).

Jamaica Plain suggestions?

I'm trying to plan a dinner for 8 (40th birthday, all adults/no kids) in Jaimaica Plain (next Saturday). We are up for anything (except sushi) but I am not familiar with JP-- any favorites/suggestions? Also, it would be great if the restaurant allowed us to bring in our own dessert (birthday cake), but not a deal breaker. Thanks!

Lucille's Fine Chicken, Rt 1, Lynnfield

I'm pretty sure Lucille's is now closed.


Eating in Nahant

Thanks for all of the suggestions, totally appreciate the help!

Eating in Nahant

I was hoping someone could recommend places to eat in or super close to Nahant. We are looking for a good place (nothing fancy - a relaxed, casual setting is preferred, but not a subshop!) to eat before heading to an evening event in Nahant. Also, if you have breakfast place recommendations, that would be great too. Thanks in advance!

Just opened -Chelsea Market Basket

I've been a DeMoulas/Market Basket shopper for years. I think the Chelsea location (the old building is still standing right next door to this new fabu one that includes a cafe and pre-made foods section) has the BEST prices, produce and ethnic foods selection by far. I try to go mid-week to avoid the weekend crowds but even that doesn't always work. As long as they keep their prices and selection the same, I will never stray and tolerate a long line every once in a while!

recommendations for a sushi-virgin?

thanks craveyummyfood. i think it is smart advice for me to stick with the 'cooked' stuff my first time. this is a special occassion so i think splurging on something like fugakyu may be the way to go. thank you!

recommendations for a sushi-virgin?

Sushi-loving family will be visiting this weekend. I've never had sushi but am open to trying it but, quite frankly, I have no idea how/what to order. So, I'm hoping someone can recommend some places (we have a car and will mostly in Cambridge and on the North Shore) and what a sushi-shy gal might consider ordering there. Thanks in advance for the help!

Ok, I'll give you 4 dollars, where are you going to spend it for lunch. And here's the catch- no pizza.

1. a bowl of tortellini soup w/ warm bread at Alia in Winthrop
2. two egg rolls at Billy Tse in Revere
3. one panzarotti and one arancini at Umberto's in the North End

I'm embarrassed as a chowhound that I have never eaten ...

...never quite made it to Craigie on Main, but I will!

Fiddlehead fever

I saw them at Wilson Farms for about $7LB.

Best italian sub in the area

I haven't been there in a while, but Sonny Noto's in East Boston always made a great Italian sub.