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How do you use queso blanco?

I found this post looking for ideas for use of this cheese. I hope you have all learned a lot in the 6-7 years since this post. I had to laugh at one reply "non-melting" cheese.... too funny. I have used it to make mac & cheese with bacon and it melts too well, really... I mean it turns almost watery, but it comes back when cooled, so, if you just ignore the runniness, by the time you serve, it is perfect. What I like about this cheese, oddly, is the fact it is nearly flavorless (like mozzarella, yet it actually melts very well), so whatever flavors you decide to introduce to it are easily absorbed. So far I have added bacon (just added some of the grease and bacon crumbles to it and that is what it tasted like), cherry (for steak), pineapple (for ham), cranberry (for turkey) and roasted jalapeno's with a couple of slices of expensive sharp cheddar for a bean dip. The possibilities seem endless, I wonder what others have done and am looking for more ideas. I hope I spark some ideas for others and bring in some new posts! (-:

Dec 26, 2012
PeachWeb in Home Cooking

Taking the heat out of my too spicy chili

Karl S, Peanut Butter is the bomb! (oh, did I just date myself? LOL) Seriously, I found this post because the batch of Tortilla soup I made tonight was blazing hot. I know better than to allow peppers to simmer too long, but never-the-less did so. Terrified no one would be able to tolerate more than a spoonful, I searched the net for solutions and wound up here. With no time to make a new batch, I decided to try the peanut butter, just a tiny bit at a time. Surprisingly, just a small dab (maybe 1/2 a tablespoon) made a difference. So, I added another dab of the same size. And wow, just as Kloomis said, you can hardly taste it and it adds a "depth of flavor". Not only is this a great solution for human err, but I believe a future purposeful addition for the lovely, roasted flavor it adds. THANK YOU!

Dec 12, 2010
PeachWeb in Home Cooking