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Your opinion on BEST Brunch in ATL? (price & location not a factor)

Thumb's Up in Edgewood - often crowded, though.

Park's Edge in Inman Park
Roxx on Cheshire Bridge
The Porter in L5P
Gato Bizco in Candler Park
Ria's Bluebird, Stone Soup in Grant Park
Great other places mentioned already

Apr 17, 2012
hominidx in Atlanta

Want Real 'Cue in ATL

It's the obsession of very specific Atlantans and people who _visit_ Atlanta. It was featured in a George Clooney movie as "the place to get BBQ in Atlanta". If you enjoyed drinking fishbowls in Buckhead, you probably grew up to like Fat Matt's.

Apr 17, 2012
hominidx in Atlanta

ATL - Benedetti's Closing

Calavino's is quite good, but not quite the same in terms of "marinara, etc." type place. The closest worthwhile examples I can think of are Nino's and Alfredo's down on Cheshire Bridge. Avoid Artuzzi's like it beat up your dog.

Atlanta - Good, easy to get to and late night..

If you have the willingness to wait or the time and money for a cab ride anywhere, I'd suggest doing all you can to avoid the nearby late night diner adjacent to the Day's Inn.
Lots of Con-people go, so it's always an overstuffed, greasy nightmare.

Be sure to check out MARTA, which will enable you to take a train up to Buckhead or other food-friendly areas (and then you can cab for much less money within the district).

While not remarkable, Hard Rock Cafe is on the other side of the Hyatt from you, open til 1am.