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Castleberry Hill recs

I was just in that neighborhood for a walking tour and wound up at No Mas simply b/c "it was there". I had a quick lunch but thought it simply okay and very over-priced.
I know it does not help now but during the tour I was told there are a couple of decent barbecue joints in CH--one on either side of the neighborhood and each side is very territorial about which is better.

Apr 30, 2015
Lan4Dawg in Atlanta

Any experience with Lodge Cast Iron pans?

I agree about the 3.5 being awfully small. Unless you do a lot of entertaining and want to use them for individual baking, cornbread or just serving purposes I cannot see any practicality in it. That being said you know your needs better than any of us.....
The latest issue of Cook's Illustrated rates cast iron skillets (12") and Lodge--along w/ Calphalon--came out on top. If you can find a copy then get it just to read about the skillets.
I have a ton (& I almost mean that literally) of cast iron skillets, Dutch ovens, flat pans, &c. My "go to" is an ancient 10" skillet fr/ Benjamin & Medwin that is so old the ridges on the bottom exterior have worn flat on one side (it is at least third generation in the family) and a Lodge Dutch Oven that is almost as old and perfect for my tailgating needs.

Apr 30, 2015
Lan4Dawg in Cookware

Lillet in Atlanta?

Most major liquor stores in Atl carry it due to the popularity of The Vesper Cocktail after a recent James Bond movie. I know Tower, Total, Green's, and Sherlock's carry it as does Beverage Superstore in Buford.

Apr 18, 2015
Lan4Dawg in Atlanta

Do you hold Grudges against Restaurants? And for how long?

Oh Yes! And am well known for holding a grudge. If the place is not clean I will simply not go in or if I find something wrong then will not return. If there is an issue w/ food or service I will or will not return depending on how the problem was handled. We seldomly "dine out" locally so all of my examples are fr/ out of town......

Instance 1: I reviewed a restaurant on a public board and expressed my displeasure w/ several issues. Two days later I got a message fr/ the board moderators asking me to contact the owner. When I did he spent almost an hour quizzing me on the problem and any other issues I had; sent a gift card for our troubles; promised he would look into all of my concerns; apologized profusely for the troubles we had; and begged us to return and give them another chance. We have not had an opportunity but will return.

Instance 2: We dined at a certain restaurant in Columbia, SC that I will not specify but it is named for a colorful sports fish. We wound up being the last folks in the place even though it was not particularly late. The manager decided to do waiter check outs in the booth directly across fr/ us; removed her shoes and propped her feet on the other side of the booth; and proceeded to do the checkouts complete w/ noisy electric adding machine, waiter discussions, waiter complaints, repeated telephone calls, &c. I did not say anything that night but wrote a letter to the owners. I did not ask for a refund just an apology. Two weeks later I had heard nothing so sent a copy of the letter w/ a cover saying that the first must have been misplaced. It has been twenty years and I have yet to hear so not only are we not returning but if anyone asks I am suggesting they not visit this particular place--which is surprisingly still in business.

Instance 3: A group of us went to a well known seafood establishment in Baton Rouge (et noir) where we were forced to wait over two hours for a table (after being told it would be 45 minutes). The service was horrible and finally everyone got their food except for me. The waitress was flustered and after several minutes returned saying my dinner would be ready shortly. About the time everyone else had finished she returned w/ the story that they were actually out of what I had ordered and would I like to order something else. Meanwhile someone in our party found a note on the floor, "all waiters, discourage orders for 'X' as the kitchen does not want to make the dish tonight". Guess who had ordered "X"? I asked to see the manager and a rather drunken individual (I think it was the owner) shows up and makes a sort of apology and offers to comp my meal......the meal I had not even received (it was actually on the check and we had to jump through hoops to get it removed!). I called the restaurant when we got home and was told, "well, we were really busy that night" and that was the excuse so, no, we will not be returning there. That was over twelve years ago and we have been back to BR a half-dozen times but never to that place.

Mar 27, 2015
Lan4Dawg in Not About Food

Looking for som epulled pork info

I love to smoke pork shoulder (mof, I have one in the fridge all "rubbed up" and waiting to go on the smoker this w/e) but when I cannot spend time at the smoker for whatever reason (weather, &c) or just when I get a hankering for it I like this fr/ Linton Hopkins at Restaurant Eugene in Atl. It gets rave reviews and I have had a few folks tell me they like it better than smoked (I have not tried it on the smoker....yet....and if I had seen this before I rubbed up the pork shoulder currently in the fridge I would have tried it this way instead of w/ my standard pork rub).
I have done this in the crock pot and it comes out good but the oven is better. And, needless to say, do not try "short cuts" or it will not work. There is a sauce to accompany (it is in a separate thread) but I have never needed it.


Mar 27, 2015
Lan4Dawg in Home Cooking

Peachtree Road Farmers' Market opens on Saturday, 11th April.......

at Cathedral of St. Phillip in Buckhead:


And the folks fr/ Dubberly's Shrimp in Savannah will be there and are accepting "pre-orders":


so go and support local farmers/producers/artisans/&c.

Mar 24, 2015
Lan4Dawg in Atlanta

Thoughts on Fresh Market selection?

SELECT! Seriously? I suppose since they were laid out all pretty like nobody thought to ask.
There is a FM near where Fuss used to work so I would stop by on occasion and, as you mentioned, was underwhelmed w/ their offerings. I never thought to ask about their beef as I never thought to purchase any at the price they were asking. As for the produce I find better looking at half the price at the Assi Plaza, Nam Dae Mun, &/or SuperH around the corner fr/ the house.
They do (at least this particular store) have an excellent cheese selection (but truth be told not any better than the up-scale Kroger not too far fr/ where we live) and they could get broccoli rabe for me when no one else even had an idea what I meant but I must agree w/ you that I was very underwhelmed and the select beef thing just has me shaking my head.

Mar 23, 2015
Lan4Dawg in Chains

Is it safe to let my chicken stock simmer on the stove overnight while I sleep?

that would concern me more than anything else (flame extinguishing and build up of gas). We used to leave stock on the stove overnight at the restaurant all the time w/ no issues but that was a commercial stove w/ a much different burner system.

I have had stock boil over at home--even when I thought the heat was low enough and the pot not too full--and extinguish the flame a couple of times. Luckily I heard the noise fr/ the boil over and went directly to the kitchen so no issues but think that if I was asleep........

Mar 21, 2015
Lan4Dawg in General Topics

Help me out my people!!! What to do with 1.5# of ginormous wild U15's

"Wild" caught? really? All my Costco has are those farm raised fr/ somewhere in Asia and I refuse to even think about purchasing them (besides my shrimp boating friends in Savannah would use me as chum if I did).
Saw below what you did and looks wonderful. W/ shrimp that size they are ideal for grilling. One of my favorites is to p&d, lightly salt, then stuff w/ cream cheese blended w/ basil & garlic; wrap w/ a fresh basil leaf and slice of prosciutto (or country ham) then grill over a relatively hot fire. Serve w/ a rice pilaf blended w/ the left over cream cheese and chopped basil/prosciutto.

Mar 18, 2015
Lan4Dawg in Home Cooking

Dinner menu feedback, please

Instead of an "appetizer" why not do something before dinner w/ cocktails? Nibbles of some sort--Paul & Julia Child always served PF goldfish! ":^)--or a simple crudité tray. I was at a book signing by Virginia Willis the other night for her new cookbook and the first thing in the book is Delicato Squash "chips"--delicato squash oven roasted as you would kale chips, &c. For that matter you could do an entire array of vegetable "chips"--squash, kale, okra, green beans.....
I think the scallops w/ the salad would "pre-empt" an actual appetizer but that is just me.
Everything else looks wonderful.

Authentic Cajun Cookbook

I cannot believe no one has mentioned two of my favorites:

Cane River Cuisine; Louisiana's Finest Recipes from the Service League of Natchitoches. First published in 1974 my well worn and beat up copy is from the tenth printing in 2002 but I still see it on bookstore shelves. It is real home food fr/ real home cooks. The book covers any & everything but the focus is on Southern Louisiana cooking.


The Dooky Chase CookBook by Leah Chase featuring recipes that made the restaurant Dooky Chase the NOLA landmark it is.

I have several, including a couple of Prudhomme books, but those are the two I reach for first when doing that style of food.

Mar 18, 2015
Lan4Dawg in Home Cooking

Prime Beef in Greenville SC ?

Are you a Costco member? There is a Costco in Gr'ville (& in "Sparkle City") and most Costcos carry prime beef.

Mar 17, 2015
Lan4Dawg in Southeast

Ubiquitous pimiento cheese...Athens, Georgia

"Not everyone likes it because it's trendy. Some of us like it because it tastes good."

And the congregation said "AMEN!"

Mar 10, 2015
Lan4Dawg in Southeast

Ubiquitous pimiento cheese...Athens, Georgia

Thx for the link. About half-way through I remembered reading it when it was first published but still an excellent read--and an incredible idea for a thesis paper.

Now if we could just get somebody to talk about shrimp & grits........":^)

Mar 10, 2015
Lan4Dawg in Southeast

Ubiquitous pimiento cheese...Athens, Georgia

I can agree w/ you to some extent BUT I doubt that these chefs are using "Velveeta-like processed cheese product". Ours was made w/ what we referred to as "rat trap cheese"--the red or black wax rind hoop cheddar that sat on the counter top above the iced meats and between the glass jar of pickled pigs' feet and the butcher's scale or on the now empty pickle barrel right next to said display--hand grated (making pimento cheese was an act of love before God invented the food processor) and mixed w/ Duke's mayo (there is no other!), a hint of hot sauce, paprika, or red pepper (whichever was oh hand), and (preferably) home grown & pickled pimentos hand diced (but those little things in a jar would do in a pinch) lovingly blended until all of the mayonnaise was incorporated and those little red pimentons were completely scattered throughout. Truth be told making pimento cheese was simple but not easy (which is why in this day & age of kitchen appliances I cannot understand why more people do not make their own instead of purchasing plastic containers at the market containing who only knows). You could tell at church socials whose pimento cheese was whose b/c Miss MayBelle liked to put a bit of chopped onion in hers and Aunt Lula thought adding onion to pimento cheese was an act of the devil his-own-self yet insisted on just a shake of garlic powder and black pepper to her finished product and try as she might Cuzzin' Lois could not get the mayonnaise mixed into the cheese so there were always white streaks in hers but I can guarantee you that there was no "processed cheese food type product" in any of those versions.

Part of the appeal is, as you mentioned, seeing it promoted by "renowned chef X" on television and then having to try it -- OR -- for many, especially Southerners, fondly remembering the version that (fill in deceased relative name here) used to make and wondering if "big name chef at fancy restaurant" can duplicate that of (fill in deceased relative name here) and what they are going to do w/ it at fancy restaurant.

Mar 09, 2015
Lan4Dawg in Southeast

Ubiquitous pimiento cheese...Athens, Georgia

"Prawns & Polenta".....I like it...but could you really walk into a restaurant and order a "P&P" w/ a straight face? The jokes are endless--juvenile--but endless.

Oh & apologies to Butleli as my intention was not to kidnap the thread.

Mar 09, 2015
Lan4Dawg in Southeast

Ubiquitous pimiento cheese...Athens, Georgia

another link about the history (& it mentions CH):

Not that S&G is not a good dish (as tired as many are of seeing it on restaurant menus--which is mentioned in the article) but I believe that part of the allure is the alliteration of saying it. I mean ordering "Shrimp & Grits" is a lot more alliterative and fun than "Sautéed Prawns and Hominy"--of course along that logic "Braised Beef Cheeks" will be the next big trend. ":^)

Mar 05, 2015
Lan4Dawg in Southeast

Ubiquitous pimiento cheese...Athens, Georgia

It is not just Athens. Pimento Cheese is "trendy" right now as are, for that matter, all things "Southern" and part of the reason can be attributed to Athens' own Hugh Acheson of Five & Ten fame (as well as several other Athens'--& Atl & Savannah-- ventures). Because it is on the menu at 5&10, along w/ the rest of the items you mentioned, other Athens restaurants (& granted many are either out-right owned by Hugh or at least heavily influenced by him) feel it necessary to follow suit. And as long as there is a market for these items and people "expect" to see them on a menu then they will be there.

As for the rest of the country look at Amazon and the list of "hot" cookbooks right now. Most are fr/ either Southerners or Southern transplants cooking "Southern style" food--Sean Brock, Kevin Gillespie, the Lee Brothers, Edward Lee, the afore-mentioned Hugh Acheson amongst others--and that influence is making its way across the country in the form of pimento cheese, devilled eggs, pork belly, B&B pickles, country ham, fried chicken, &c.

If you want to talk about ubiquitous talk about shrimp & grits--including a version I saw w/ (you guessed it!) pimento cheese. I dare you to find a relatively upscale restaurant in the US that does not have S&G on its menu yet as little as fifteen years ago you could not find it outside of Charleston or the low country and not long before that you could not find it at a restaurant in Ch'ton as it was considered "home food" not worthy of being restaurant fare (thx Louis Osteen for changing that). (side note: I recently saw S&G on a menu listed as "that old New Orleans & Cajun favorite....". I cringed.)

S&G, PC, B&B pickles, &c will soon be passé. You will see them removed fr/ up-scale menus first and then the middle tier restaurants and something new will come along to take their place---anyone remember raspberry vinaigrette? or flourless chocolate cake? or any & every thing in a spring roll?.......

Smoke me a hog!

you might get on one of the boards geared to smokers--pork not tobacco ":^)--and just flat out ask. Some of these folks are willing to go any where just for the thrill of doing it. I do not know how feasible--just a suggestion.

Oct 20, 2010
Lan4Dawg in Atlanta


Gwinnett Int'l Farmers' Market (just off 85 on Shackleford)/Lilburn Farmers' Market (on 29) & I think they have one over in Cobb almost always have beef parts/pieces and bones available. They also sell chicken necks, feet, &c but I have never asked about carcasses. I do not see much veal how ever. I get most of my ingredients for stock there. The prices are pretty good and they have a very wide selection of ethnic as well. I imagine the places down on Buford Hwy would be similar.

Oct 18, 2010
Lan4Dawg in Atlanta

inexpensive, good, and unique to Atlanta places?

I will second SIx Feet Under (& get there a tad early in order to wander through Oakland Cemetery across the street).
Is Thelma's Kitchen still open? That is definitely "Atlanta" and used to be good soul food/meat & three. I think they are on Auburn Avenue (or were a short while ago). What about Auburn Avenue Curb Market during the day? They have some fun and decent places to grab an inexpensive lunch and it is fun to wander.

Oct 18, 2010
Lan4Dawg in Atlanta

Restaurant for lunch near Shepherd Center?

go almost directly across the street fr/ Piedmont (looking fr/ Shepherd across P'tree and to the right past the CVS pharmacy) to Black Bear Tavern. It is a small tavern-like place w/ some of the best burgers in town. The other offerings are pretty good but I find it hard to get past the burgers and tater tots.
As some one mentioned RThomas down the street is good. Some one mentioned Bluefin. I have never eaten there but heard good things. There are the usual chain offerings all along that stretch as well and a Fresh Fare Market just down the way for "to go" type items.

Black Bear Tavern
1931 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

1829 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

Oct 18, 2010
Lan4Dawg in Atlanta

Boulder - October 8-10

while we are on the subject Fuss & I will be in Boulder the previous week so appreciate the info.
Along the same lines we will also need recommendations for Grand Lake, Grand Junction, Manitou Springs and a liquor store that is a good bet and simple to find between the air port in Denver and Manitou Springs.

Aug 29, 2010
Lan4Dawg in Mountain States

Nashville - end of March

Ignore all the other main courses on the menu except the chicken w/ white sauce and the sides are good.
And give a review of Loveless. The last few times I was there it had slipped quite a bit but that has been a while and I under stand (& am hoping) new owner-ship has gotten things back in line.

Jul 24, 2010
Lan4Dawg in Kentucky & Tennessee

Martin's BBQ @ Nashville, TN..........

We were there about a year ago or so and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was not spectacular but very good and worth a side trip if any where near the area.
I want the receipt for the sauce on the smoked wings.

Jul 24, 2010
Lan4Dawg in Kentucky & Tennessee

Angry in Athens - seafood

Gwinnett International Farmer's Market almost always has live blue crabs (& usually crawfish as well as lots of other sea food) and usually at better prices than Super H. GIFM is near the Home Depot on Shackleford (east on Pleasant Hill). They also have a branch in Cobb as well as in Lilburn (just off 29 on Indian Trail)

Jun 26, 2010
Lan4Dawg in Southeast

Best Fried Chicken in Atlanta

I heard that a while back (actually there was a show about famous ATL places now closed) and then saw when I drove that direction a couple of weeks ago. That is too bad as both Deacon's and Son's had some of the best fried chicken around. I well remember taking those not fr/ around here and having to explain "hoe cakes", collards, &c but all of them left happy.

Atlanta, GA, Atlanta, GA

Jun 06, 2010
Lan4Dawg in Atlanta

What's got cozy charm in Atlanta?

actually there are a lot of little places in Decatur that would fit the bill (& more than I could think of in Atlanta/Buckhead). Wahoo's, Cafe Lilly, Cakes & Ale all have good food at reasonable prices and are small and charming. There is a place in the old Mick's location (I can not remember the name to save my life) right in d/t Decatur that has been there about a year. It is fire place cozy--they have a couple of working fire places--but the food can be hit or miss. Decatur is not too bad a hike fr/ Buckhead.

Feb 13, 2010
Lan4Dawg in Atlanta

Nashville restaurant and bar recommendations

if you want a real, honest to goodness bar try The Patterson House. No live music but hand-crafted, specific cocktails that are worth the trip. They have food (more tapas style than dinner if memory serves) but I can not remark on that as we did not eat there but the menu looked interesting. The drinks are fantastic w/ house made infusions, bitters, sodas, mixers, &c and a lot of thought put in to matching liquors, liqueurs, &c for the perfect flavor profile. They do have limited seating and it is not a place to "run in to before dinner" as much as a place to have very leisurely drinks before dinner or go after dinner as a destination. I can not recommend it highly enough.
It is at the inter-section of Division and 18th right off Music Row so not too far fr/ Belmont at all and I think it is pattersonnashville.com or similar but you can use a search engine to get the specific web address. A word of warning as the building it self is not very well-marked so you might miss it on your first drive.
As for dinner we only visit once a year so will let those more in tune w/ the city make those recommendations.

Dec 17, 2009
Lan4Dawg in Kentucky & Tennessee

Good places for lunch with a toddler in Alpharetta?

is Alpha Soda still open? I would think it would be ideal. AS is (was) a pretty decent "meat-and-three" type of neighbor hood place and was (last I remember) relatively well spread out so there is ample room if necessary. They were busy at breakfast and lunch rush but relatively calm the rest of the day.

Alpha Soda Restaurant
11760 Haynes Bridge Rd Ste A, Alpharetta, GA 30009

Oct 28, 2009
Lan4Dawg in Southeast