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Ubiquitous pimiento cheese...Athens, Georgia

another link about the history (& it mentions CH):

Not that S&G is not a good dish (as tired as many are of seeing it on restaurant menus--which is mentioned in the article) but I believe that part of the allure is the alliteration of saying it. I mean ordering "Shrimp & Grits" is a lot more alliterative and fun than "Sautéed Prawns and Hominy"--of course along that logic "Braised Beef Cheeks" will be the next big trend. ":^)

about 2 hours ago
Lan4Dawg in Southeast

Ubiquitous pimiento cheese...Athens, Georgia

It is not just Athens. Pimento Cheese is "trendy" right now as are, for that matter, all things "Southern" and part of the reason can be attributed to Athens' own Hugh Acheson of Five & Ten fame (as well as several other Athens'--& Atl & Savannah-- ventures). Because it is on the menu at 5&10, along w/ the rest of the items you mentioned, other Athens restaurants (& granted many are either out-right owned by Hugh or at least heavily influenced by him) feel it necessary to follow suit. And as long as there is a market for these items and people "expect" to see them on a menu then they will be there.

As for the rest of the country look at Amazon and the list of "hot" cookbooks right now. Most are fr/ either Southerners or Southern transplants cooking "Southern style" food--Sean Brock, Kevin Gillespie, the Lee Brothers, Edward Lee, the afore-mentioned Hugh Acheson amongst others--and that influence is making its way across the country in the form of pimento cheese, devilled eggs, pork belly, B&B pickles, country ham, fried chicken, &c.

If you want to talk about ubiquitous talk about shrimp & grits--including a version I saw w/ (you guessed it!) pimento cheese. I dare you to find a relatively upscale restaurant in the US that does not have S&G on its menu yet as little as fifteen years ago you could not find it outside of Charleston or the low country and not long before that you could not find it at a restaurant in Ch'ton as it was considered "home food" not worthy of being restaurant fare (thx Louis Osteen for changing that). (side note: I recently saw S&G on a menu listed as "that old New Orleans & Cajun favorite....". I cringed.)

S&G, PC, B&B pickles, &c will soon be passé. You will see them removed fr/ up-scale menus first and then the middle tier restaurants and something new will come along to take their place---anyone remember raspberry vinaigrette? or flourless chocolate cake? or any & every thing in a spring roll?.......

Smoke me a hog!

you might get on one of the boards geared to smokers--pork not tobacco ":^)--and just flat out ask. Some of these folks are willing to go any where just for the thrill of doing it. I do not know how feasible--just a suggestion.

Oct 20, 2010
Lan4Dawg in Atlanta


Gwinnett Int'l Farmers' Market (just off 85 on Shackleford)/Lilburn Farmers' Market (on 29) & I think they have one over in Cobb almost always have beef parts/pieces and bones available. They also sell chicken necks, feet, &c but I have never asked about carcasses. I do not see much veal how ever. I get most of my ingredients for stock there. The prices are pretty good and they have a very wide selection of ethnic as well. I imagine the places down on Buford Hwy would be similar.

Oct 18, 2010
Lan4Dawg in Atlanta

inexpensive, good, and unique to Atlanta places?

I will second SIx Feet Under (& get there a tad early in order to wander through Oakland Cemetery across the street).
Is Thelma's Kitchen still open? That is definitely "Atlanta" and used to be good soul food/meat & three. I think they are on Auburn Avenue (or were a short while ago). What about Auburn Avenue Curb Market during the day? They have some fun and decent places to grab an inexpensive lunch and it is fun to wander.

Oct 18, 2010
Lan4Dawg in Atlanta

Restaurant for lunch near Shepherd Center?

go almost directly across the street fr/ Piedmont (looking fr/ Shepherd across P'tree and to the right past the CVS pharmacy) to Black Bear Tavern. It is a small tavern-like place w/ some of the best burgers in town. The other offerings are pretty good but I find it hard to get past the burgers and tater tots.
As some one mentioned RThomas down the street is good. Some one mentioned Bluefin. I have never eaten there but heard good things. There are the usual chain offerings all along that stretch as well and a Fresh Fare Market just down the way for "to go" type items.

Black Bear Tavern
1931 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

1829 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

Oct 18, 2010
Lan4Dawg in Atlanta

Boulder - October 8-10

while we are on the subject Fuss & I will be in Boulder the previous week so appreciate the info.
Along the same lines we will also need recommendations for Grand Lake, Grand Junction, Manitou Springs and a liquor store that is a good bet and simple to find between the air port in Denver and Manitou Springs.

Aug 29, 2010
Lan4Dawg in Mountain States

Nashville - end of March

Ignore all the other main courses on the menu except the chicken w/ white sauce and the sides are good.
And give a review of Loveless. The last few times I was there it had slipped quite a bit but that has been a while and I under stand (& am hoping) new owner-ship has gotten things back in line.

Jul 24, 2010
Lan4Dawg in Kentucky & Tennessee

Martin's BBQ @ Nashville, TN..........

We were there about a year ago or so and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was not spectacular but very good and worth a side trip if any where near the area.
I want the receipt for the sauce on the smoked wings.

Jul 24, 2010
Lan4Dawg in Kentucky & Tennessee

Angry in Athens - seafood

Gwinnett International Farmer's Market almost always has live blue crabs (& usually crawfish as well as lots of other sea food) and usually at better prices than Super H. GIFM is near the Home Depot on Shackleford (east on Pleasant Hill). They also have a branch in Cobb as well as in Lilburn (just off 29 on Indian Trail)

Jun 26, 2010
Lan4Dawg in Southeast

Best Fried Chicken in Atlanta

I heard that a while back (actually there was a show about famous ATL places now closed) and then saw when I drove that direction a couple of weeks ago. That is too bad as both Deacon's and Son's had some of the best fried chicken around. I well remember taking those not fr/ around here and having to explain "hoe cakes", collards, &c but all of them left happy.

Atlanta, GA, Atlanta, GA

Jun 06, 2010
Lan4Dawg in Atlanta

What's got cozy charm in Atlanta?

actually there are a lot of little places in Decatur that would fit the bill (& more than I could think of in Atlanta/Buckhead). Wahoo's, Cafe Lilly, Cakes & Ale all have good food at reasonable prices and are small and charming. There is a place in the old Mick's location (I can not remember the name to save my life) right in d/t Decatur that has been there about a year. It is fire place cozy--they have a couple of working fire places--but the food can be hit or miss. Decatur is not too bad a hike fr/ Buckhead.

Feb 13, 2010
Lan4Dawg in Atlanta

Nashville restaurant and bar recommendations

if you want a real, honest to goodness bar try The Patterson House. No live music but hand-crafted, specific cocktails that are worth the trip. They have food (more tapas style than dinner if memory serves) but I can not remark on that as we did not eat there but the menu looked interesting. The drinks are fantastic w/ house made infusions, bitters, sodas, mixers, &c and a lot of thought put in to matching liquors, liqueurs, &c for the perfect flavor profile. They do have limited seating and it is not a place to "run in to before dinner" as much as a place to have very leisurely drinks before dinner or go after dinner as a destination. I can not recommend it highly enough.
It is at the inter-section of Division and 18th right off Music Row so not too far fr/ Belmont at all and I think it is pattersonnashville.com or similar but you can use a search engine to get the specific web address. A word of warning as the building it self is not very well-marked so you might miss it on your first drive.
As for dinner we only visit once a year so will let those more in tune w/ the city make those recommendations.

Dec 17, 2009
Lan4Dawg in Kentucky & Tennessee

Good places for lunch with a toddler in Alpharetta?

is Alpha Soda still open? I would think it would be ideal. AS is (was) a pretty decent "meat-and-three" type of neighbor hood place and was (last I remember) relatively well spread out so there is ample room if necessary. They were busy at breakfast and lunch rush but relatively calm the rest of the day.

Alpha Soda Restaurant
11760 Haynes Bridge Rd Ste A, Alpharetta, GA 30009

Oct 28, 2009
Lan4Dawg in Southeast

pawleys island, murrells inlet sc - where to eat?

thx for the answer. As I said I was just curious. It is probably the same shrimp & grits that they had when I was there as a child. ":^)

Oct 20, 2009
Lan4Dawg in Southeast

pawleys island, murrells inlet sc - where to eat?

not a recommendation but just curious: is Oliver's Lodge still open? And how is the food now? We used to visit Pawley's when I was a child and always ate there. Of course that was longer ago than I would care to remember.

Oct 20, 2009
Lan4Dawg in Southeast

Kentucky Bourbon Country Restaurant advice...

We love that area of the country and visit at least every other year. If you are in Versailles (just west of Lex) stay at Rose Hill Inn B&B. One of my favorite restaurants in that area is Holly Hill Inn in Midway (for some reason Midway has the restaurants and Versailles has the B&B's). It has been a while since we were in L'ville but I remember the Oak Room as being wonderful. I hesitate to recommend any thing in Bardstown b/c it has been so long since we were there but love the town and it is a great place to center operations. I have heard that Talbott Tavern is good (it was closed b/c of fire when we visited) and there were some very good restaurants in/around Bardstown.
Do visit the Oscar Getz Whiskey Museum when there as it is a great start for your tours.

Oct 20, 2009
Lan4Dawg in Kentucky & Tennessee

Driving from ATL airport to Auburn, AL and looking for some great bbq

are they still open? I thought the original closed. I remember their having very good meat and a hot sauce that was so hot they had to put it in glass instead of the typical styrofoam cup. If they are still around then by all means give a try.
Has any one hit Melear's near Fayettevile and I think a brother had a place near Union City. They used to be good. We would hit them when the folks lived in Fairburn.
Sprayberry's is down near Newnan and has a following. The last time I tried them I was not particularly impressed but that was at least ten years ago. They were not bad just not great and the main reason we went was b/c it was on the way and to pay homage to Lewis Grizzard.

Bates House of Turkey

Like many others who have responded we were very disappointed. We went b/c it was mentioned in the "100 places to eat in 'bama" promotion and was the only thing even remotely close to where we were. The turkey was dry and, quite frankly, the sandwich was like eating card board. I only remember bagged chips as side items.
It is clean and it does beat "fast food"--but not by much--and it is one of the few non-chain offerings in that region of 'bama but I have no plans to return and we pass that way at least four times a year.

Aug 28, 2009
Lan4Dawg in Southeast

Lexinton to Louisville

I would stay there and definitely take the tour but we visited twice and the food was not very good either time and the service was lousy to the point of being non-existent on both occasions.
It was very disappointing as we wanted to like things so much b/c we really enjoyed touring the village and were hoping for a great experience all around.
Unfortunately the food just did not cut it.

Lexington, VA. recs, please...

since you weighed in fr/ 8 years ago I will weigh in fr/ 5 years ago. I had one of the most delightful duck breasts I have ever had at a little place (& Southern Inn sounds familiar) that looked to be a converted pharmacy. It was right on the main drag. We had several meals at places in d/t Lex and never had a "bad" meal.
Fuss fell in love w/ a little hole in the wall beer type bar that had decent burgers & bar type food. Unfortunately every thing was so long ago I can not remember the names.
We stayed at a B&B just o/s of the main part of d/t Lewellyn Lodge (or some thing like that). Nice enough but we kind of missed things by not being in the middle of town but close enough to walk to every thing.
I hope that helps. I thoroughly enjoyed Lexington and would return in a heart beat.

Recommendations for Greenville SC

Go directly to 33 Liberty. Do not pass "GO". Do not collect $200.00. You will have one of the best meals you have ever had. Say hello to John for me.

Catfish in Savannah, TN

I will second Catfish Hotel.

Baton Rouge - need recommendations

I had one of the--if not THE--worst dining experience of my life at Mike Anderson's. They "force" a wait in order to get people in to the bar to drink and have appetizers. By the time people get to eat they are so hungry that any food is considered good and b/c they see all of these people waiting for a table they assume that the dining must be incredible.
The first time we went we waited about an hour and the food was decent but not any thing spectacular and nothing I would recommend. About a year later we were back in BR. I was not eager to return but some in a group wanted to go so we did. We waited two hours for a table that was supposed to be ready in 30 minutes. When we were finally seated and tried to order we were informed that half the menu was not available. I placed my order along w/ every one else's at the table and after an eternity every one else was served. I was told my dinner would be ready shortly. I encouraged every one else to eat and it was a good thing b/c just about the time every one else was finished the waitress returned to tell me that I would have to order another dish as what I had ordered was unavailable. I did so and long after every one else was finished the waitress brought my food to me. It was not very good and cold to boot. Some one in our party happened to find a slip of paper on the floor near our table telling the waiters not to push what I had originally ordered b/c it took too long to prepare and the kitchen did not feel like making the dish.
I complained to the manager who was just this side of drunk so that went no where. I sent a letter of complaint to the restaurant when we got home and am still waiting--over four years later--for a response.
Needless to say I can not and will not recommend Mike Anderson's to any one and strongly encourage people to avoid it at all costs.

Athens to Winston-Salem

There is a sandwich shop in d/t King's Mountain--the city proper not the battle field park--right off the main drag that sells some of the best subway-style sandwiches out there. If memory serves it is called The Sub Factory. The sandwiches look like the advetisements for the chains. We stopped there after a recommendation fr/ the ranger at King's Mountain Battle Field Park.

Uniquely Georgia Cuisine?

you can get in to a fist fight w/ some of those nice folks down in Brunswick, GA w/ that claim.

100 Best Dishes in Alabama

It is a great marketing concept and I thoroughly enjoy the idea. We use the list when we are in/around 'bama. I have found a couple of duds--the turkey sandwich at Bates House of Turkey was dry, tasteless--unless you like card board, and over-priced--especially for the quality--but the place was full on a rainy Monday after noon. To be fair they do list them as "100 places to eat...." there is no guarantee that they are good.

The problem I have w/ the brochure is that there is no map included at all so it is not very conducive to just driving through 'bama and planning to stop at one of the places listed. Unless you are very familiar w/ 'bama geography or are going to one of the specific places listed then you can get very frustrated trying to find a place to eat just by using the list.

Apr 23, 2008
Lan4Dawg in Central South

Need to eat well in Starkville, MS

Is there still a place called "Rosey Baby's" in Starkville? And, if so, is it still any good? We were there years ago and got in to town.vrey late. The desk clerk sent us to Rosey Baby's and we had a blast. The food was good. The atmosphere--actually just the people--were fun. It was so long ago the place is probably no longer there but I have some fond memories of both nights--we enjoyed the first night so much we returned the next.

Help! Good Nashville eats

Let me second Monell's. The food is very good--but you have to like that kind of food--and the experience is fun--especially for a group.
We were in Nashville just a while back and re-visited Flyte. I was a bit disappointed as it was not as good as I remembered. That might be the old "re-visit blues" and I will give another chance to the place as the first experience was very nice.
Since we were stuck in the d/t area w/ limited time we also hit Merchant's and Sole Mio. Merchant's was pretty good for what we had. I under stand they have a nicer menu than what we opted to try but we wanted simple and fast. Sole Mio was okay but not great. Fuss said the sauce I make at home is better and the sea food in my dinner was some what over-cooked so I would probably opt else where.

Good place for solo diner in Nashville?

Just an fyi, the wind has blown Rotier's sign down so you might pass it unless you know exactly where it is. Fuss and I walked over there last week fr/ where we were staying. Not being 100% certain of its location we panicked thinking we were on the wrong route until we got close enough to recognize the place.