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Banh Mi on Long Island

Thanks! Next time I'm down that way I'll have to try their banh mi. (I need to get back down to Farmingdale anyway. Hahn's Old Fashioned Cake Company's crumb cake is calling my name and I must heed its siren call.)

Banh Mi in Rockville, Md. area?

Thanks for the tip. I'll be looking for this place when we swing by in March.

Banh Mi in Rockville, Md. area?

Thanks. We'll keep those in mind for our next visit down there. I'll mention that we've had good luck at the Sichuan Pavilion in Rockville, but that's straight Chinese food, not Vietnamese. If you look for it while on the main drag, you'll miss it; it's in the back of the building. 410 Hungerford.

Banh Mi in Rockville, Md. area?

I get down to Maryland once every couple of months. I've noticed on this last trip that there are several Vietnamese Pho restaurants in the Rockville/Shady Grove neighborhood. I'm wondering if there are any places that offer Banh Mi that would be worth trying? I stopped in one of the Pho parlors on Shady Grove Road, but no luck Banh Mi. Thanks.

Wall Strteet Area dining

I haven't eaten in the Sophie's Cuban at 73 New Street in the Wall Street district, but the one on Chambers Street has been consistently good and relatively cheap; and I've eaten there many times over the years. Very crowded for lunch during the week, but I haven't had a problem at any other time. I don't know if they deliver, but the one on Chambers St. does have take-out and I presume the one down on New Street does too..

Sophie's Cuban Cuisine
96 Chambers St, New York, NY 10007

Oct 11, 2011
12 mile in Manhattan

Rehearsal Dinner Suggestions for Nassau County, Long Island (plainview/woodbury area)

My daughter and her husband were married about two years ago. His folks hosted the rehearsal dinner at the Hay Barn in Planting Fields. They used Periwinkle Catering in Oyster Bay to supply the food. The venue and caterer were both excellent.

Banh Mi on Long Island

Thanks. I regret to say, you're probably correct on the point. Stony Brook is a bit more of a drive than I would wish for an occasional sandwich. Back when I worked in Manhattan, it was a lot simpler. Five blocks from the office was a good hole in the wall shop selling banh mi along with Chinese CDs, lottery tickets, etc. These days, when I go into Manhattan, it's more likely to be for something more elaborate than a $2.50 sandwich. (On that point, I'll recommend Salaam Bombay for its lunch buffets. I'm not certain it's completely authentic [some of the curries may be milder for Western tastes], but it always seems to have something interesting.)

Banh Mi on Long Island

Looking for banh mi here on Long Island. There had been a reference awhile back in Chowhound to V&T Supermarket in Hempstead having these sandwiches, but I went there yesterday and I was told they don't have them available. Short of going into the City, are there any places on LI that offer these sandwiches? Preferably eastern Nassau County or western Suffolk County. Thanks!