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Question/Opinions on "Corn-fed" beef

In reading the Locke-Ober review in the Globe today, I thought it was interesting that they advertise their beef as "all-natural corn fed" on their menu as if it's a good thing. It's my understanding that corn-fed is actually inferior beef - the type of mass-produced stuff you see in the supermarket, and that grass-fed is the mark of premium beef. I'm not an expert on the matter, but was wondering what other people their actually great corn-fed beef available? Is corn-fed just a marketing thing that sounds good? Again, everything I know on the matter is from books like omnivore's dilema, but i have read in serveral different sources that cows cannot naturally digest corn without the aid of hormones and antibiotics, so that also seems at odds with an "All-natural" claim, and thus why grass-fed is considered premium beef. Any thoughts?

3 Winter Place, Boston, MA 02108

Jun 22, 2011
smurphman in General Topics

Il Casale vs. Dante

I would have to say Il Casale...both time I've eaten at Dante I've had some not-so-great service, and it can definitely feel like a hotel restaurant. i love eating at the bar at il casale!

Apr 11, 2011
smurphman in Greater Boston Area

Fun restaurant to go with Rt. 9/Newton "field trip"

Those plates are a pain in the arse! They take up so much of the table, and they make the portions look small.

Feb 25, 2011
smurphman in Greater Boston Area

Food Network Show - which one?

Walking home from the commuter rail stop in Newtonville on Tuesday night, I saw a film crew from Food Network outside someone's house. Not sure what show would be filming in someone's house...any ideas?

Dec 10, 2010
smurphman in Greater Boston Area