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Glass food storage: Luminarc vs Pyrex vs GlassLock?

I was looking for an alternative to rubbermaid and found these two to be interesting, although maybe not as useful in size as pyrex, etc.

Weck Canning Jars

Not sure why they are so much less expensive than the ones here

And Stainless Steel

Although these will not really save space the way the others can.

Oct 29, 2011
77Pat in Cookware

Best Burr Grinders

I was able to pick up a Capresso Infinity open box return at Bed Bath and Beyond and have been happy with it. I have been reading reviews and it seems like a lot of people are happy with the Bodum Bistro electric burr grinder.

Oct 20, 2011
77Pat in Cookware

Opinions on Baumalu Copper Cookware?

Looks like Tuesday Morning now has some that are 2mm thick...the link is not working, but if you go to the online store and click on cookware, they have two sets.

Oct 19, 2011
77Pat in Cookware

Steak Knife Recommendations?

I have been looking into steak knives and have found these at different price points:

I am leaning towards one of these

Right now I am trying to decide if I want a four piece set or more. These vary widely in price, but they can be viewed as an investment. And if you need other items, they have some items under the 4 for 3 promotion.

Serrated or not seems to be personal preference, I prefer non-serrated.

Oct 16, 2011
77Pat in Cookware

Fontignac: The enameled cast iron debate continues

Here is one review comparing conditions under normal use.

But then there is also this (although not long term


I was at Bed Bath & Beyond today and noticed this line. Two colors were marked down to $80 (so with the coupon would be an even better deal).

I do not have anything to compare to, since I only have a Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker I am using while saving up for a Dutch Oven.

Oct 15, 2011
77Pat in Cookware

hunt for the right stockpot - help please!

i have been researching stock pots and came across Libertyware Stainless Stock Pots (made in Turkey). Does anyone have any opinion on these as the price seems lower than other equivalents I have found?

toward the bottom

Oct 15, 2011
77Pat in Cookware

Dehyradtors, Stainless Steel Trays

Although plastic, it seems like people are happy with these:

Oct 14, 2011
77Pat in Cookware

Glass food storage: Luminarc vs Pyrex vs GlassLock?

I came back from Costco and noticed the Glasslock set is made in Korea, also mentioned here:

Don't have experience with any of them, although I am also researching storage options,

Oct 11, 2011
77Pat in Cookware

pankcake,egg and beef pan

I am looking into this also. Another one to add into the mix is the Matfer Bourgeat Black Steel Fry Pan

I guess it all comes down to personal preference.

Oct 10, 2011
77Pat in Cookware

Need new "big gift" kitchen tool/appliance

Do you already have a food processor? Depending on use, it could be worth looking into a Magimix

I was considering a 9-14 cup Cuisinart or Kitchenaid, but after reading a few threads on various boards, it seems like the same problems pop up. And the modern machines are not lasting as long as ones before. Yet people have had food processors designed by Robot-Coupe for 20+ years with little problems. Some people even use them for bread making (but some with it and a stand mixer, say they prefer the stand mixer).

Otherwise I have been looking into a toaster oven (Breville Smart Oven) and induction hob.

Oct 09, 2011
77Pat in Cookware

Shun 1-Day Deals at William-Sonoma

already have a Victorinox 8" chef knife for most uses, but am very tempted to pick up the Shun Santoku.

Dec 10, 2010
77Pat in Cookware